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I joy Tornado RTA Review | RTA Vape

I joy tornado RTA ReviewThe iJoy Tornado is a Rebuildable Tank Atomizer (RTA) that has been designed for the advanced vapers.

Having had previous successes in the production of other vaping products which were geared towards fulfilling the needs of mainstream vapors, the iJoy Tornado is another edition that vapors will love.

This is a product that has been designed and tailored specifically for enthusiast vapors who enjoy extreme wattages and feel the need to sample the complexity of the iJoy Tornado.

The Specs of the iJoy Tornado

The iJoy Tornado has among other features an atomizer diameter of 24mm, deck diameter of 17.8mm, and a tank capacity of 5ml.

For top side refilling, it has a slide and lock gasket. It also comes with a peek insulator including decks of four and six holes.

These specifications place the iJoy Tornado among the best RTAs that the market can offer.

A notable feature of the iJoy Tornado is the twin decks.

With a width of 17.8mm, this has got to be one of the classy features that set this product on top of other RTAs.

Unlike the Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers (RDAs) where the experienced vapors face difficulty in building on the decks, the iJoy Tornado does not have this problem.

It has been designed with an ample building space which users can build for easily.

The iJoy Tornado has pushed the envelope with its 300 watts.

While it can handle this wattage excellently, it is unimaginable and fascinating to think that a human could enjoy vaping at such high wattage.

Regardless, vapers will always find ways to work around this sensationally high wattage.

The key point here is that the iJoy Tornado has done what other competitors could not come close to doing.

This iJoy Tornado review cannot end without saying that this product is full of potential and users are set to be taken to new heights of vaping.

Think of the complex coil work and the pure power of this vaping product.

The iJoy Tornado is the bad boy that is set to revolutionize the industry.

This could be just what vapers have always dreamed about.

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