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Hiwayer 007 Mod Review | Vape Mod Review

The Hiwayer 007 Mod is one of the most powerful mods that you can find on the market.

This box mod offers you a full 160 watts of power which you will be able to easily use to make the most of your vaping experience.  

Of course, you probably expect to pay a lot for a mod with all of this power…instead you are going to get a mod that is full of power that you can be sure to love.

What’s New – Hiwayer 007 Mod?

The Hiwayer 007 Mod has a ton of new features that you are really going to be able to appreciate.

With my Hiwayer 007 Mod Review I hope to share those features with you and give you an in depth look at my personal experiences with this mod.

The first thing that I noticed when I took this mod out of the package was that it looked very nice. There is a beautiful dragon etching on one side of the mod which is nice if you like that type of thing.

I thought that it was very beautiful even though I am not personally a dragon fan. The mod comes to you in a smooth black finish with silver detailing. There is silver around the edges too.

Personally, I like the designs that offer silver around the edges because I think that it looks nicer. It is also the area of the mod where I tend to be a little too rough.

This often leads to scratches in the finish but with the silver there, it is not nearly as noticeable.

Many people do not realize just how powerful the Hiwayer 007 mod is.

This mod can fire up to 160 watts of power. Even though I am an avid vaper I rarely vape above 30 watts of power so I know that this mod will allow for me to reach any of the vaping needs that I might have.

It will also allow me to experiment and try new vaping experiences that I might have only thought about before. It is nice to know that I can experiment safely and use a mod that is easy to use as well.

The Hiwayer 007 is an aluminum mod. Thankfully since it is made from aluminum, it is high in quality which means that it is going to last the whole time.

This means that you never have to worry about it tearing up. Plus, it is nice and lightweight while still being sturdy. All of these qualities make it a really great choice as a mod.

This mod also functions on a wide range of resistances. You can use the mod for resistances as low as 0.1 ohms and as high as 3.0 ohms.

I really like that I can get any vaping experience that I want with this mod. Of course, if you are one of those people who is a cloud chaser that likes operating on the extremely low ohms, then this might not be what you are looking for.

You can be a cloud chaser still and you can still get awesome large clouds with other choices.

Many people have even found that it appears that the mod can actually run higher wattages if you have both batteries completely charged.

My Thoughts

So, let’s break down my thoughts and experiences with this mod. First, I want to remind you that I love how this mod looks. When I first saw it, I was instantly attracted and I wanted to check it out.

It appears that many people find this mod to be attractive. In fact, most that own this mod will admit that they picked it up because of how it looked at first.

While we are talking about the looks of the mod, I want to share with you some of my thoughts on the special OLED screen that the mod has. One great thing about this OLED screen is that it is very bright.

This means that you can see it easily in any amount of light. I have had mods in the past that were not bright enough to be used in the dark or were too bright to be used in the sun.

This mod is neither of these things and I was always able to see the OLED screen clearly.

Of course, even the most beautiful mod is virtually useless if you can’t get a good vaping experience with it.

So, now I want to share with you some of the different ways that I have used the mod and how I have enjoyed it.

One of the things that I find refreshing is that I can keep the mod at a low temperature.

I can still get large clouds, delicious flavor, and everything that I want from a mod with the low temperature.

This is something that I have not always found to be true of mods that have higher wattage capacities. In many of these the mod seemed to not function as well at my preferred vaping point.

Thankfully this Hiwayer mod is not that way.

In addition, I asked my husband to check it out since he likes to vape at a higher temperature. He was also happy with all of the additional features that he was able to experience.  

He said that the flavor was great, the clouds were awesome, and that the mod was simple to use. He even declared that this would have been a good mod to get started with because it had so many features and options that you could be certain to be happy with the experience.

His only complaint was that sometimes he likes to vape at resistances of 0.05 ohms and with this mod you cannot vape lower than 0.1 ohms.


The mod has a lot of high quality features that are aimed at keeping you safe while you are vaping. One of these is the short circuit protection feature.

This is especially great for those who are new to sub ohm vaping or for those who have concerns over any of the recent negative experiences that vapers have had.

There is a built in short circuit protection that will keep you safe from having your mod short circuit while you are using it.

This feature is one that I personally a mod to have because it can ensure that some of the more dramatic accidents never happen to me.

Another safety feature that is available on the mod is the low voltage protection.

This is something else that is important because if the voltage goes too low it can cause a few things to happen. One of these is that the mod can be unsafe when the voltage is too low.

Features of the Hiwayer 007 Mod

  • Aluminum Build Material
  • 160 W Capacity Wattage
  • 510 Threading Manual
  • 0.1 ohms – 3.0 ohms Atomizer Support
  • 3.0 V – 4.2 V Voltage Support
  • Magnetic Back Cover
  • Battery Type: 2 x 18650 Batteries Needed
  • Short Circuit Protection Safety Feature
  • Low Voltage Warning Safety Feature

Final Thoughts – Hiwayer 007 Mod

The Hiwayer 007 Mod is definitely one that I am going to continue using.

I know that I will be using it for a considerable amount of time. This is definitely a mod that is going to be used regularly.

One great thing that I have not mentioned yet in my Hiwayer 007 Mod Review is that this mod is available for a great price.

I was shocked to see that you could get the mod for much less than $50. It was a much cheaper mod than what I would have thought about in the past.  

This mod has two batteries that you can use which help it to have the 160 watts of power.

This is definitely one of those mods that you can use on a wide range of settings.

Of course, if you are chasing a very low sub ohm vaping experience then you might want to choose a different mod.

If you are just looking for the average resistance or a lower resistance that is 0.1 ohm or higher then this is going to be a great option that you might fall in love with too.

You will find that it is easy to use and has virtually no issues with quality or design.

This means that it is truly a mod that you will be able to enjoy and love as well. It features a simple design and a great OLED screen that makes it simple to read.

One great thing that I noticed about the mod is that I could see the OLED screen in all of the different levels of light. All in all, a great choice that has a lot to offer and many options that you will be happy to be able to check out.

I would highly recommend this mod for both beginners and long term users as long as your personal resistance is able to be met.

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