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Eleaf iJust Review | Vape Tank

The Eleaf iJust has just been released. This vape tank offers you the chance to take advantage of a full variable system with a variety of additional perks and benefits.

Each unit comes to you with a few great accessories that are sure to make your vaping experience easier for you.


  • Pyrex Glass Tube
  • 3.7ml capacity
  • 510 threaded
  • Bottom Dual Coil
  • Adjustable air inlet

What’s New – Eleaf iJust Tank??

If you are a fan of any of the Eleaf products then you will certainly love the Eleaf iJust tank.

There are a lot of reasons why this tank is prefered to others and I am going to try and make sure that I cover them all in this Eleaf iJust tank review.

One great thing about this tank is how attractive it is in person. I know that it looks great in the pictures but in reality they do not do them justice.

They look really awesome in person and I tried to take pictures to show just how great they look but none of mine could ever capture that.

Now the Eleaf iJust tank is made to go wit the Eleaf iJust battery housing. There are even kits available for you to be able to buy them all from one place at the same time.

If you are looking for a small system to vape with and want something that just has the tip of the tank sticking out then this is a set up that you will fall in love with.

Now on to more about the tank. One thing that I really like is that the tank comes with two drip tips. You can choose if you’d like a metal drip tip (yes, these can sometimes get a bit hot) or a plastic drip tip (these are known for staying cooler).

This is really nice if you have not been vaping for long because you can create your own experience and learn about the two of them.

For a small tank this one really packs a punch as well. You will be able to use a full 3.7 ml of liquid. This is great for those of you who like being able to vape all day long.

It is a comfortable size that is easy to carry with you too. There are a few tanks that might be larger in size but those are quite a bit larger as well. For the tank’s size the 3.7 ml is quite impressive.

If you decide on purchasing the entire set up there are a few things that you are really going to appreciate. One is that the two units become seamless and turn into one.

More On the Eleaf iJust

This vape tank features 510 threading and can fully accommodate any 510 threaded device that you have. Plus it features the ability to easily disassemble the piece and take it apart.

You will be able to put it back together with ease too. There is also a bottom dual coil that makes changing out the coils simple as well.

This all combined makes things easier for you if you are looking to pick up this tank to use on a regular basis. Everyone knows that having a tank that can be used with various mods is great if you own various mods.

I really like this vape tank and have used the Eleaf iJust tank with a variety of different mods that I own.

The tank part of the iJust is made from glass. It is made from the heavy duty Pyrex glass that we have all come to love as vapers.

You know that it is going to withstand some wear and tear but it is obviously still glass so it can’t withstand too much. You will also love that you can easily view the inside of the tank and see how much e-liquid you have left.

This is something that I have really come to appreciate after a few rather uncomfortable dry hits, it has been something that makes me positive that I will never have to share in those experiences again.

The rest of the atomizer is made from stainless steel. This high quality material helps you know that your tank is going to last for years to come.

It is also nice to know that the tank is not going to produce any additional chemicals while you are vaping.

There are some reports out now that claim that tanks made from other materials like aluminum produce other chemicals during the vaping process so for me a stainless steel tank is a must.

Another thing to mention on this Eleaf iJust review is that it features a special airflow adjustment.

You will be able to fully adjust your airflow which means that even the most advanced vaper is going to get the airflow that they need.

It also means that you can determine if you want huge clouds or not. There is a simple set screw that allows you to adjust airflow.

I tried it with different types of airflow to be able to review it fully. I did not have a bad experience whether I was using a lot of airflow or just a little.

There is also the option to fully remove the airflow adjustment so that you can have HUGE vapor clouds and the full vaping experience.

A Warning on Overfilling

With this vape tank it is really important that you do not try to overfill it. If you overfill it you are going to risk getting e-liquid into the airflow tube.

If this happens you are going to have to take the entire tank apart and clean it before you are going to be able to vape.

Tread lightly when filling and be careful so that you do not end up in a situation that you highly regret, or at least one that I would personally highly regret.

The Perfect Beginner System

If you are new to the world of vaping then you just might want to check out the entire Eleaf iJust system. There are a few reasons for this. One is that it is easiest system to use that I have ever seen.

Plus the system includes everything that you need to get started.

With the entire system you receive one plastic drip tip, one metal drip tip, two iJust atomizer coils, ijust atomizer tube, BDC atomizer head, iJust atomizer base, iJust battery housing, iJust draw tube, battery extension for use with 18650 batteries, battery end cap, iJust USB cable, iJust wall charger, and an iJust user manual.

To use the system it is so simple that even a beginner can figure it out.

You just push the button for 5 clicks to turn it on or off. There is an LED light in the firing button that will notify you if you have turned it on or off. The light will flash when you need to charge the battery.

Unique Coils Mean New Vaping Experience for All

Each vaper who tries the Eleaf iJust tank is going to find that it offers a unique vaping experience that is not like other vaping experiences. It features a 1.8 ohm coil that is new.

This coil has not been seen on any previous devices and is made to go with this tank exclusively. There are a few thoughts that I had on this.

The first is that it is great that Eleaf came out with a new coil head that was exclusive to this model of tank.

The second is that it is something that is going to keep you from being able to purchase replacement coils from anyone else. Now this is something that can be a drawback for many people.

This is something that some people might like because they might prefer to stick to one brand but if you have to order online and run out of coils too quickly then it can be a downside too.

You might end up without any coils and not able to use your tank for a certain amount of time.

Final Thoughts – Eleaf iJust Tank

There are a few things that I want to leave you at the end of this Eleaf iJust Review. One is that I never have had a dry hit with this tank. In fact a few times I tried to get a dry hit for the purpose of the review.

I was never able to pull that dry hit. So it would appear that Eleaf added some safety precautions to this tank that prevent those pesky dry hits from happening.

All in all I really love this tank and find myself using it all of the time. I do not use the entire iJust system although I do think that it would make a great starter system for someone looking.

The only downside that I can see to this system is that you have to purchase the coils from Eleaf. I would highly recommend making sure that you always have at least one extra coil laying around.

Personally I have a few of these coils so that I never have to worry about not having one when I need it.

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