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How to Clean a Clearomizer | A Complete Step by Step Guide

Poor vapor production. Burnt taste. Flavor ghosting. These are some of the side effects we have to deal with after using our favorite clearomizer for 2 weeks straight. The next step for many people is to toss out that clearo and run to Mt Baker Vapor to order a new clearomizer on stock up on a ton of replaceable heads.

Instead, you can clean your clearomizer and extend it’s life by days, if not weeks! In this guide, we will cover exactly how to clean a clearomizer with a step by step process, from rinsing your tank to dry burning your coil. Let’s get started!

How to Clean Your Clearomizer

When cleaning your clearomizer, it’s important to get rid of any excess e juice and gunk stuck in and around the tank. Remove the bottom (or top, depending on your model) of the clearomizer, just as you would if you were refilling it with some juice.

Fill up your tank about half way with luke warm water. Now place your thumb over the opening, and shake it vigorously. Do this for a few seconds, then dump the water out. You’ll notice the water will look a little dirty.

Refill and shake the tank 4 or 5 times, or until the water coming out is clear and clean. This step is particularly important if you are experiencing flavor ghosting, where you taste the previous flavors after refilling with a new juice flavor.

On a side note, if your’re trying to max out the potential flavor from your e juice/vape setup, check out this handy guide.

In cases where flavor ghosting is really bad, try cleaning your tank with alcohol or lemon juice. Using a brush to scrub the insides of the clearomizer can help to. Here are some insanely useful little brushes just for that.


Now that we have the clearomizer tank rinsed and clean, it’s time to dry it off as much as possible. Try blowing into the tank to get all of the water and condensation out. It isn’t necessary to let the clearomizers air dry, although it does help shorten the next step.

Once you have your clearomizer clean and dried, reassemble it (keep the drip tip off for now) and place it on your favorite APV.

Our next step is to clean the coil(s) on the atomizer. A coil naturally builds up a layer of gunk when you vape, and cleaning it can help rejuvenate the flavor and vapor clouds.

To clean the coil, we will use a technique called the dry burn.

Dry Burn Your Clearomizer

Dry burning your clearomizer is a fairly easy process. Simply heat your coil in quick 2 to 3 second bursts until you can physically see your coils glowing orange. Depending on how dry you got your clearomizer previously, this could take a minute or two.
While you are dry burning, you’ll see vapor forming from the gunk on the coil sizzling away. Go ahead and blow this away.

However, be very careful not to blow into the clearomizer and onto the coil while you are heating it. This could cause the coil to pop and break.

After a minute, you should start seeing your coils glow a bright orange. This means all the gunk is burn off and you’re good to go! Let the coil cool down and give it one last blow to clear out any last bits, and you’re ready to fill it up and start vaping!

The first 5 to 10 hits might be  little funky, but after a few pulls, your clearomizer will return to it’s old form.

If you are more of a visual learner, check out this youtube video on how to clean a clearomizer. The dry burning process at the 4:25 mark is a good example of how to properly dry burn.

Notice you have to heat the coil quite a few times to get it completely cleared off.

Now, all good things must come to the end, but cleaning your clearomizer can extend it’s life by a few days to even weeks.

Of course, if you get the itch to get a new clearomizer, check out our sortable comparison chart of the best clearomizers to find the best clearo for you!

Now that your clearomizer is squeaky clean, bust out your favorite e juice and start vaping!

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If you found this article helpful or have another technique you use to clean your clearomizer, I’d love to here from you in the comments below.

Thanks again for reading, and vape on!

24 Responses to How to Clean a Clearomizer | A Complete Step by Step Guide

  1. Michael H says:

    Please read this: I will post this on some other Vape videos. This is not spam! How to clean your coils? Kangertech, Aspire, whatever. 1: Do not soak them in water! 2: Do not soak them in hydrogen peroxide/hydrogen peroxide mixed with water. 3: Do not rinse them, let them dry, and put them back in. If you do any of these three things… you will KILL YOUR COILS!!! Trust me here, I’ve gone through at least a dozen coils trying to find the perfect method. Here’s my conclusion: after several tanks of vaping (5to8)… rinse your entire tanks—all the parts. With warm/hot water only! After rinsing them… take the coil or coils and place them aside. Use Q-tips and wipe down all your tank parts. You can set them aside, or put your tank back together and throw in a new coil. **Now for the coil cleaning: after the rinsing with warm/hot water; get an old coffee mug or glass cup. Not plastic! Throw your coil/s in the mug (I use an old, but clean coffee mug) and then dump enough rubbing alcohol in the mug to submerge the coil/s. Then, simply let them sit. You’ll notice after a couple hours, the alcohol will change colors. It depends what flavor you were vaping. Note I only use the alcohol to clean one coil at a time. Don’t mix three coils from three different flavored ejuices. After letting the coil/s sit in the alcohol for about… 4 to 8 hours… take it out. Wrap a papertowel around it, and blow into the tube. If you see any color liquid come out… put it in some new rubbing alcohol. Let it sit for an hour or so. After your coil/s have sat in the alcohol, and you blew into the tube/coil to remove any excess alcohol… let the coil/s sit for several hours. Be sure to let them dry good. All these hours I’m typing, can vary. I’ve soaked my lighter colored ejuice flavors for only 2 hours. You be the judge. If you keep this information in mind, you will be able to reuse your coil/s for a month! I vape a lot (3 to 5) tanks a day. Coils, are very expensive. You’re probably saying… ‘well they’re only two or three bucks a piece’… for me, that’s expensive. I gave up smoking two packs a day to save money. One last thing: How will you know, after reusing your coil/s several times… when it’s finally ready to toss them out? Trust me again, you will know! You either won’t get any vape, or it will begin to leak. I hope this helps. I’m sure some readers will trash me. I don’t give a damn. DO NOT DRY BURN COILS!!! Only if you’re doing RDA’s. If your coils are sealed like the Kangertech coils or Aspire coils… DO NOT DRY BURN! You’ll mess up the coil/s, and your batteries. **POST TIP** When throwing out your old coils… remove the o-rings. You’ll never know when you need them again. I keep a little plastic tackle box, and I throw in all my spare parts. 1: Rubbing Alcohol 2: Q-tips and 3: Papertowels, are all cheap. I stock up on all these things. Everyone have a great vaping experience. Any serious questions? Ask me privately. **THIS IS A TRIED, AND TRUE METHOD OF CLEANING COILS.**

    • TJ says:

      Thank you for the comment! I have had a different experience with dry burning, and as long as you are careful it has worked for me. It does have it’s limits though. For example, I would only dry burn a clearo 2 maybe 3 times before tossing the coil. As long as you know the wick is semi saturated with either water or a bit of juice, it shouldn’t burn anything.

      Again, thanks for your insight!

    • Josh says:

      I 100% agree NOT to dry burn. These materials are NOT a propane/charcoal grill. Isopropyl alcohol is not corrosive under most conditions; however, it will react with aluminum at high temperatures, and will attack certain types of plastic, rubber, and coatings.

      Warm water to remove most deposits [blow/blot dry]
      Steep in isopropyl [if you use a clear glass, you can give it a brandy-snifter type swirl and see the deposits blending with the alcohol]
      Air dry [for the love of God/Allah/Flying Spaghetti Monster, make sure it is 100% dry]

      I’ve sped up the process by rinsing in water after the booze bath, but I’m pretty sure it’s only a matter of time some CSI TV show will kill someone by putting a volatile solvent in someone RBA]

  2. Becky says:

    Ok, I’ve just cleaned and tried to dryburn my NUCIG clearomzer….and it’s stopped working!! Followed your instructions, could hear it heating initially but then …nothing :(

  3. kevin says:

    I have the I clear 16D and I was wondering if dryburning was safe because you can’t remove the wicks? Thank you.

  4. Donna says:

    Thanks so very much!! I was getting discouraged! I discovered that I enjoy vapung MUCH MORE than smoking a cigarette! YAY ME! :-)

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