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E-Cigarettes: Better, Cheaper and More Fun than Smoking, Says Global Survey

People around the world are being drawn to e-cigarettes because they are a healthier option than smoking, easier on their pockets and far more enjoyable, the results of a global vaping survey have revealed.

It found that nearly all (97.2%) of the more than 5,000 people who took part in the worldwide survey earlier this year held the view that vaping was less harmful to their health than smoking cigarettes containing tobacco. T

he study, carried out on behalf of Austrian e-cigarette maker Von Erl, is due to be repeated annually to mark World Tobacco Day.

It discovered that a majority (68.4%) vaped because they enjoyed the many e-liquid flavors, which include everything from vanilla to tobacco, donut and just about anything you can think of.

More than half of respondents (50.2%) were more concerned about their financial health and liked that they could make substantial savings, while also enjoying vaping and getting the nicotine hit they desire.

Years of hefty tax increases to try and stop people from smoking have made cigarettes an expensive habit, but e-cigarettes use liquid refills that are long-lasting and inexpensive. People starting out can try them with an e-cigarette starter kit from a reputable vape shop.

E-Liquid Trends

The survey also found that e-liquids containing less nicotine were becoming a trend among vapers, and that many people who took up vaping were smokers trying to kick their unhealthy habit for good.

E-liquid refills for vaping hardware can come in anything from zero to 12mg, and many people test out what’s right for them by using an e-cigarette starter kit.

Most vapers who took part in the study, however (67.2%), were using e-liquids of between 1mg and 5mg, reflecting their interest more in the flavors than the nicotine fix and an overall desire to live healthier lives, rather than being hooked on deadly tobacco.

Many people are undoubtedly aware of the catastrophic effects of smoking, a habit that claims around 480,000 lives in the United States every year, including those who inhale secondhand smoke.

Smokers’ life expectancy is slashed by 10 years and tobacco is the leading cause of deaths in the country, in what they health authorities call a “crisis” that affects families all over.

“The Typical Vaper”

So who is the average user of e-cigarettes? Perhaps someone who tried an e-cigarette starter kit and found they liked it and continued on? According to the global survey, the classical vaper is “young, fruity, and likes quality.”

Typically, it is a man aged around 35 and who earns between €1,000 and €2,000 a month (euros were used in the study as it had a heavy European focus), likes open vaping systems, and favors fruity aromas such as apple and strawberry that have between 1mg to 5mg of nicotine.

They can also choose different nicotine strengths as well as those that are nicotine-free. 

Women had similar preferences to men, the survey found, but men tended to pay more for their vaping equipment and e-liquids.

Both were paying in excess of €70 for their e-cigarette devices, demonstrating their desire for quality when e-cigarettes can be purchased for far less than that. Men and women were paying between €3-4 for their e-liquid refills, of around 10ml.

As for where vapers are getting their equipment and refills, the majority are doing their shopping at an online vape store.

In Germany, for instance, 84.6% get their e-cigarettes from online stores, followed by 76.6% of Italians. While in Austria, 81.1% make their vaping purchases at specialist, real-world retailers.

With all these health and financial concerns about smoking compared to vaping, as well as a far greater range of enjoyment with the multitude of e-liquid flavors, it’s hardly surprising that more people are stopping smoking and taking up vaping. This is a trend that is likely to continue.

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