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Fogger V4 RDA Review

The Fogger V4 tank offers you the chance to have all day long vaping with the 5 ml capacity.

Fogger v4.1 is one tank that you are not going to have to fill all of the time which leaves users pleased and allows for them to experience all day long vaping.

The tank comes to you at a very reasonable price and has made improvements over previous Fogger designs.

With a Fogger V4 review it must be mentioned that there are different versions of the tank as Yiloong made improvements upon the tank after user reviews.

You will have the trusted Big Fogger V4 brand that users have grown to love with several improvements that have added to the quality of the design.

What’s New – Fogger V4 RDA

Fogger V4 RBAThere have been quite a few changes with the Fogger RDA. The original Fogger designs featured both positive and negative posts on the deck.

The airflow hole allowed for air to flow up the middle of the deck and featured a coil that was built over the hole.

It also had issues with retaining heat because the chamber was too small.

The reason that users kept coming back to the Fogger designs was that it beat the other tanks on the market with its intense warm flavor. However this design was hard to produce so it was hard to find.

Thankfully Fogger decided to ramp things up a bit and change the design with the improvements that the tank needed.

Fogger V4 RDA – $13.19!

Tank and Deck

The tank holds a great amount of juice which makes it perfect for all day long vaping.

There is not a need to fill the tank all of the time which most users agree is a great addition to an already great tank.

Next, the new deck has two airflow holes that are on the sides of the negative and positive posts. This makes it easier to get full airflow and makes vaping smoother.

Airflow Improvement

The new airflow offers dual coil technology by placing coils just over the airflow holes.

This is done so that you continue to get that intense flavor that the original version was known for.

Only this time it is better and features the latest dual coil technology. Another advantage to this set up is that it allows you to have the lower oHm ratings with the same results.

This will help you to have warmer vape that is more intense.

Finally there are high quality airflow controls added which can make this a nice choice as well.


  • Dual Coil Capacity
  • 4 Juice Channels
  • 22 mm Diameter (by the AFC ring it becomes slightly wider)
  • Adjustable Airflow Ring
  • Rugged Black PVD Coating
  • Stainless Steel
  • Copper Contact 510 Pin
  • Holds Up to 6 ml of Liquid

Fogger V4 it includes the following:

  • Fogger V4 (1)
  • Screwdriver (1)
  • Bag of O-Rings
  • Wick
  • Wire

Rubber O-rings

The product is put together with rubber o-rings instead of being put together with plastic rings. This has its advantages and disadvantages.

O-rings will last longer but there is a chance that with the Fogger RDA they will fall out of place easily. This can make it difficult to put the atomizer back together.

Thick Candy Shell

Fogger V4 RBA 3With an authentic Fogger V4 one of the things that should be noted is the quality of the paint application.

It is virtually impossible to scratch and mark this one.

This can be a HUGE advantage for you if you want something that is going to last a long time looking great.

This is especially important if you live an active lifestyle.

One writer of a Fogger V4 review even tested with their dremel tool and had a hard time scratching the surface with different tips.


The Fogger V4 RDA has a large 510 threading. The 510 threading is supported by a copper contact.

With the 510 threading the Fogger V4 RDA tank is compatible with a number of additional products and pieces.

This makes it a nice fit for a wide variety of products on the market.

Dual Activating Coils

The dual coil design that is featured on the Fogger V4 will allow you to have more vapor produced from your e-liquid.

There is more contact area between the e-liquid and the coils which allows for the larger clouds of vapor. In addition you will be able to vape quicker with the dual coils.

This is because the dual coils heat up quicker than the single coils.

This also means that you can get more vapor in a shorter period of time which some users prefer.

Keep in mind if you have never used dual coils before that your battery might not last as long as it has with single coils.

You will also use a bit more e-liquid but with the added vapor clouds you might not need to vape as often or for as long as you did with the single coil system.

Since the RDA is rebuildable you would want to make sure that you know what to do with dual coils.

Some new users find the system to be a bit confusing but for veteran vapers it is simple to use.

Overall Quality

Fogger V4 RBA 2The Fogger V4 Clone offers a build quality that is unlike others that you see on the market. This is one mod that is built to last.

Since this is a rebuildable atomizer it is important to note that the build quality is high and therefore allows for you to be able to have a longer life from the product.

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Plus the back-plate is held on with magnets which allows for easy battery changes even on the go.

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Similar Mods

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How to Rebuild the Fogger V4 RDA Tank

If you have not rebuilt a tank before there are some things that you should know. This is especially important if you are trying to rebuild a dual coil system.

  1. First you will want to inspect all of the pieces. Thankfully the Fogger V4 comes to you in a tidy package.
  2. You will still want to clean it but there are no metal burrs or other issues that you really have to work hard on. This is nice because you can put it together and get to using it quicker than you could with other pieces.
  3. The micro coils come to you prepared as well. They are around toothpicks which makes them easier to mount. Then you just slide the toothpick out once they are mounted into place and secured.
  4. The next step is to trim the excess leads and test it on an ohm reader or a device that reads the resistance to make sure that it is in working order.
  5. You want to check the resistance before you fire it to be sure it is free of shorts and is a proper resistance for the device you are using it on.
  6. The next step is to fire the set up and check it out. Then squeeze the coils to make sure that they are in proper position and that the tank is going to work for your needs.
  7. You will then need to insert the wicks into the coils and then push them into the tank where they will absorb the e-liquid.
  8. After you add the e-liquid to the tank you need to make sure that the wicks get completely soaked before you try vaping.
  9. You want to allow the wicks a little bit of time to absorb the e-liquid or you can carefully apply some of the e-liquid to the wicks.

After this you will be ready to set up your tank with your mod and start vaping. 

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Final Thoughts

Fogger V4 RBA 4The Fogger V4 RDA is the rebuildable tank that you have been looking for.

This dual coil unit allows for you to have the vapor clouds that you have been looking for.

Fogger V4 is the updated version that offers added benefits they have been looking for.

Want the Fogger V4 RDA? Lowest Price – $13.19!

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