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Ehpro Bachelor Nano Review | RTA Vape

The Bachelor Tank by EHPRO is a rebuildable tank atomizer that is intended for the individuals who appreciate vaping single coil manufactures.

The pre-made coils have awesome flavor and tremendous vapor, and better in cost execution contrasted with sub ohm loops.

Highlighting an easy to use fabricate deck with PEEK separator, EHPRO RTA has exceptionally composed the deck to make introducing coils amazingly simple.

Rather than traditionally embedding your loop leads through the sides of the post openings, the leads are embedded through the top and are braced down on a level plane utilizing the supplied allen key.

EHPRO RTA has additionally executed a juice flow control framework to counteract spills while best filling the Bachelor’s 4ml tank.

The Bachelor’s Characteristics

bachelor-rta-tank-ehproEHpro, who were beforehand known for their well made clones, have as of late been making their own unique items.

Their most current tank is the EHPRO Bachelor Nano Tank. Sort of a moronic name yet the tank is truly decent.

It’s a top fill tank with a cool plan where the top slides open.

It likewise has juice stream control in the event that you have to make alterations for the thickness of your e liquid.

It’s additionally a smart thought to close it when filling the tank to counteract flooding.

This thing has a simple to expand on deck.

Both leads of the coil drop straight down into their separate gaps which are then held into place with 2 grub sinks that originate from the side. Truly damn basic. The juice limit is very great at 4ml.

More about The Bachelor

EHPro Bachelor Nano Tank – the most straightforward rebuildable atomizer, accompanies premade loops.

The pre made loops have awesome flavor and colossal vapor, and better in cost execution contrasted with sub ohm curls.

Clients can either utilize the curls or decide to DIY; for apprentices, it’s an extraordinary Tank to appreciate the transformation from pre made loops to work without anyone else.

EHPro Bachelor Nano Tank Parameters

  1. String : 510 string
  2. Limit : 2ml
  3. Estimate : 23*62.5mm
  4. Positive stick : Copper
  5. Material : Pyrex +SS
  6. Airhole : 2(2*7mm) air spaces
  7. Wind stream : Bottom wind current control
  8. E juice Filling : Top loading with hostile to spillage plan on the base
  9. 1*0.5ohm ROC coil(Single loop) with Japanese natural cotton
  10. 1*0.2ohm ROC coil(Ni200 loop) with Japanese natural cotton
  11. Ehpro Bachelor Tank accompanies
  12. -1× Bachelor Tank by Ehpro
  13. -1× Widebore Delrin Base 510 Drip Tip
  14. -1× Extra Pyrex Glass Tank
  15. -1× Ni 80 0.5ohm ROC Sibgle Coils(pre-introduced)
  16. -1× Ni 200 0.2ohm ROC Single Coil
  17. -1× Bag of O-rings, Screws, Allen Key

How the Bachelor Tank by EHPRO works

Introduce Wire Curl

Unscrew the screw with allen key; introduce the loop into the construct and cotton in light of every side ought to be embedded into the deck space; Tighten the screw with the allen key.

E Juice Refilling

Screw the glass anticlockwise to close the e-juice gap; unscrew the top anticlockwise; fill from the top; screw the glass clockwise to open e-juice gap.

Wind stream control: Rotate clockwise to expand wind stream; turn anticlockwise to diminishing wind stream.

Where to purchase Ehpro Bachelor Nano tank

The EHPro Bachelor rebuildable tank atomizer is currently accessible for buy at at a moderate cost with the coupon code.

In the event that you need another EHPro Bachelor Nano Tank to add to your pack, then you should watch out for this one.

The EHPro Bachelor Nano Tank is a stainless steel and pyrex glass atomizer that games a 4ml squeeze limit.

It wears an interestingly composed form deck that can without much of a stretch fit a typical single curl.

On the off chance that you are needing a substantial form space, notwithstanding, then the Bachelor is not a good fit for you.

Regardless of just donning a little form deck, the Bachelor still resembles an awesome decision for a rebuildable tank.

It wears completely flexible and modestly measured cyclops wind stream spaces and a simple to-use beat fill framework.

In light of the wind current and the wide squeeze channels, the Bachelor hopes to game awesome flavor and vapor generation.

By and large, the Bachelor RTA by EHPro resembles an awesome atomizer.

On the off chance that you need another rebuildable tank to add to your gathering, then you should look at this.


In the wake of releasing the Ehpro Bachelor Nano Tank, Ehpro take after the pattern, present a smaller form, called Bachelor Nano.

It acquires all the considerable components of Bachelor, for example, the simple to construct single curl framework, top loading with hostile to spillage plan on the base, and uncommon squeeze stream control framework.

Aside from that, the Bachelor Nano accompanies two air spaces which give you a choice of moving from the direct-to-lung vaping to mouth-to-lung breathing in.

In addition the same supplanting pre-made loops with Bachelor, This Bachelor Nano will give you positive taste and a decent vapor.

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