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Innokin iSub G Tank Deals | Checkout the iSub G

After reading our review of the Innokin iSub G Tank you are probably thinking about running out to purchase one so that you can get your hands on one too. 

If this is the case then I want you to take note of some great Innokin iSub G Tank deals that are going to save you some money. 

Even though this is one of the more affordable tanks that I have used, I always love finding a great deal and saving as much money as possible. 

This should help you if you want to do the same.

Great Features, Great Clouds, Great Flavor

Innokin iSub G TankThere are so many great things about the Innokin iSub G Tank that you should be thinking about if you are in the market for a new sub ohm tank. 

As I previously mentioned I think that this tank is a great deal on its own but when you get to save money it becomes an even better deal. 

I personally love that it is made from the durable high quality Pyrex glass and that it has a special no spill coil swap design. 

The thing that I really love about the no spill coil swap design is that you can swap out your coils without having any leaks or spills. 

In the past with other tanks I have always noted what a waste of e-liquid it was to swap out the coils. 

Thankfully this is not something that I have to deal with when it comes to the iSub G.

Still Not Enough Savings for You?

Do you still feel like you’d like to have some more great savings offers? We are here to help you with those needs too. 

Here you are going to find some additional savings, deals, and coupons that are going to help you get all of your vaping needs met without ever having to pay full price again.

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