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iStick 40w Review | Best Box Mods

Recently eLeaf happened to be the victim of some rather unfortunate news and press when they had a few things happen with other mods.

Thankfully they have taken a look at any issues that they might have had and are working hard to put their brand back on the map.

In fact, the eLeaf iStick 40W TC mod seems to be what the brand needed to get back to the top in the vaping world.

I do want to mention that eLeaf did release a recent press statement in regards to the allegations of their products malfunctioning:

“In recent months, many eLeaf iStick counterfeits have appeared on the marekt. We have analyzed these and believe them to be of poor quality and unsafe. It has constituted a serious infringement on our legal rights as well as the legitimate interests of our customers. Moreover, it casts adverse impact on the eLeaf brand, image, and reputation. Accordingly, we have taken legal measures against counterfeits, and have also taken some possible methods to control the extension of the infringement acts. Please double check via the security code and new surface marks that you are using and authentic eLeaf product. We thank you for supporting eLeaf!”

This makes me believe that the “eLeaf” units that are having these issues are probably not really units that are made and manufactured by the eLeaf brand.

I thought that this was important to include in light of recent news events.

I have owned a few eLeaf products and have nothing but great luck with them so I wanted to share this statement in my eLeaf iStick 40W TC mod review.

What’s New – eLeaf iStick 40W TC Mod

My experiences with the eLeaf brand have been nothing but great. This only continues to be more true while using the eLeaf iStick 40W TC mod.

I am very pleased with this mod and think that it is a great choice for anyone who is looking for a great temperature controlled mod.

One of the things that I want to mention is that this mod has one of the lowest prices out of any temperature control mods on the market.

Price is something that I do not usually mention but I decided to with this one because it is the lowest price point for any temperature control mod.

The iStick TC 40W is one of the most innovative mods that you can find. It uses the very unique and innovative iStick battery series.

This mod allows you to be able to use temperature control which offers a unique vaping experience.

You can adjust the temperature so that you figure out what type of vaping you will enjoy most.

I really like temperature controls because I never have to worry about getting burnt by a hit that is too hot.

You will also be able to avoid having any type of issues with the mouthpiece being too hot on a mod.

When you first see the eLeaf iStick 40W mod you will be shocked to learn that something so small can have so much power.

In fact you can use a battery as large as 2600 mah.

The thing is that it doesn’t seem like it would be able to handle a battery that big because it is so small.

To ensure that the mod is going to work well you will appreciate that the mod features 100% stainless steel threads.

It also has a stainless steel connector spring.

This all means that it is going to wear well and that you are going to be able to use the mod for a long time before you have any issues.

In addition there is a temperature control function that is going to help you with making sure the battery lasts longer.

Plus there is a power saving mode that is going to really help you to ensure that you have full battery power.

I really love that when I compared my 40W model with my 30W model that they are almost the exact same size.

This means that this mod packs more power for the size so you will love being able to throw it in your bag or put it in your pocket.

The mod features a round firing button.

There is also a menu button that is in between two buttons that you can move up and down.

There is also an iStick 40W TC that has been made from nickel which is called the TC-Ni.

This leaves me hoping that they have another option that has been made from titanium.

Of course with this mod being so new there is no way to know what type of additional features are going to be available.

I really appreciate being able to use and enjoy this mod completely. It is a perfect choice that is great for anyone who is looking for something fun to use.


  • Battery Capacity – 2600 mAh
  • Design that is Ergonomic
  • Temperature Control
  • Can Be Used With Coils made of Nickel and Titanium
  • OLED Screen That is Easy to Read
  • Wattage That is Variable
  • Voltage That is Variable
  • Power Level – 40 Watts
  • Center Pin is Spring Loaded
  • Puff Timer
  • Indicator for Battery Level
  • Components Made From Stainless Steel

A Few Notes on the eLeaf iStick Line

One of the things that is going to make this such a popular mod is the fact that it is from the eLeaf iStick line.

Many people do not realize that this line is the single most popular line out of any mods that are available on the market today.

The eLeaf iStick 40W TC (the TC standing for temperature control) is the newest of these mods to hit the market.

It is sure to be an instant success coming from such a popular brand.

There are many features that are going to set this mod aside from the competition and make it the best eLeaf iStick mod to date.

The appearance of the iStick 40W is going to be instantly recognizable since it looks so much like the iStick 20W and the iStick 50W.

The shape, size, and look that you will see is so similar that it can be hard to tell the different mods apart if you have them lined up next to one another.


  • 510 Threading
  • 2600 Battery Capacity
  • 1W – 40W Wattage Output
  • .05 ohm – 1 ohm Resistance Range in Temperature Control Mode
  • .15 ohm – 3.55 ohm Resistance Range in Variable Wattage Mode
  • 100 – 315 degrees C in Temperature Control Mode
  • Measurements 77 mm x 32.5 mm x 23 mm (length x width x depth
  • Four Color Choices Available (Blue, Stainless, Gunmetal Grey, and Black)

The Temperature Control Difference

The biggest difference with the 40W TC is that it features temperature control.

This is a feature that is not available with other mods from the eLeaf iStick line.

Temperature control is the latest technology available for mods and is a feature that you are going to fall in love with the first time that you try it.

This feature really enhances your vaping experience in a new way and is something that I am very excited about.

In fact, I have found myself continuously reaching for a temperature control mod since using my first one.

With temperature control the mod actually makes sure that the temperature of the atomizer coil stays the same.

This is going to make vaping a much better experience where you have better hits and a quality that is so much butter.

In addition you will have cleaner and smoother hits with the best possible flavor.

If you pair the temperature control device with nickel coils you are going to be able to eliminate burnt and dry hits that are known for causing so much discomfort.

This might just be why temperature control mods are something that I am going to be keeping my eye on.

One thing to remember is that you should only use nickel or titanium wire for temperature control coils.

Never use nickel in regular variable wattage/voltage modes. Safety first!

Final Thoughts – eLeaf iStick 40W TC Mod

The eLeaf iStick 40W TC mod is one that I have really seemed to fall in love with.

I really appreciate the fact that it is temperature controlled for my personal vaping needs.

I like to have a consistent vape and knowing that I am never going to get a hot hit is something that keeps me in temperature control mode all of the time.

I also love the added safety of this mode and the fact that it really makes creating my own vaping experience easier.

Additionally I like the size of this mod and the OLED screen.

I love that the OLED screen is easy to read and that I do not struggle with being able to figure out what it is saying.

I also love that the mod is comfortable in my hand and that I can easily carry it around for all day long vaping.

All in all the 40W TC mod is one that I will continue to recommend to friends and family while using it.

I am sure that it is going to be a well loved mod in my collection and one that I will choose above others.

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