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Innokin Disruptor Mod Review | Vape Mod Review

Innokin can seemingly do no wrong in the mod game, as practically all of its previous offerings, including the crowd favorite MVP line, has proven to be an unqualified hit in the vaping community.

That kind of reputation buys you plenty of anticipation, and the Innokin Disruptor, the latest release from the celebrated manufacturer, is predictably experiencing no shortage of buzz.

Of course, that’s not to say it’s all hype. A special edition MVP 4 with a chrome finish and no extra features would have surely gotten the forums talking, but Innokin chose to earn our attention anew with a game-changing new power system called InnoCell.

InnoCell is the first battery designed specifically for vaping, and the batteries are the centerpiece of Innokin’s upcoming line of box mods, featuring slide-and-click technology for swapping in a flash.

Obviously, the introduction of the InnoCell battery alone makes this device one of the most revolutionary models to arrive on our shores in mid-2015, and today’s Innokin Disruptor review aims to find out if this mod really is the future of the industry.


  • Aluminum Body
  • Adjustable Wattage: 6-50W
  • 0.2 ohm Minimum Resistance
  • All New 2000mAh InnoCell Battery(LiPo replaceable battery technology= 30% more charge & discharge cycles than a standard 18650!)
  • Passthrough Technology

What’s New- Innokin Disruptor Mod

The Innokin Disruptor mod represents the company’s vision for the future of vaping.

Not only has Innokin made a bold move by moving away from the established MVP design, they’ve introduced an entirely new type of battery in the process.

What does this mean for the future of proprietary power in the industry? We’re not sure yet, but as the pioneers of the technology, Innokin is going to have a lot to say about it.

InnoCell Battery

This is usually the part where we try to make standard 18650-type batteries as compelling as possible for literary reasons, but Innokin’s development of a new power source designed specifically for mods like the Disruptor should make this section a lot more interesting.

From a technical standpoint, Innokin claims that their battery is built for both superior immediate performance in the form of longer usage life and increased longevity.

InnoCell batteries are rated for over 30% more charge and discharge cycles than standard 18650 type batteries.

We thankfully didn’t hit the recharge cycle cap during the testing phase, but we can definitely attest to the longer life of the batteries.

InnoCell batteries are designed to work only with the Disruptor and upcoming Innokin products, and slide into place on the mods with a simple click for fast, easy swapping.

Once in place, the battery is secured with a magnet for firm docking.

The Disruptor comes with a 2000mAh battery standard, but Innokin has announced plans for batteries with larger capacities, all of which can be used with the Disruptor.

These batteries will also come in an array of fashionable colors, so vape enthusiasts can bring out the hints of hazel in their eyes as well as choose the ideal power capacity for their cloudmaking needs.

A manufacturer has finally identified the proud individualism of the vaping community and taken the user customization concept to the next level.

We see this as a move marked for imitation, which is the surest sign of a true advancement.


InnoCell batteries can be charged with a standard USB cable, and true to Innokin form they include passthrough technology so you can use it while you’re waiting for a charge.

Best Clearomizer

Aspire Triton

If you’re interested in a mod like the Innokin Disruptor, we’ll assume you have an appreciation for the inventive, and the Aspire Triton is one of the most unique tanks of the year.

Not only does it feature a top-loading profile for convenient filling, it also features dual airflow control to deliver the huge flavor vapers have come to expect from Aspire products.

If you want to learn more about this top-level tank, we took a full look at the Aspire Triton here on BC.

Arctic Tank

The Arctic Tank is another outstanding option for mods like the Innokin Disruptor.

The Arctic Tank is a true sub-ohm tank, delivering RDA style performance with the convenience of a tank, and its organic cotton coils deliver flavor nearly unparalleled by any clearomizer on the market.

The Arctic Tank was another one of the premium product to get the BC spotlight treatment, so check it out for more on the merits of quad intake valves.

Variable Wattage

The Innokin Disruptor can be adjusted from a base output level of 6 watts all the way to its full rating of 50w in increments of 0.1.


If you’re a fan of Innokin’s previous offerings like the MVP 3.0, you know what to expect from the Innokin Disruptor. Outstanding vapor production? Check. Great flavor?

You know it. Unbelievable battery life? We still don’t believe it.

We put the Innokin Disruptor through its paces with builds down to 0.2 ohm, and it performed consistently every time.

We found the best combination of flavor and temperature right around 35 watts with most setups, but really there aren’t many wrong ways to use the Disruptor nor is there any escape from its excellent performance at any specific wattage or resistance level.

The Innokin Disruptor is just a great piece of vaping equipment. Deal with it.

Build Quality

Innokin is also known for the quality of its products, and doesn’t stray from the formula with its new Disruptor.

The device feels substantial when you pick it up, despite its smaller size when compared to the MVP 3 Pro, and has a very sturdy feel in the hand overall.

The screen of the Innokin Disruptor is rather large, and has a pleasing, high quality look. The InnoCell batteries feel equally well built, weighty and solid.

In fact, if you put a cheap 18650 in one hand and an Innocell in the other, you might not even assume the two items served similar purposes.

We like the option of multiple color choices for the battery since it’s effectively a part of the unit’s design, and the slide n’click system—well, it slides n’ clicks extremely effectively, so no complaints there either.


The Innokin Disruptor features standard 510 threading with a spring-loaded connector pin for wide-scale compatibility with the majority of accessories on the market with a snug, flush fit.


The Innokin Disruptor shows off the manufacturer’s dedication to creating safe products with stability measures like a 15-second cutoff to prevent overheating.

The Disruptor also has a low voltage warning, short circuit protection, and over-discharge protection for added safety.

We Would Have Liked to See

There’s not a lot to complain about with the Innokin Disruptor when talking about the features it does have, but it’s hard to ignore the conspicuous absence of one of our favorite features of the MVP line.

Was it too much to ask that the new generation of mods retain that mobile power source feature?

The ability to charge other devices on the go with Innokin’s notoriously generous battery life would have made it MVP for a few BC staffers by any other name, and we’re just a bit disappointed not to see it make the leap.

Ah well, maybe next time.


Overall, the Innokin Disruptor is exactly what it says it is: a serious shakeup to the vaping industry.

The elite performance, eye-catching looks and innovative power solution are sure to make it one of the most popular vapes on the market after its full release, and it’ll certainly be a tough out for mod of the year.

Sucks a tad that the mobile power option is absent from this evolution of the MVP line, but as an actual vaping device, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better or more innovative option right now.

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