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Hcigar VT 40w Mod Review | Vape Mod Review

In a time when the vaping marketplace is saturated with high-powered mods flexing their triple-digit wattage muscle, the Hcigar VT 40w is engineered for optimal performance and precision control.

With its large top-mounted heads-up display serving as an advanced alert system, the Hcigar VT 40w features temperature control for more consistent intake as well as several operation modes to allow customization of vaping experience.

From the looks of it, the Hcigar brings plenty of technology to the table, and we find out how well these innovations were implemented in today’s Hcigar VT 40w Review.

Hcigar VT 40w Specs

  • Alumimum Body Construction
  • Dimensions: 89mm (H) x 22/30mm (D, front/back) x 42mm (W)
  • Variable Wattage 1.0 – 40W
  • Features Newest Evolv DNA 40 Chip
  • Temperature Control Available
  • Resistance Range: 0.16ohm – 2.0ohm (standard), 0.1ohm – 1.0ohm (temp control mode)
  • Brass 510 Spring Loaded Connector Pin
  • Large Screen Display
  • Ergonomic Grip
  • Atty Lock Feature (temp control mode only)
  • 20 AMP IMR 18650 batteries Recommended  such as Efest 35A / Sony VTC4/5 are recommended for this box

What’s New- Hcigar VT 40w

The most impressive new feature of the Hcigar VT 40w Mod is its highly accurate temperature control, which works by measuring the actual temperature of the coil during use.

The chip in this device is the first of its kind to work directly with the coil for temperature regulation, and this temperature sensing also enables the mod’s temperature protection feature, which is designed to ensure even pulling and consistent vapor temperature at any power level.


For the most reliable performance, the Hcigar VT 40w Mod should be used with 20 AMP IMR 18650 batteries.

Some common examples of this specific battery type are the Efest 35A and Sony VTC 4 and 5.


NiteCore Intellicharger

While the Hcigar VT 40w Mod does support on board charging through standard USB cables as well as passthrough technology to permit use while charging, if you want to keep a rotation of premium batteries at the ready, you’d better invest in a quality charger like the NiteCore Intellicharger D3.

Its four independently controlled power slots can charge the Hcigar’s batteries in around 3 hours, and its intelligent charging system automatically stops charging a battery once it has reached full capacity.

Hey, the batteries to go in this this aren’t the cheapest, you may as well be sure they’re cared for properly.


The Hcigar VT 40w is one of the few mods we’ve seen with a base power level of 1.0w—which is not to say we’re sure why it goes that low—but from there can crank it up to 40w, which should be plenty for the vaping styles of many.


The Hcigar VT 40w exhibits above average performance in vapor quality and production, chiefly thanks to the temperature protection system.

The temperature protection system keeps extremely tight control over the heating and power elements, so dry hits, burnt-tasting liquid and the delightful cocktail of flavors that a charred wick can deliver on some cheap vapes are a thing of the past with the Hcigar VT40w.

Along with the wattage variable mode, the Hcigar VT 40w also has a temperature control mode that allows settings from 200 to 600 degrees, and the temperature can even be rendered in Fahrenheit to make us Americans feel included.

In case you’re wondering why a box mod would have to have a higher maximum temperature than a toaster oven, it’s because this mod is also intended to be a viable option for the use of dry herb cartridges.

We’ll have a more in depth examination of that performance aspect when our Echinacea guy gets back to us.

Build Quality

Build quality on the Hcigar VT 40w is good, with the mod possessing respectable weight in the hand with a comfortable feel. 

The blue outer shell presented a nice contrast to the polished aluminum of the main body on the model we tested, and the exterior components appear to have been machined well.

The screen of the unit is large with clear, full-word displays, which is really helpful when dealing with some of the mod’s more advanced features.

The buttons have a good measure of clickiness, and are well-rooted into the device to complete the solid feel of the device overall.


The Hcigar VT 40w features a brass contact pin with standard 510 threading, allowing compatibility with most accessories on the market although its smaller size may make for some slightly awkward looking pairings.


Safety was clearly a core concern for the manufacturer, as the safety suite is one of the most well-developed we’ve ever tested.

Instead of relying on flashing lights or hard to decipher abbreviations to relay status messages, the Hcigar VT 40w Mod displays full phrases to indicate any issues with normal function, such as “check atomizer” for a bad or incompatible atty or “ohms too low” if you got too adventurous with your exotic cloud chasing build. 

It’s a nice solution to bring awareness to the issue of proper mod maintenance and function, and should drastically cut down on the time the average vaper spends frowning at his mysteriously malfunctioning mod.

We Would Have Liked to See…

A smaller number behind that $. There’s no doubt that the Hcigar VT 40w presents a pretty impressive package of features and benefits, but what may limit its impact is its retail price point.

Hcigar has released a MSRP of $160 for this amenity-packed mod, and it’s clear to see that these kind of numbers usually get you the option of a lot more power (or 2 box mods).

Is it worth the price for the right user? Sure.

However, there are many fairly similar options with a few less features and a lot less price tag, and we don’t find it hard to envision many vapers passing it by for that reason.


As far as what the Hcigar VT 40w is, we don’t deny that it’s a great product.

The temperature regulation feature alone will inspire plenty of interest, the safety system is better than pretty much anything we’ve seen, and the unit gets extra points for versatility with dual control modes.

It’s a bit spendy as of release day, but that’s not really an issue with the mod itself, and those who do find what the Hcigar VT 40w has to offer worth the initial investment won’t come away disappointed.

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