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Innokin iClear 30 Review

The guys over at Innokin are starting to do some pretty wonderful things. The iClear 30 is one of the more popular clearomizers they have come out with, being advertised with a bottom dual coil design and an above average tank capacity of 3.0 ml. There is also a difference in the amount of wicks they are putting inside their atomizer heads for this product. Read on to find out if this clearomizer should be on your list!

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Tank Capacity

The iClear 30 has an above average tank capacity of 3 ml for holding e liquid. It can be easily filled by unscrewing the top mouthpiece. Remember to tilt the clearomizer and pour in the juice along the sides of the tank (this allows you to avoid getting e liquid into the center air-hole of the clearomizer which in turn causes flooding and the gurgling sound).

Tank Specifics

The plastic/acrylic tank comes with threading on both ends for the stainless steel caps. The tanks also have different color options for the tanks you can choose from now too.


The Innokin iClear 30 clearomizer is 510 Threaded, but it is compatible with eGo batteries. You can get 510 eGo adapters for only a couple dollars.  

iclear mouthpiece360 Mouthpiece

The iClear 30 comes with a mouthpiece that has an innovative 360 degree rotating design. The mouthpiece is designed to swivel around to provide a more comfortable vaping experience. Unfortunately, this mouthpiece is threaded and cannot be replaced with a drip tip. They come with a custom threaded knucklehead type drip tip called “Cozy”. I say custom threaded but in fact it’s a CE4 mouthpiece threading so you can potentially use it on other CE4 cartomizers or use something different on the iClear or even find a little CE4 to 510 drip tip adapter to open up a world of drip tip opportunities.

Atomizer heads

To replace atomizer head: Unscrew the base (that’s the battery end) from the tank, unscrew the atomizer head (the part with the rope wicks) from the base, screw on a new atomizer to the base and screw the base back onto the tank. All parts are easily removed for cleaning or replacement. The iClear 30′s are dual coil clearomizers metering at 2.2ohms with changeable heads .
iClear 30 coil head
The replaceable heads for the iClear 30 are different from the iClear 16, however I have been told people have quite easily attached the iClear 30 atomizer head on an iClear 16 with very little struggle and they seemed to work fine. It is possible to assume the only difference between the heads are the number of wicks, which the iClear 16 has 4 wicks, while the iClear 30 has 16 wicks. If you don’t want to take the risk, the guys over at MtBakerVapor have the 5-packs pretty cheap.


The silica wicks in the iClear are probably the biggest game changer from the CE4 style clearomizers; solving the “dry hit” issue. Your vape and draw is definitely more fulfilled and you can produce more clouds that you once were able to on some of the older clearomizers. This is largely in thanks to the 16 wicks that Innokin has introduced to the atomizer head inside the iClear 30.

Since the tank holds more than average, it also holds a decent vaping session; down to about the ¼ mark on the tank. However, it has been noticed that now that the dry hit issue has been fixed; there is a slight issue with having the 16 wicks.It is a suttle; yet unavoidable taste of the wick in your e juice vapor. Yes, you can get all these crazy kinds of flavors like Arnold palmer, Banana and even peanut butter e juice, but you will still taste a hint of silica flavor. This is one of the only real downfalls of this clearomizer and it shouldn’t be a make or break deal because it is still a great product overall.

>>Check out the Innokin iClear 30 prices, reviews, rating and description over at<

Save 10% on your order when you use the coupon code: BestClearomizer


The iClear 30 clearomizer is a one of the more common clearomizers that are bought, since it can be fitted to meet the needs of personal vaporizers and other, smaller sized advanced e cig batteries as well. It is 510 threaded, The flavor has been rated as above average, yet it stagnates when you refill with the same flavor (meaning the flavor doesn’t seem as potent the second time around).

People are starting to love the BDC’s and the fact that this one also has a rotatable mouthpiece; makes it interesting to say the least. The 3 ml capacity is very nice and there is less than normal leaking issues that have been reported.

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