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How to Travel with your Vape Pen

As time goes on, we start becoming needy. Our everyday carry was just money/wallet at one point. It graduated to wallet and keys, then a phone was added on.

Now, most people can’t leave the house with a vaporizer. E-Cigarettes can be difficult when you’re out and about because more places are restricting them.

Traveling can fall into two categories; flying and road trip. Even though some airlines like Ryanair allow ecigs on the plane, flying is definitely more restricted and harder to go about.

Traveling on a Plane

The hardest thing about flying is going through TSA. Not only do you have to wait a long time because of new security issues, but you do not know what you can take and what you can’t.

Rules change so quickly; you can’t even take a closed bottle of liquids over 3ounces with you. To be on the safe side, we always urge you throw everything you can in your luggage, rather than your carry on.

Being at the airport and vaping is different too. Not all airports are going to accept that. Many places consider vaping and smoking the same so you must take it outside.

One thing to remember is the law is not the same in every city, state or country. What is allowed in the United States may not be welcome in Taiwan, and vice versa.


When you are planning to fly out of town, prepare your ejuices to go into a ziplock bag. This will not only help TSA feel more safe when they see it scan through your luggage but it will also help with leakage.

If it does spill or leak, it will be in a bag. This will help you save your vacation clothes.

It’s also important to remember to turn off your battery if you do not have removable batteries.

You can turn it off and wrap something around it so the button doesn’t get clicked while in your luggage. Wrap something soft that will avoid the button being clicked like bubble wrap.

Making sure your battery doesn’t vent is very important because the last thing you need is your vape battery blowing up in the air. This can raise some big security issues and possibly get you into big trouble.

Lithium-ion batteries are recommended to go in your carry-on bag according to TSA. Make sure they are not placed next to any metals, coins or anything that can cause it to vent or flare up.

Road Trip with a Vape

As easy it is to fly with a plane and go to the next state over, many people want to take a road trip in their own state.

Doing so, is going to help you out a lot. As long as your friends or family in the car or bus trip is ok with you vaping, then go ahead.

Taking a road trip with friends or other people is so much easier. You do not have to worry about security because everyone around is familiar. Talking to your friends about what you’re going to bring is the best way to avoid surprises.

With recent laws changing, smoking and vaping ages have changed to 21+ in certain places. Make sure you check the age of where you’re going if it matters for you.

Packing your bags

Packing your bags for a road trip should be similar to packing for a flight. Keep batteries out of your vape. Keep the batteries away from any type of metals or coins and keep it out of your pocket.

Also keep in mind to not use your car phone charger on your vape. Charging your device with a car charger can quickly heat up your battery too much. This causes venting and a short, which can lead to a fire or explosion.

Follow the Law

This goes without being said, always follow the law and be legal. Don’t take eliquid or vapes into a country that does not allow it. It will set you up for disappointment.

Even though cigarettes are allowed in some places, there are still countries that will allow cigarettes but not vapes. New technologies don’t sit well in some countries.

There are also countries like Estonia that will allow eliquids only with no nicotine in it.

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