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Hurricane Vapor Coupon Code | Vaping coupons

Hurricane Vapor is a company that specializes in E Juice that is quality, full of flavor, and has their own special flair.

What started out as a two friends who would meet in a truck stop cafeteria to each lunch and smoke cigarettes quickly became an E Liquid force to be reckoned with.

If you’re looking for a Hurricane Vapor coupon code to go along with your shopping experience, we have just what you’re looking for.

E Cigarette Kits and Accessories

Mostly we’ll focus on the impressive line of E Juice that Hurricane Vapor sells but it is important to note that they also sell E Cigarette kits and accessories so all of your needs are covered.

Whether it’s starter kits and coil replacements or tanks and accessories, they have a lot of choices so Hurricane Vapor can be your one stop shop.

E Liquids You’ll Love

This brings us to the E Liquid that Hurricane Vapor has to offer. They have the Storm Juice Line, the Fog Milk Line, and seasonal flavors and sample packs.

The Storm Juice Line

The line includes flavors such as:

  • Banana Bread Pudding. A sweet and delicious blend of bread pudding, but with a twist, as it is combined with the balanced flavor of ripe bananas.
  • Chocolate Frost Bite. A smooth blend of robust milk chocolate, a dash of mint and mint candy, wrapped in cool ice.

The Fog Milk Line

The Fog Milk line has a variety of fruit flavors such as these examples:

  • Blackberry. A deliciously creamy blend of decadent vanilla custard, swimming in luscious milk and cream, blended with fresh blackberries.
  • Cherry. A deliciously creamy blend of decadent vanilla custard, swimming in luscious milk and cream, blend with sweet cherries.

Sample Packs

Along with the other two lines, there are awesome sample packs available like:

  • HV Tobacco Sampler
  • HV Tropical Sampler
  • Spinfuel Award Winning Sampler

No matter which E Juice is your favorite, you’ll love the flavor and impeccable flavor from Hurricane Vapor.

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