iClear 30b vs iClear 30s

Published on May 13th, 2014 | by Rich


Innokin Showdown: iClear 30s vs iClear 30b

So Innokin really liked what they had in the iClear 30 clearomizer, because they went ahead and drew up two very similar models; first the iClear 30s, then a few months later the iClear 30b. We decided this week to do an iClear 30s review mashed with the iClear 30b review. After a lot of confusion between the differences between the two clearomizers, we thought this would be a great way to see the REAL differences so you won’t get confused trying to figure it out.. Let’s go ahead and look at the differences between these two clearos and what makes them both different from the original iClear 30.

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Coil Heads


iclear 30b coil

iClear 30s

The iClear 30s coil heads have been totally redesigned for increased airflow and optimized for superior wicking. The new coil heads on the 30s have a wider opening which allows increased airflow. Even though the 30s still has 16 wicks just like the original iClear 30; they have now been covered and hidden inside a steel tube.

The resistance rating on the dual bottom coil heads for the iClear 30s is approximately 2.0 Ohm. Innokin made the process of changing the coil heads easier with the 30; you just loosen and unscrew the bottom lock, take out the old head, slide the new one in and properly screw the locking cover back on.

Even though Innokin has completely overhauled the coil head design, they are not compatible with any other clearomizer and they come sold separately. You can find the 5-packs here.

iClear 30b

Coming with a 2.1 ohm rated coil head and a dual bottom coil design, the iClear 30b produces great clouds at around 4 volts. Just like the iClear 30s, the atomizer heads on the 30b are NOT interchangeable with other clearomizer heads.

The replacement coil heads come in 1.8 and 2.1 ohms; and I’ve done the liberty of linking them here. They are rated pretty well for replacement heads, because they have 4 short wicks; which sit in the bottom of the clearomizer tank to make sure they are always soaked in e liquid.

A great tip for the 30b clearomizer-There is a small air hole in the base of the replaceable coil head; which is designed to be lined up with the air holes in the 510 connector to give you the best airflow. If you over-tighten the coil head while screwing the head back in place, you can run the risk of misaligning the air hole, which in turn will reduce the airflow.

Capacity/ Tank Type/ Filling Instructions

iclear 30s

iclear 30b

iClear 30s

The iClear 30s tank is a decent size, coming in at 3ml. That will fill almost any regular vapers need.

It features stainless steel end caps and the tank is made out of polycarbonate; which as well all know is not under warranty because it cannot protect against tank cracking liquids.

This is one area I feel the iClear line could have been more successful with. The good thing is Innokin’s newest clearomizer, the iClear X.1 features the all new pyrex tank that doesn’t crack under the harsher liquids.

You can check out the review here. Follow these steps to properly fill your iClear 30s tank with e liquid:

  1. Unscrew the mouthpiece
  2. Fill down the side of the tank to ensure not gurgling
  3. Screw the mouthpiece back on
  4. Enjoy your crazy flavors

iClear 30b

The look of the iClear 30b caught my eye from the start. It has a crisp metallic stainless steel finish with black stripes. The tank capacity is just like the 30s, sitting at 3ml.

If this is your first time finding out, I’m sorry to break the news to you. Just like iClear 30 and 30s, the iClear 30b also is made of the same clear polycarbonate plastic. So please be warned. Pick “gentle liquids”.

In fact, the only benefit from the tanks all being made up of plastic, is that ALL 3 iClear 30 clearomizer have the same replacement tanks. When it comes to refilling your tank, it is the same process as the iClear 30s:

  1. Unscrew the mouthpiece
  2. Fill down the side of the tank to ensure not gurgling
  3. Screw the mouthpiece back on
  4. Stay away from tank cracking e juice flavors


The threading on both the iClear 30s and iClear 30b have the popular 510/eGo threading. This allows these clearomizers to be VERY compatible with tons of batteries on the market today. You can put these clearo’s on eGo batteries as well as 510 threaded APVs/ Mods. The threading quality has also been upgraded, as the threading is not as thin; which ensures there is less of a chance for the threading to become stripped.

This is often an overlooked feature, and really adds to the longevity of the clearomizer. Think about it, nearly everything from the polycarbonate tank to the coils are replaceable, and if they break you can repair it. The threading is a different story, and it’s good to see some quality threading on the iClear 30b/30s.

Drip Tip

The iClear 30s comes featured with a 360 degree rotatable mouthpiece; while the iClear 30b comes standard with a straight 510 drip tip. That means the iClear 30s will have slightly fewer options when it comes to other drip tips. This can be fixed however, with a 510 drip tip adapter. Using this adapter, you can use any 510 drip tip with the iClear 30s!

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Final Thoughts

No matter which clearomizer you get, both the iClear 30s and the iClear 30b are upgrades from the original.  The 30s has the rotatable mouthpiece vapers enjoy and the shorter wicks in the iClear 30b. What’s your thoughts? You can follow us on twitter @vaping questions to get tweets when we release new reviews! Don’t be afraid to email us with any questions as well. Thanks for reading and as always, stay calm and vape on!

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