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Eleaf Melo Tank Review

The Melo is a sub ohm BVC tank from Eleaf, the makers of the iStick series. This particular device was created to be paired with the iStick 30 and iStick 50.

In this Eleaf Melo Tank review, we’ll look at all of the features that make this sub ohm tank one that you’ll want to try.

Eleaf is known for their iStick Mini Box Mods and this is their new sub ohm clearomizer.

What’s New: Eleaf Melo

Eleaf Melo (1)The Eleaf Melo optimizes flavor and wicking potential with a 0.5 ohm coil that made of 26g kanthal.

It’s suggested wattage setting is up to 20 or 30 watts, and has organic cotton for the most pure of taste and flavor.

The 0.5ohm heating coil produces a huge vapor with this 26g kanthal wire, which also guarantees a long-lasting and safer output of 20-30 watts.

The air flow control (AFC) is easy to adjust with a total of five air inlet holes on the base that give you unobstructed air flow.

It stays in place well and is easy to turn, even though the air flow ring itself does not have the knurled construction.

There are a total of five air holes with two on one side and three on the other which allows you a myriad of options and is much more “breathable” than the Aspire Atlantis.

You’ll find that the base of the Melo seals to the top cap/chimney section a bit differently as well, but it is compatible with the Aspire Atlantis coils.

It’s easy to adjust by rotating the airflow regulation ring and that makes it easy to get the hit you want.

Eleaf Melo (2)With one air hole open, you’re going to get a nice mellow hit but with all five open you get an enormous lung hit with huge cloud production.

One thing to keep in mind is to keep the juice holes uncovered if you do use the Atlantis coils with this.

Otherwise, you’ll end up getting a dry hit. So make sure that the juice holes are aligned with the bottom of the chimney.

Of course the major difference is that the Eleaf Melo now offers the organic cotton coils, which are a healthier alternative to using ceramic coils.

If you do have the Aspire and were patiently (or not so patiently) waiting for the organic cotton coils, you can use this the Melo 0.5 ohm (sub ohm) coils.

The aesthetics are eye-pleasing as well. The Eleaf Melo features an attractive glass mouthpiece and a body constructed out of stainless steel with knurled accents.

The tank has a really large gap that makes it super easy to refill so you don’t necessarily have to have a needle tip e-liquid bottle in order to fill it without making a mess.

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Flavor and Cloud Production

The Eleaf Melo is perfect for big clouds and tons of flavor and it’s easy to use.

The priming is easier than others – just add a few drops of E Juice (five or six drops) to the top of the coil, a small amount on each liquid flow hole and continue to fill up your tank.

Take a few draws without firing it and you’re ready to go – the device is primed. There aren’t any dry hits and the flavor is wonderful.

This is probably due to the organic cotton wicking, which really makes a difference in how the taste and priming is on the Eleaf Melo.

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  • Capacity: 3.5ml
  • Thread Type: 510
  • Replaceable Coil: Yes
  • Coil Design: Organic Cotton
  • Resistance: 0.5 ohm


Like most sub ohm tanks, the Eleaf Melo Tank has a 510 threading.

What Comes in the Box

  1. (1) Melo Sub Ohm BVC Tank
  2. (1) Glass Drip Tip
  3. (2) 0.5 ohm MELO Sub-Ohm BVC Coils which can also be used on the Aspire Atlantis BVC Sub Ohm Tank.

Features of the Eleaf Melo Sub Ohm BVC Tank

  • Stainless Steel construction with knurled accents for style and additional grip
  • High quality glass tank is paired with a stylistic and functional glass drip tip
  • 3.5 ml High Capacity Tank
  • Optimized vertical coil structure and sizing for performance, wicking, and durability
  • Recommended to be run from 20-30W
  • Top level vapor and flavor production
  • Incredibly diverse and easy to use Adjustable Airflow Control (AFC)
  • Affordable without sacrificing build quality or performance
  • Security code / serial number prevents getting a product that is not authentic

Suggested Mods

This Eleaf Melo was made to be paired with the iStick 30 and iStick 50, also from Eleaf, and works perfectly with those mods.

You can also use it and have it perform well with Innokin MVP 3.0 and the Cloupor Mini.

How to use the Eleaf Melo

Melo EleafTo add liquid: Simply unscrew the atomizer’s base and slowly refill the E Juice into the area around the chimney.

Make sure you don’t over fill it and leave a little air pocket to prevent leaking.

Always make sure you tighten the atomizer head when you’re done.

To replace your atomizer head: Simply unscrew the base of the atomizer, unscrew the atomizer head, and replace it with your new atomizer head.

Similar Tanks

The Eleaf Melo is quite similar to the Atlantis Aspire.

There are of course, a few differences such as the drip tip insert area on top is flat instead of raised like with the Aspire.

This means you can use any 510 compatible drip tip on the Eleaf Melo.

There are a few cosmetic differences as well, such as not having the engraved logo and instead having a machined finish that is aesthetically pleasing.

Another difference is that the capacity on the Eleaf Melo Sub Ohm BVC tank is 3.5ml which is almost double the size of the Aspire Atlantis.

Now you can certainly use the Atlantis tank extension to extend your capacity on the Melo, but you will have the drip tip that has a raised edge as opposed to the flattened top of the Eleaf Melo.

Basically, you can interchange almost all of the parts between the two devices – the coils can be interchanged and the threading is the same – as well as the diameter and height.

You’ll also find it similar to the Subtank Mini and Delta 2.

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Final Thoughts

Eleaf Melo (3)Our final thoughts on the Eleaf Melo is that not only is it a good value, it works and performs excellently.

Expanding the capacity is helpful and with the flat top on the Melo.

You can use any drip tip you want.This also get the organic cotton coils and those offer you a more pure taste.

One thing we’ve noticed right out of the gate is that this clearomizer is much more affordable than many of the others.

So not only do you get a great BVC tank but you also get it at a price that is more affordable.

This is a great tank for those who are new to sub ohm tanks or those who have used them but are on a budget. Also those who want something that performs well but is less expensive.

Overall, it’s a good buy and will give you performance that you’ll love.

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