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HexOhm V2 Review | Vapor Mod

American vape makers Hex Ohm have started to build a name in the vaping community with previous mods, and now brings to the table a high-powered variant known as the Hex Ohm v2 Mod.

This die cast aluminum mod is fully regulated and features a magnetic battery bay door for easier maintenance, and today’s review of the Hex Ohm v2 will shed even more light on this relatively little-known manufacturer whom hopes to be one of the best vaping mods of the year.


  • Constructed out of aluminum alloy
  • Up to 110W of output power
  • Adjustable potentiometer controls settings
  • Compatible with 0.2-3.0 ohm atomizers
  • Spring-loaded 510 connection
  • Powered by dual 18650 batteries (not included)

What’s New- Hex Ohm 110w Mod

The latest edition of the Hex Ohm Box mod is rated for up to 150 watts standard and can crank out an additional 30 watts through an available firmware upgrade.

Power Source

The dual 18650 batteries that power the Hex Ohm v2 deliver the juice required to push the pace well over 100 watts for an extended cloud chasing session.


As one might expect from a mod capable of turning the volume up to 110 watts, the Hex Ohm v2 packs a seriously potent vaping experience.

Even draws at lower levels were warm and full bodied, but higher voltage levels can definitely give ex-smokers and lung rippers the punch in the chest they crave.

The Hex Ohm v2 also works well with a number of RDAs, so it’s an excellent choice for someone with a significant collection of atomizers.

Build Quality

The die cast aluminum body of the Hex Ohm v2 lends it a highly substantial feel that is supported by a well-rooted fire button and easy to use potentiometer.

The overall aesthetic of the Hex Ohm V2 is somewhat understated, but what is there comes across as clean and sharp.

The inclusion of an adjustable 510 connection is a definite plus, as it enables wider compatibility with tanks and other accessories, but we found that some accessories sat slightly crooked atop the Hex Ohm v2.

It’s not a huge deal or anything that’ll affect functionality, but it’ll drive you obsessives up a wall.

A particularly impressive aspect of the Hex Ohm v2’s design is its small size for a dual 18650 unit. At about the size of a credit card, its profile is smaller than many mods with internal batteries, which is a pretty cool feat of engineering.

The magnetic battery door provides a secure enclosure overall, but it has a bit of play at the edges. We also liked the application of a textured grip to the exterior of the unit.

Best Clearomizer for Hex Ohm v2 110w

Arctic Tank

The Arctic Tank was practically built for devices like the Hex Ohm v2, with its system of vents and heat dissipation fins working to keep the unit cool at higher power levels.

These adjustable airflow valves also provide user control over vapor production and heat, making the huge flavor delivered by the Bottom Turbine Dual Coils even more delightful.

BC spotlighted the Arctic Tank recently, and you can read our review to find out more.

Aspire Triton

The Aspire Triton is another premium tank made for high-powered mods, offering a top fill design and a huge 6mL capacity to satisfy even the most demanding vaper.

The Triton is without a doubt one of the hottest tanks of 2015, and you can discover how it makes a perfect match for the Hex Ohm V2 mod in our full review.

Compare With…

Sigelei 150w

The Sigelei 150w Box Mod was one of the first 100+ vapes to arrive en masse on US shores, and remains a good choice to this day.

Like the subject of this review, the Sigelei 150w uses dual 18650 batteries to generate its large stock of power, and the Sigelei also features a spring loaded contact pin for ideal conductivity.

The Sigelei 150w has stood the test of time (a few months, which is a decade in the world of vaping) and you can learn all about it in our full length review.

Simeyue SMY GOD Mod

With an incredible power range between 5 and 180 watts, the God Mod is one of the heaviest hitters on the marketplace.

This unit demands a sacrifice of three 18650 batteries, which contributes to its larger size when compared with the Hex Ohm v2, but its sharp laser engraving makes it plenty attractive nonetheless.

The God 180 mod is made of an aluminum body with a large LED screen on the front. Below the screen there are two small buttons for adjustments and on the top of the side there is a larger firing switch. In a few pictures I have seen of this mod there are a few different laser engraved logos.

On one it’s a fancy cross with the text “God 180” and on another there’s an image of a wolf in front of a moon with the text “wildwolf”.

We Would Have Liked to See…

The Hex Ohm v2 is one of the finest mods we’ve tested from an operational standpoint, but a few minor build quality issues were just annoying enough to mention.

For example, the 510 connection is less than flush with some tanks, and while we mentioned it doesn’t affect the functionality much, it does sometimes rob the Hex Ohm v2 of what could be a much more polished look in use.

There also doesn’t appear to be a fire lock mechanism, something we’re used to seeing at this price point. Still, if you’re basing your decision on what happens while you actually are using the thing, it’s hard to find too much fault here.


The Hex Ohm v2 110w is an extraordinarily capable device intended for serious vapers, and for performance. It’s hard if not impossible to beat.

Full disclosure demands that some fairly insignificant quirks be mentioned, but if you’re looking for a singular vaping experience, the Hex Ohm v2 110w is built to deliver it.

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