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A Short History of Clearomizers

As a widespread public technology, Vaping as a whole has a pretty short chronology.

With modern roots extending back only to 2003 after a wacky Jetsons-type attempt that you wouldn’t have used anyway never released to market back in 1963.

Nevertheless, the industry has a surprisingly rich history, particularly in the past few years.

Clearomizers in particular have experienced a true evolution in their design and function, and as vaping starts with one key component, the most powerful advancements have been in coil design.

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Top Wick Tanks: Dawn of the Modern Age

We all know the familiar image of the plastic tank with the little tendrils of material dangling down into the vessel hoping for a taste of the liquid it was reaching for like a poorly designed spray bottle.

This basic setup was a reasonably effective e juice delivery method—that is, as long as the tank was at least 1/3 full.

At lower levels, top wick tanks would begin to experience significant retrieval issues with the eJuice.

An empty or burnt-tasting pull and the cheap materials commonly used to make the wicks often absorbed flavors over time.

This leads to permanently housed juices and we think more than one new accidentally delicious eJuice combination.

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Bottom Coil Design: Down is the New Up

The next revolution in clearomizer design was the introduction of new bottom coil designs that placed the absorption coils at the bottom of the unit instead.

This left these wicks constantly soaking in whatever juice was in the chamber, leading to far less dry hits and burnt taste than with top wick tanks.

Another advantage to bottom coils is that they allow the airflow to rise into the juice for increased flavor.

Bottom coil tanks also popularized the use of more durable materials for containment, such as tempered glass and Pyrex, as well as silica wicks for more reliable performance.

These improvements in quality and performance quickly made bottom coil design the choice of the vaping community, with top wick tanks relegated to bargain bins and convenience stores.

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Dual Coils and Beyond

Manufacturers and vape enthusiasts alike quickly found that two coils were better than one, with a dual coil setup offering decreased strain on the individual coils as well as more even heating.

This modified vaping process can bring out the deeper flavors in more complex e juices.

Soon the organic cotton coil revolution began in response to vapers demand to experience the most subtle aspects of their favorite blends.

Organic Cotton Coils (OCC) are preferred by connoisseurs because of the rich, clear flavors they provide during vaping.

Kanger SubtankThe material quickly became a must-have upgrade in premium clearomizer models like the top-of-the-line Kanger Subtank series.

Tri, quad and even quintuple coil clearomizers have arisen in the wake of the extended bottom coil revolution.

Each one offers their own unique package of performance benefits at the expense of increased juice consumption.

joyetech delta 2There’s even clearomizers, like the Kanger Subtank and Delta II, that offer the ability to build your own coils, if you choose, for maximum customization.

The evolution of the clearomizer not only happened seemingly overnight, it is continuing to take place before our eyes today.

Only time will tell what new innovations will drive the still-young industry forward, but perhaps the fact that there is such a tale to tell after just a few years is the most compelling part of the story.

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