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Goliath V2 Tank Review | V2 Is Better Then V1?

The Goliath V2 is the newest RTA from Youde and the latest revision in the Goliath series.

This tank is a formidable addition to any fan of rebuildable tank atomizers.

It’s versatile and gives you a lot of options with the RBA base as well as Youde’s OCC coil heads.

Most of all, it was created with builders in mind.

It allows single or dual coil builds, making it more an RTA instead of a sub ohm tank.

Any vaper knows how important it is to have a tank that works correctly and gives them the options they need.

It’s just not good enough to have sub-par equipment and expect to enjoy your vaping experience. With the Goliath V2 Tank, you don’t have to worry because this is a tank that rivals the best.

In this Goliath V2 Tank review, we’ll look at all of the nifty features that make it a real star, like the innovative valve cover and personalization ability.

Specs You’ll Love

  • Type: Tank Atomizer / Rebuildable Atomizer
  • Brand: Youde
  • Available Color: Silver
  • Material: Glass and stainless steel
  • Thread Type: 510
  • Overall Diameter: 22mm
  • Tank Capacity: 5.1ml
  • Coil Quantity: Dual coil, Single coil

Goliath V2 Tank Features

  • Youde Goliath V2 RTA, upgraded version of Youde Goliath
  • Supports single and double coil installation
  • The perfect realization of both liquid and airflow adjustment
  • Upgrading the rotation of the capsule to adjust liquid circuit, makes the adjustment more simple
  • Grooves design throughout the entire atomizer, making the smoke and air mixed more evenly, smoother air flow
  • Unique ceramic ROCC head, healthy, environmentally friendly and tastes better
  • 5.1ml E-juice capacity
  • 49mm in height

Goliath V2The Goliath RTA from Youde is a real cloud chasing beast. It has a really innovative build deck with large post holes and a dual post design. 

It’s great for both advanced twisted or clapton builds, or when you want to use really thick wire making it versatile, functional, and innovative.

This RTA even has a juice flow that can be controlled by closing up or opening up depending on how thick your E Juice is.

Even for the maximum VG, the channels leading up to your wicks are ample enough to work well.

The airflow is more than adequate with the huge 3mm air slots leading up to the coils and the air flow control ring.

Seriously, this is really a dream for those who love huge, puffy clouds.

It allows you to build your own coils and still have plenty of clouds to chase at the same time.

What Comes in the Goliath V2 Box

  • 1 x Youde Goliath V2 RTA
  • 1 x Drip Tip
  • 1 x Bag of Backup O-Rings and Screws
  • 1 x Screwdriver
  • 1 x ROCC Head
  • 2 x OCC Head
  • 1 x Manual Assembly Core
  • 1 x Manual Blocking Pores and E-liqiud Baffle
  • 1 x Backup Glass Tank
  • 1 x Backup Sealing Ring
  • 1 x Box 1 x English User Manual

How Does it Look?

Goliath V2 TankThe first thing you might notice is how large the Goliath V2 is next to other tanks.

For instance, it really dwarfs the Goblin if you put them side by side.

You might find that it looks a little similar to the Kayfun 4.

The tank itself looks clean, well-made, and classy for a device that performs well and showcases style and functionality.

How About Functionality?

The Goliath V2 tank has two 2.8 mm holes each side with a 6mm air outlet at the top which means that you get awesome amounts of vapor production.

It also comes with a two pin deck instead of a four pin deck like you’ll find in the aforementioned Goblin.

The juice flow canals are nice and big for longer wicking and thicker wicking and you also get to take advantage of a slightly larger build deck as well.

One big selling point is that the deck is separate from the rest of the Goliath tank.

This allows you to take it apart without having to drain your tank or you can drain your tank.

The point is, you have both options, which makes it easier to use when rebuilding or changing out the wick.

Another feature on the table is the huge selling point of the adjustable juice flow system.

This system does two things: It acts as your filling port and controls the amount of juice that flows to your wicks.

To use this is pretty easy once you get the hang of it. When you’re ready to do a refill, just close off the adjustable air flow system, unscrew the deck, open it up, and fill away.

By doing this a few times, it won’t even be any trouble at all. There aren’t any screws or anything like with the Billow or Goblin and it works quite well.

Final Thoughts on the Goliath V2 Tank

Goliath Version 2With any tank of this nature there are a few negatives. One thing is the build deck is small in size. Another thing is that the pinholes are perfect for your larger wires, the chimney size keeps you at around a 26/24 gauge build. Even with wrapping around a 1.5mm drill bit, that puts you on the edge of the deck by a hairline.

It comes at a reasonable price and in exchange, you get the Lemo’s flavor production and Kayfun V4’s impressive construction and build.

Some of the threading is less than perfect, too, but mostly these are minor infractions and it really comes down to splitting hairs since this tank is like a wonderful combination of everything you love in a tank.

It’s like getting the best of both worlds in one single tank that fits your budget easily.

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