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Published on August 31st, 2014 | by TJ


How To Improve The Flavor of Your E Juice

The wide variety of e juice flavors is one of the main reasons that people decide to buy their first vape pen or Vape mod in the first place.

Who would want the disgusting taste of smoke when you can have just about any flavor imaginable thanks to vaping?

However, a common problem faced by both new and experienced vapers is that the flavor just isn’t as strong as they thought it would be.

There are a few main reasons for this:

When you had a flavor that you enjoyed but can no longer taste it (Vaper’s tongue), there is a problem with the e-juice, or there is a problem with your equipment.

Vaper’s Tongue

Vaper’s Tongue is a common problem faced by experience vapers.

Once you find your favorite flavor, it’s natural to want to vape that same flavor non-stop.

The problem is that you’ll tend to eventually lose your ability to taste that flavor.

Here are some of the common reasons:

1. You need to switch up your flavors

Once you’ve been vaping the same flavor for too long, your taste buds will become desensitized to it.

The solution? Either switch flavors or start vaping a stronger version of the same flavor. This will help your taste buds to regain the ability to taste the e liquid.

Need some new flavor suggestions? We have you covered!

VaporFi offers a HUGE selection of e juice flavors to choose from. 

Their juices are designed and mixed in FDA approved facilities using only the finest, Better than Food Grade ingredients. 

You aren’t able to adjust the PG/VG ratio of their juices, but they do offer unparalleled choices when it comes to nicotine content.


VaporFi has a ton of different ways they can help you spice up your juice pallet.

To start with, they offer a massive selection of juice flavors.

You can check out some of their most popular e juice flavors, there’s something for almost anyone.

Don’t see something you quite like?

VaporFi also gives you the power to mix your own flavors! Mix and match until you get a blend just right. Hard to beat that kind of customization.

Still can’t decide? Take a look at their fantastic sampler pack that allows you choose 3 different 10ml bottles for only $24.99.

It’s a great way to get a taste for their juices and change up your daily vape!

2. You’re dehydrated

Vaping can cause you to become dehydrated.

If this is the cause of your vaper’s tongue, just rehydrate and you should be able to taste again.

3. Colds (or any other illness that blocks the nasal passages)

Believe it or not, your sense of smell is critical to being able to taste things.

If your nasal passages are blocked due to a cold, your ability to taste your favorite flavor will be greatly reduced.

Once you recover you should be fine.

Problems With Your E Juice

Obviously, the actual e juice is the most important aspect vaping when it comes to flavor.

Here are some common problems with e juice:

1. It hasn’t been steeped long enough

It’s recommended that, when you purchase a new bottle of e-juice, you let it steep for at least a few days before vaping. Steeping allows the flavor to settle and sometimes improves the flavor dramatically.

>>Check out our How To Steep E-juice article for more information on Steeping best practices<<

2. You don’t have enough PG in your e-juice

Most e juices are a blend of PG and VG. Look for one with a larger amount of PG if you’re looking for a stronger flavor.

Start with a 50/50 ratio and work your way up until you find the right balance for you.

You can’t go wrong with an 80/20 ratio in favor PG.

This will usually give you the amount of flavor that you’re looking for.

Problems With Your Vaping Equipment

1. Wicking Material

Organic cotton has long been favored by people who build their own clearomizers and

atomizers. The silica wick that is most common in pre-built tanks doesn’t deliver as much flavor.

2. Tank is made out of plastic

Glass tanks are ideal for vapor flavor. Plastic tanks can reduce the quality of the flavor slightly.

3. You’re using a single coil vape tank

With a dual coil setup, more e liquid is in contact with the coils which causes more vapor to be produced.

When more vapor is produced, you’ll tend to get more flavor.

The only disadvantage is that your battery will run out quicker, but that what spare batteries are for, right?


Hopefully this article has helped you to identify some of the most common reasons that you aren’t getting the maximum amount of flavor from your vaporizer.

For more information, it never hurts to ask fellow vapers on forums such as the ECF, or leave a comment down below!

Thanks for reading and vape on!

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