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Hannibal Nectar E Juice | Vape Juice

vape wild hannibal e juiceThe Hannibal nectar e juice is intoxicating yet sweet nectar and the flavor has an element of mystery to it.

The name is inspired by a suspense killer in a thriller novel.

As the name suggests, vaping this flavor takes you to an altogether different level leaving you hannibalized and happy.

The Hannibal e juice flavor is available in two primary brands- Evaporated and Vapewild.

The E juice from Vapewild is a fruit cannibal with orange, peach, berries, coconut, and melons riding their way into your system.

This fruit flavor is savory, sweet, and delicious.

All the fruits are rightly balanced to give out a delectable taste and none of the fruits seems to overpower each other.

The Hannibal nectar e juice from Evaporated has a creamy lemon cookie flavor with a topping of a jam blob.

The creamy texture mimics the taste of the Peek Frean Fruit Crème cookies.

The smooth cream comes with a lemony tart and by the time we are adjusting to the delicious taste, the raspberry strikes in, like the perfect icing.

Flavors and Taste


The Hannibal vape juice from Vapewild is an exotic fruity punch coming straight from the tropical isles.

That’s the feel the vaper gets while puffing this e juice.

The fruit flavors come out strong and the first hit is the peach taste. It’s like a game where you keep guessing which fruit punch will come next.

The subtle taste of coconut and apricot in the e juice is very pleasing and adds sweetness to the tangy flavor of the other fruits.

This mystery juice is delectable and lingers in the system for a long time after the vaping experience is over.

Vapers can adjust their level of nicotine and the VG/PG blends and enjoy the ‘high’ of the e juice.

Adjust to lower levels of nicotine and blends if you want to get the real taste of the mystical flavor.


This Hannibal flavor from Evaporated makes you want to shout out in triumph, but ultimately leaves you calm and contended.

The flavor has the capacity to leave you hannibalized and lusting for more.

The combination of the lemony citrus which is subdued by the elegant cream and then further rejuvenated by the raspberry punch is awesome.

The raspberry and fruity flavor come out really well with each puff.

The cream makes the perfect backdrop for the fruits to evolve out.

The change of wattage slightly changes the flavor of the e-juice.

At lower wattage, the lemon is prevalent, at moderate levels the cream taste comes out well, and at higher wattage, the raspberry reigns.

The levels of nicotine and PG/VG blends and are adjusted as per the user’s liking.

The e juice comes in bottle sizes of 10ml, 30 ml, and 140ml.

Vapers can steep a flavor to reduce its sweetness.

This process brings out the underlying flavors, adding to the goodness of the vaping experience.

Final Thoughts

This is undeniably a strong flavor which will not go unnoticed.

The flavor has been blended very well to bring out the mix of strong and subtle flavors optimally.

The coconut plays the balancing factor in the Vapewild Hannibal, mellowing down the tartness of the fruits.

It balances out the mystery punches and prevents them from overwhelming the taste of the e Juice.

In spite of being a strong flavor, it is an all day vape.

This sweet nectar from Vapewild is a must-try for all vape enthusiasts and fruit flavor fans.

The cream in the lemon cookie and the raspberry punch blends beautifully in the e-juice flavor.

A daily vaping fluid, the Hannibal from Evaporated is a mighty strong flavor which leaves a lasting effect.

Vapers can steep the flavor if they want to reduce the sweetness of raspberry.

The nectar goodness with the creamy texture comes out effortlessly with every puff.

The taste of the Peek Frean Fruit Crème cookies comes out perfectly.

You can try your own variations by setting the wattage levels and adding nicotine and blends as per your choice.

The flavor is definitely heavy so go slow if you are a newbie.

The Hannibal flavor is a unique twist to the existing fruity flavors available in the market.

The flavor is very strong and heavy, and true to its name, this evil smart Hannibal nectar e juice will leave the vape fans asking for more.

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