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Eleaf iStick Mini 10W Review

The iStick Mini 10W is the answer to your problem if you have been looking for a great high quality mod that is small enough to fit anywhere.

It was actually introduced to the market to be a miniature version of the popular Eleaf iStick 20W mod.

If you are wondering just how small the Eleaf iStick 10w is then you should note that it is actually about half of the size of the 20W original so it really is much smaller.

What’s New – Eleaf iStick Mini 10W

iStick Mini 10WI will admit that I was very skeptical when I first heard about the Eleaf iStick Mini. In fact I thought that there was no way that a mod that small could have all of the features that I was looking for.

I was wrong as there are still a number of high quality features on this mod which makes it very impressive when you consider its small size. One thing that you might not notice at first glance is that there is still an OLED screen on the mini.

This screen is actually located next to the 510 connector where you connect your tank.

Even though this mod is one of the smallest on the market, it does not mean that it is too small to have a reasonable amount of power.

In fact it can actually handle the full 10 watts which is quite shocking when you are holding it in your hand.

What’s Included?

  • 1 x Eleaf iStick Mini 10W
  • 1 x 510 eGo Thread Adapter
  • 1 x Micro USB Cable
  • 1 x User’s Manual


  1. 510 Thread Connection
  2. VV Mode (Variable Voltage)
  3. 10W Maximum Output Wattage
  4. 3.3V to 5.0V Voltage (Adjustable)
  5. Atomizer Ohm Capability Between 1 Ohm and 3 Ohm
  6. Built in Battery
  7. Micro USB Rechargeable
  8. Wall Adapter (1 Amp) Supported
  9. Built In Atomizer Short Circuit Protection
  10. Automatic Over 10 Seconds Protection
  11. Low Voltage (Battery Lower than 3.3V) Protection
  12. OLED Screen (Battery Life and Adjustable Voltage Clearly Displayed)


  • 2” x 1 1/4” x 13/18”
  • Built In 1050 mAh Battery

Battery and Style

Eleaf iStick 10wThe battery capacity of the Eleaf iStick Mini is actually 1050mAh. If you are looking for a powerful mod then you are going to be so glad that you have this.

In addition you are looking to have a mod that is small but mighty, then this is the one that you to have choose.

It is so impressive what Eleaf did when they came up with the idea of making a mini mod. This mini mod is really like no others that are available today.

I also appreciate that the Eleaf iStick Mini comes in four different color choices. There is blue, black, silver and pink/red (the company says red but it looks more like a pink to me) to choose from.


I also really love that this mod is so safe. There are a number of additional safety precautions built into this mod that make it a great choice for everyone. It has the popular atomizer short circuit protection.

This is definitely something that you want if you plan on using an RBA (rebuildable atomizer) or an RDA (rebuildable dripping atomizer).

So consider this when you are choosing a mod if you are looking at more than one. In addition there is also a built in over 10 second protection.

This means that if you are firing for more than 10 seconds straight that it is going to automatically shut off.

You also get the low voltage protection that you want to ensure that you are having the safest possible vaping experience.

There are not a lot of negative things that I can say in this Eleaf iStick Mini 10W review.

To be honest I find that this is a far superior mod to what I had expected with it being a mini.

In fact I will admit that my expectations for what a mini could do were low and this exceeded them and made me feel like I should be looking for more in my mods.

Works Perfect with the Perfect Mini Atomizer

When you are looking to have a mini set up, chances are that you are looking to keep things small.

This means that you are likely going to want to find an equally amazing mini atomizer.

Aspire Nautilus Mini

aspire nautilus mini review headerThe Aspire Nautilus Mini is a great choice for you. There are many great things that you are going to see when you are checking out the mini.

In fact for a full review you can check out the one that we have here.

Warranty Included

One of the things that I would like to note about the iStick Mini 10W is that it actually has a warranty with it.

With so many mods on the market not having warranties, I felt that this was something that was important to talk about. There is actually a full thirty day warranty on any defects.

One thing that I personally like about this warranty is that it does not start until the date of delivery so you will actually have your mod for a full thirty days until the warranty is over.

A Few Special Precautions You Should Take

There are definitely a few things that you should think about and consider when you are using this mod, or any other mod for that matter. One is that you need to be cautious when using li-ion cells.

If you mishandle these batteries they could potentially explode or burn. It is important that you have some knowledge before you begin charging or recharging them.

You also have to be careful when discharging and assembling.

Make sure the surface where you are charging is fireproof at all times. Even charging once on something that is not fireproof could end very negatively for you.

You should also always make sure that you are charging these batteries in a room where you are at. It is very important that you do not charge them and leave them unattended.

It is also important that you do not make modifications to the battery. If you do this you are taking the risks upon yourself and it could end quite negatively.

Finally make sure that you are charging the batteries on a closed circuit. This is important so that you can avoid some potentially dangerous situations. Safety should always be the number one priority!

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Final Thoughts

My final thoughts of the Eleaf iStick Mini 10W are that it is one great mini mod that is perfect for you if you have been seeking out something that is small but mighty.

The battery lasts a longer time that I would have expected for something so tiny. It also comes in a few color choices which is fun because you are getting a high quality mod that features your favorite color.

Plus you get to have a mod that is going to be portable enough to take with you anywhere. It is so tiny it is never a burden to try and fit it into a purse. Even the tiniest handbags can handle this mod.

The included safety features make me feel comfortable when using the mod. I will note that with all mods you should actually read the instruction manual from cover to cover before you start using it.

This is especially important with the mod’s batteries and hazards that could be present with misuse or mishandling during the charging time.

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