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Green Smart Living Coupon Code | 20% Off Order

Green Smart LivingGreen Smart Living Coupon Code is a company that sells E Cigarettes which are called reSTART Kits.

Each reSTART starter kit comes with a charged e-cig battery, two reFUEL flavor cartridges and a USB charge adapter.

Each refill lasts up to around 300 puffs, which is a pack of cigarettes; of course this varies from user to user. For a Green Smart Living Coupon Code, you’re in the right place.

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Starter Kits

The reSTART kit comes with a fully charged battery so you can begin enjoying your new Green Smart Living electronic cigarette right away.

The included e-cigarette refills are available in Regular or Menthol, in the high nicotine strength, meaning that each 0.9ml cartridge contains 18mg of nicotine.

To use the E Cigarette, simply screw the refill into the fully charged battery body and put the tip of the cartridge to your lips.

Puff the e-cigarette like you would a regular cigarette, exhaling the vapor.

E Cig Refills

The E Cig Refills come in a variety of flavors including:

  • Green Smart Living Tobacco Refill The regular flavor is a Green Smart Living fan favorite. Available in High, Low and Zero nicotine strengths, regular has a clean and smooth flavor, making it perfect for the everyday smoker. Enjoy the subtle and refreshing taste of these regular e-cigarette refills.
  • Green Smart Living Vanilla Refill A smooth vanilla taste for a creamy flavor.
  • Green Smart Living Acai Berry Refill Love acai berries? You’ll love this refill.
  • Green Smart Living Menthol Refill This menthol flavored electronic cigarette cartridges blend that popular minty taste with a nicotine loaded vapor, soothing the senses and relaxing the body.
  • Green Smart Living Regular Refill Just the basics, ma’am.
  • Green Smart Living Clove Clove is the laid-back and sophisticated e-cig smoker’s haven from the world flavor.
  • Green Smart Living Peach Refill Sweet taste and premium smoothness make our peach e-cig cartridges a great choice for any occasion. It’s one of their best sellers.

This is an easy way to use E Cigarettes and enjoy smoking without the extras you don’t want. You get the basic flavors and a few added ones and there is no mixing or liquids to worry with.

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