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HeatVape Defender Review | Mod Vape

One of the newest box mods on the market is the HeatVape Defender 36W. The Heatvape Defender is a powerful mini vape mod that can be powered up to 36 watts. This monster fits in the palm of your hand and is extremely ergonomic.

In this HeatVape Defender Review, we’ll look at everything that makes it different. Including the innovative two sided thread connector.

Features of the HeatVape Defender

  • Patented reversible connector – 510 and eGo threaded spring loaded center pin
  • Variable wattage from 5W to 36W
  • Variable voltage from 1V to 8V
  • Ohm capability: 0.3 Ohm to 3 Ohm
  • Built-in 2600 mAh 20a battery
  • Micro USB rechargeable
  • OLED Screen
  • Colors: Black, Silver, Blue, Pink, and a Black and Silver Combination called Black Peacock
  • Construction is zinc alloy and stainless steel

What’s in the Box?

  • HeatVape Defender 36 Watt Box Mod
  • Lanyard
  • USB Charger

What’s So Great About the HeatVape Defender?

There are some really cool features of the HeatVape Defender, but one thing that is so unique and innovative is the two sided thread connector. On one side you have the ego threaded connector and on the other side is the 510 threaded connector.

This means that pretty much the sky’s the limit on what atomizers you can use.

Seriously, you can use just about anything on this little device and the HeatVape Defender supports 0.3 ohm sub-ohm tanks perfectly. Oh, and the 510/Ego adapter is internal, not external which makes it even more handy to use.

Battery Power

The HeatVape Defender 36W is powered by a built-in 2600 mAh 20A high drain battery. It has an integrated micro USB port so you can charge it easily.

What Does it Look Like?

It has a glossy finish and it’s nice without a lot of sliding. It does get fingerprints but that’s a minor thing. It’s a little larger than the iStick and has a center mount connection.

It’s also slightly taller than the iStick and comes in a few colors including black, silver, red (which looks pink), blue, and a combination of silver and black called Black Peacock.

It is also very ergonomic and fits in your hand very comfortably.

The fire button is very clicky and doesn’t rattle too much and the OLED is simple yet has pretty much everything you need.

One thing is that the USB charging port is on the bottom. Most of us don’t like that since it’s hard to sit up while it’s charging. It’s minor but it is a “thing” to many.

How to Use the Defender 36W

  • To turn it on or off, just click five times on the firing button.
  • To change from watts to volts, click three times. You can change the volts or wattage in one volt increments by using the plus or minus button
  • Press and hold to scroll through the volts
  • Press again three times to go back to wattage mode.

There’s no stealth mode or ability to lock the screen but it’s simplistic and it works. However, if you want to nitpick, it doesn’t scroll fast so it may take longer than you’re used to in order to get to from the lowest settings to the highest and the vice versa.

The settings seem pretty accurate though. The light will go entirely out when it is fully charged.

How Does it Vape?

The cloud production is very immense and you’ll enjoy the flavor.

The center mounted 510 connection has a very symmetrical look and there’s not much overhang. Most atomizers sit flush on it and it works with just about anything.

Another unique idea on this box mod is the flippable top and you’ll love the 2600 mAh battery which is pretty impressive in a smaller box mod.

Plus, you can try out sub ohming on it since it has both options.

Pros and Cons


  • It’s a powerful little box mod
  • It’s ergonomic
  • It has an impressive battery
  • It’s aesthetically pleasing
  • It works with almost any atomizer
  • You can sub ohm on it
  • It has a center mounted connection
  • You can use both 510 connections and ego connections (it has a flippable top)
  • The OLED is quite large and easy to read
  • Very easy to charge


  • It does get fingerprints really easily
  • The USB is on the bottom of the device, making it hard to sit somewhere while charging
  • The scrolling through watts and volts is pretty slow

Safety Precautions

The HeatVape Defender doesn’t seem to have many safety precautions, or at least they didn’t list them, but it does have a short circuit protection and timer. So here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • NEVER leave batteries unattended when charging especially overnight while sleeping.
  • NEVER keep batteries loose in your pocket or bag where they could short circuit and cause a dangerous explosive event. Use a suitable case or plastic battery holder.
  • NEVER place the charger on flammable surfaces when charging (carpets, fabrics etc).
  • Don’t heat, incinerate or reverse the polarity. Always check polarity when charging or inserting into the device.
  • Do not overcharge or over-discharge.
  • Remove from charge as soon as you get the green light or fully charged indication. Check the instructions if unsure.
  • Use only the correct charger for the batteries. If you are uncertain check.
  • Only use recommended batteries and do not purchase or use cheap alternatives.
  • Discard a battery if it fails to keep a charge or looks damaged in any way.
  • Do not over-tighten atomizers / tanks onto the device. You only need to tighten until contact is made.
  • When charging batteries via USB do not over tighten them in the charging lead.
  • Please dispose of batteries safely and according to the regulations.

Final Verdict

For the price you’re paying for the HeatVape Defender, you’re really getting a nice box mod that is small, compact, and has a ton of features.

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