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Published on June 26th, 2014 | by Rich


Halo Cigs Review – E Juice and Triton Tank

We have been recently thinking about what makes our favorite juices, our favorite juices. So this week’s article is our anticipated Halo E-Cig review. Over the years HaloCigs has evolved from providing “cig-a-like” products and smaller e-cig accessories, to creating their fine line of e juices and Halo’s very own branded starter kits.

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Moving forward, we will breakdown the best e juices HaloCigs has to offer as well as all the other special products they are getting into. Let’s get started shall we?

HaloCigs E juices

With a growing list of e juices, Halo has three different flavor selections they offer:

  • Tobacco
  • Menthol
  • Gourmet

Let’s get into the details about their most popular flavors.

Tobacco Flavors

First on our list of HaloCigs best and most popular tobacco flavors is their Tribeca e-liquid. Tribeca is the smoothest tobacco flavor Halo offers with a hint of sweetness in the mix. This e-juice gives you that feeling of smoking a vanilla flavored black and mild with a little bit of caramel too; without sacrificing the tobacco flavor. It definitely reminds me of why I started vaping in the first place. Forget your “all day vape”, Tribeca easily becomes that “workhorse” vape and reminds you with a good throat hit and decent vapor production. It gets a 4.5 out of 5 stars for flavor.

>>Check out the Tribeca E-liquids prices, reviews, ratings and description over at<<

Torque 56

halo torque 56This one is to be taken lightly for beginners. Unless of course, you’re into a merciless tobacco flavor that doesn’t hold back. That’s right. The Torque 56 delivers that raw tobacco flavor and has a serious throat hit. The flavor comes in 7ml and 30ml bottle sizes and you can pick your nicotine strength from 6mg/ml-32mg/ml. Anyone that traded in smoking cigars and regular cigarettes will enjoy this flavor, as it brings back the days when you watched your cig burn to ash. This is a 4.5 out of 5 stars flavor.

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Unlike the two previous tobacco flavors, Voodoo is a more mild flavor that gives you a pinch of sugar and spice in the mix. With added flavors like grape, plum, cinnamon and a tad of vanilla; this tobacco flavored e-liquid is very interesting. When you increase the voltage while our vaping Voodoo, the different flavors come out and change your flavor in the same sitting! This flavor is one to try on its’ own. 5 out of 5 stars for flavor. You’d be doing a dis-service combining anything else with Voodoo.

>>Check out the Voodoo E-liquids prices, reviews, ratings and description over at<<

Menthol flavors


halo mysticClean and refreshing, Mystic e-liquid from Halo is one of the favorite menthol flavors they offer. A slightly minty blend that gives every menthol lover a reason to try it out. People trying out Mystic menthol probably should expect it to taste just like other popular menthols. However it is a go-to flavor when you are craving menthol. Mystic gets a 4 out of 5 stars in the flavor category.


>>Check out the Mystic E-liquids prices, reviews, ratings and description over at<<



The next menthol flavor to make sure you try is the Subzero e-liquid. If you like menthol at all, this e-liquid is for you. HaloCigs packed this e-liquid with three times the regular amount of menthol into it, making SubZero e-liquid the most potent menthol flavor you can get with a minty aftertaste. Just chill out with 4.5 out of 5 stars on Subzero's flavor.


 >>Check out the Subzero E-liquids prices, reviews, ratings and description over at<<

Menthol X

menthol-xOne of their newest e-liquids, Menthol X is quickly becoming a popular mix. Combining a little bit of peppermint and menthol over a tobacco base, this e-liquid does a pretty good job mixing the flavors together. It’s worth giving a try especially in the sampler packs that Halo offers. We give the new e-liquid Menthol X a 4.5 out of 5 flavor rating.


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Gourmet flavors

Kringles Curse

halo kringles curseFirst in line for the gourmet flavors! Halo does a good job in this category, offering some pretty interesting flavors like Kringles curse. If you want an intense peppermint flavor that the menthols just don’t give, this is the flavor to try. It has a sweetness to it because of the peppermint, and it compliments the tobacco flavors Halo offers pretty well (sometimes the tobacco flavors can get thick and start to clog up the tanks, mixing in thinner e-liquids can help solve this issue). Kringles Curse gets a 5 out of 5 flavor for it’s pepperminty intensity.

>>Check out the Kringle's Curse E-liquids prices, reviews, ratings and description over at<<


halo malibuIf you guys like going on vacation and having some fun drinks when you do, than Malibu is the perfect e-liquid to pick for your trip. Not huge on throat hit, and it has a taste of pineapple meets coconut, which is where I can see them calling it a more "pina colada" flavor. I don’t consider this something you would vape all day, but this is one of those e-liquids you can definitely snack on while you’re just chillin by the pool. Let’s just say it’s not truly summer 2014 until you’ve tried out the Malibu e-liquid. It’s flavor is rated 4.5 out of 5.

>>Check out the Malibu E-liquids prices, reviews, ratings and description over at<<

Belgian Cocoa

halo belgian“The butterfly, ooh, that's old, let me see that tootsee roll.” Yes it has been 20 years since that song has come out. Everyone loves tootsie rolls, which is why you will love the Belgian Cocoa e-liquid. It smells and tastes like a tootsie roll. Belgian Cocoa gets a flavor rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. If you are someone that likes mixing e-liquids, than get both the Belgian Cocoa and Kringles Curse e-liquid, and you’ll find it is a pretty good replica of a peppermint patty. Halo makes this really easy to experiment with different e-liquids with their sampler packs.

>>Check out the Belgian Cocoa E-liquids prices, reviews, ratings and description over at<<

Halo E Liquid Prices

Halo offers very tasty e-liquids. Their prices are on the higher end of the spectrum when you compare them to other e-liquid brands that are a part of our Top 5 American E-juice Vendors review. Take a look below at the price differences between the vendors:

Click to VisitVista VaporsMt. Baker VaporVaporFiCentral VaporsMig CigsZeus E JuiceNicQuidHaloCigsSouth Beach SmokeCC VapesVirgin Vapor

So as you guys can see, Halo has quality juices, however there are A LOT of different choices to choose from when you are comparing which e-liquids to buy. With hot competitors like Virgin Vapor and CCvapes on the rise, you can see where quality is starting to become a factor in which juices you choose. That is where I reward HaloCigs for their quality of their e-liquids.

 Halo Sampler Packs

If you have never tried any of the flavors above, than this is what you want to hear! Halo offers sampler packs in all the different types of flavors. They give you four different options of variety packs and what e-liquids come in each one. We also tell you the more popular combinations people make with the sample packs:

Tobacco Sample Pack

 Turkish with a few drops of Midnight Apple/Tribeca
2/3 Torque 1/3 Belgian Cocoa

Menthol Sample Pack

Kringles Curse and Cool Mist 50/50
3/4 Subzero 1/4 Menthol Ice

Gourmet Sample Pack

Kringles Curse and Belgian Cocoa: Peppermint patty
Shamrock and Cafe Mocha

Variety Sample Pack

3:1 ratio Turkish with Kringle's Curse
Turkish with a few drops of Tribeca

You can choose any one of these flavor packs and get the best of the menthols, tobaccos, and gourmet flavors Halo offers. If you are unsure about picking a certain flavor pack, you can always get the generic variety pack, which offers the best e-liquids Halo has from all of their different flavors. You get six 7ml bottles of e-juice in each variety pack (42ml of e-juice) for $25. This is a good deal if you're sticking with just Halo e-liquids. But, if you’re willing to spend $25/month on e-juice, than I would suggest you take a look at our 5 reasons to check out Zamplebox. With that same $25, you can get 60ml-90ml of e-juice instead of just 42ml.

Halo Triton Review + G6 E Cig Starter Kit

halo starter kitHalo has two different starter kit systems they offer as well as their premium e-juice. If you are just getting out of cigarettes and into e-cigs, Halo offers their G6 electronic cigarette starter kit. This kit is more for beginner vapers and people you want to gift it to so they can kick their analog habit. The other starter kit Halo offers is the Triton Tank System Starter Kit (picture left). We recently released the top 10 best starter kits of 2014, where you can find the Triton Tank from HaloCigs on the list.

Final Thoughts

HaloCigs is rising to become one of the favorite places to get your e-liquids. With delicious flavors like Kringles Curse and Torque 56, it’s no wonder why more and more people are choosing HaloCigs as their go-to e-juice vendor.

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Thanks again for reading, and vape on!

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