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High Class Vape Company

The number of E-liquid manufacturers is always increasing, but one company has managed to maintain the quality of its products for a long time. High-Class Vape Company is an American E-liquid manufacturer established in San Diego, California.

The company produces most of its products in a laboratory but the good news is that they are 100% Diketone free. What’s more, they do not contain Acetoin, Diacetyl or Acetyl Propionyl.

They offer their E-liquid juices in two different ranges: the High-Class Premium Line and the High-Class Budget Line. The manufacturer mixes the ranges to a ratio of 70VG:30PG.

They are also available in various strengths such as 12mg, 3mg, 6mg and 0mg.
What makes the company different from the others?

High-Class Vape Company always meets the different needs and demands for higher quality vape and ensures that vape lovers can easily afford the products. Initially, it was hard to get quality products in the vape industry hence High-Class Vape Company rose to action.

Vape is a form of E-cigarette that people consume by inhaling and exhaling the vapors that the E-liquids produce. High Class Vape Co understands the importance of diversity in the market.

They also know that different people will have different tastes and preferences. That reflects in the various flavors and tastes they offer to their customers.

The following are some of the tastes that the company offers:

– The Golden Cream Pear
Golden Cream Pear is an affordable E-liquid that goes for around $4. It is a blend of green apple, pear, whipped cream and caramel.

It boasts a distinct sweet taste that vape enthusiasts like. The first flavor that will greet you during your first inhale is a fresh sweet pear balanced properly with tasty rich caramel. The inclusion of delicious whipped cream makes the flavors more enjoyable.

– All-day Grape E-liquid
The High-Class Vape Co prices the All-day Grape E-liquid at only $4. The manufacturer derives the fresh juice from quality freshly picked strawberries and grapes. The taste is another feature that makes the product great.

– Taste of the Orient
Among the High-Class Vape Company’s products is Taste of the Orient. The company prices it at $34.99 and probably you can afford that. It is a blend of honeydew Mellion, cucumber, and honey. You might need to try the product today.

– Guilty Pleasure
With Guilty Pleasure, you will get a pleasant pear flavor on the first inhale. Even thought the product is sweet, it is not as sharp as the Golden Cream Pear E-liquid. It boasts a nice juiciness, and you will feel like it features two varieties of pear.

– HiFi
HiFi is another great product on the list of High-Class Vape Company products’ list. The product, which also retails at $4, is a blend of hibiscus, cucumber, fig and honeysuckle e-liquid.

– Caramel Flapp
Most people might not expect much from Caramel Flapp mainly because the manufacturer markets it as a budgeted E-liquid. But after inhaling it for the first time, you will be surprised.

Most people will vape it expecting the taste of cheaper vending machine coffee, but it is quite exciting. The product, ideal for coffee lovers, has wonderful vapor production.

During your purchase, you will get a chance to select the actual size of the liquid you would want. What’s you will be able to decide on the amount of nicotine you would like to consume and the VG/PG ratio.

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