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iTaste MVP 20W Review

If you’re a big fan of the iTaste line, specifically the popular MVP 2.0, this is the moment you’ve been waiting for: the debut of its successor, the MVP 20w. The digital ink is barely dry on Innokin’s New Year’s Day announcement of the new and improved version of the already amazing mod, and we’re here to give you a full review.

iTaste MVP 20w Specs

  • Dimensions: 4.21” (L) x 1.61″ (W) x 0.86″ (D)
  • Variable Voltage (3.3-7.5v)
  • Variable Wattage (6.0-20.0w)
  • Voltage/Wattage Level Memory
  • Ohms Meter
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Over-Discharge Protection
  • Battery Level Indicator
  • Puff Counter
  • Spring Loaded eGo 510 Connector
  • Dedicated ON/OFF switch
  • Backlit 3-Digit Display
  • Portable USB Power Source
  • 10 Second Automatic Shutofff
  • Passthrough Functionality
  • High Capacity 2600 mAh Internal Battery

iTaste MVP 20w Instructions

  1. Attach atomizer to spring-loaded 510 connector at top of unit and secure tightly
  2. Activate device by pressing ON/OFF button
  3. Adjust wattage by pressing menu button then navigating to “Wattage” and raising or lowering the level
  4. Adjust voltage by pressing menu button then navigating to “Voltage” and raising or lowering the level
  5. The voltage/ wattage level is displayed on the screen
  6. Hold ON/OFF button for 10 seconds to lock or unlock device

What’s New?- iTaste MVP 20w

iTaste MVP 3


With this edition of the MVP 20 watt, Innokin has staked its claim to delivering the people’s mod by loading this accessibly priced device with advanced features as well as improving upon the beloved original.

The upgraded OLED screen is bright and vibrant, adding another layer of polish to its attractive stainless steel profile, and the all new high capacity 2600 mAh battery promises a full day of 20 watt vaping power.


One of the central issues with the iTaste MVP 2.0 stemmed from the construction of the 510 connector, which some users claimed was incompatible with some of their tanks due to its recessed location.

No such failing with the iTaste MVP 20w, as the addition of a spring-loaded eGo/510 connection can be moved into place to create a truly universal connection.

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Vapor Quality

The vaping experience with the Innokin MVP 20w mod is very solid and well rounded, making short work of even the most viscous e-juices and doing it quietly, unlike some higher caliber mods who feel the need to announce their power audibly.

Vapor density is very good, particularly at higher power levels, and we always appreciate the ability to control the intensity of a session with variable voltage and wattage. Battery life is outstanding, and unless the thing virtually never parts with your lips, we feel good about saying a single full charge should last all day and even most of a long night.

iTaste MVP 20w Battery

mvp 3 battery


The battery in the Innokin MVP 20w is one of its most proudly touted features, delivering 2600 mAh of rechargable Li-Ion power built right into the machine.

Interested parties dreading iPhone nightmares have nothing to fear here, as the battery is designed to be fully replaceable and as user-serviceable as possible just in case anything ever goes wrong. 

The battery has a relatively long 5 to 6 hour charging time to a full charge from empty, but the famous pass-through technology of the iTaste line. This alllows use while charging, and makes the wait time more bareable.

The high capacity of the battery means that once it actually gets charged, it stays charged for a good amount of time.

The MVP 20w also has a battery charge indicator that goes from green to yellow to red depending on your remaining charge, so you’ll always know exactly how much power you have left.

Variable Voltage/Wattage

The iTaste MVP 20w brings all the features you expect when you see the venerable Innokin name on a product, including variable voltage (adjustable from 3.3 to 7.5 volts in increments of .1) and wattage (adjustable from 6.0 to 20 watts) to allow users to find the perfect setting to enhance the blend of their choice.

If the flavors of your favorite liquid seem a bit different in your new MVP 20w, don’t be afraid to play around with the voltage and wattage, it can dramatically impact the flavor of the liquid.

iTaste MVP 20w Threading

The iTaste MVP 20w features a universal 510/eGo threaded connector…but then again, that’s what they said last time and it didn’t quite work out that way.

Slight fit issues arising from wear and tear made some tanks and atomizers incompatible with the recessed connection of the MVP 2.0 over time according to some reviews, and the engineers at Innokin paid special attention to getting it right for this installment in the series.

The 510 connection at the top is now spring loaded for use in an extended or retracted position, and so it should finally live up to its promise of universal 510 compatibility in practice.

Build Quality

 Build quality is improved significantly from the previous generation with water resistant buttons and a brilliant screen which is better than the one on your first cell phone (assuming you’re old enough to use this device).

The highly durable stainless steel body makes a well deserved return and we feel confident that it is absolutely built to last.

Fix it Yourself

Ease of ownership was a central focus during the development of the iTaste MVP 20w mod, as another complaint was the inability of all but the savviest owners to address any minor issues with the device. Even a malfunctioning battery was often a death sentence for an older MVP.

Innokin has made a sincere effort to increase component modularity throughout the unit, leaving room for replacements that don’t require a unit be mailed clear across the country at the owner’s expense.


Innokin is known for building safe, sustainable products; and the Innokin MVP 20w is no exception.

Some of the standard safety features you would see on a MVP 20w mod would be: short circuit protection, reverse polarity protection and over-discharge prevention technology.

The iTaste MVP 20w takes it further introduces a new internal chip set which not only provides settings memory, but ensures the settings stay better regulated for smooth operation.

Even More MVPs?!

It’s a great time to love the Innokin iTaste line, as the initial edition of the MVP 20w mod that is the subject of our review today is only the beginning. This all-around outstanding device is just the basic idea of the vapemaker’s vision for the iTaste.

Innokin has also announced at least one premium version of this generation’s MVP with even more power and an upgraded internal chipset.

We can only imagine what Innokin has in store for the next incarnation of the MVP 20w and anticipate hearing more about it (or them) as we settle into the new year, as we will be reviewing all the latest & greatest mod devices for 2015!

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mvp 3 deal


    • MVP 20 watt mod
    • USB Charging cord
    • 510/eGo adapter

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Best Clearomizers for the Innokin iTaste MVP 20w

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Final Thoughts

mvp 20w

Overall, the Innokin iTaste MVP 20 watt is more than worthy of succeeding the much loved MVP 2. 

It retains all the favored features of the old MVP, including pass-through technology and mobile power capability for charging other devices.

What makes them even more effective is adding a massive battery so it has plenty of power to share and plenty of time before it needs to be charged. For more mod reviews, check out our Vape Mod Guide.


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If you own or have used a Innokin iTaste MVP 20w mod before, please share your experiences in the comments below!

 Thanks as always for reading, and vape on!

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