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IPV Mini V2 70 Watt Mod Review

Today’s review of the IPV Mini V2 will decide if Pioneer4You manages to keep that lofty promise.

Pioneer4You’s IPV Mini 30W made serious waves in the value mod division with its compact form factor.

Outstanding performance and long list of features, but many of those who prefer to use drippers and premium tanks were left out in the cold by its limited firepower.

That said, it’s not hard to see why cloud chasers were abuzz at the announcement of a 70 watt model.

This new iteration of the mini mod promises the muscle of larger mods in a design closer to that which made the 30 watt model such a success.


  • Dimensions: 3-3/4″ (L) x 1-9/16″ (W) x 7/8 (D)
  • Variable Wattage: (5W-70W)
  • USB Passthrough Charging
  • Accepts 1x 18650 Battery
  • Adjustable Spring Loaded 510 Pin
  • YiHi SX330V2C chip
  • Visual Operating System
  • Low voltage protection
  • Low resistance protection
  • High input voltage warning
  • Output short circuit protection
  • Reverse battery protection

What’s New?- IPV Mini V2 70 Watt

IPV mini 2Along with a beefed up internal power plant that brings this latest IPV model up to 70 watts, the IPV V2 also brings a redesigned visual operating system to deliver settings readouts and other status reports.

The “visual operating system,” or “screen,” as we call it where we come from, is one of the nicer displays we’ve seen on a unit like this.

With bright blue numbers set against a black bezel and background provide good contrast and easy readability.

Another strong feature is the automatic voltage calculation system, which did a good job adjusting to the various wattage levels we tried, though some more technical users may desire a higher degree of control.

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The 70 watts of vaping power cranked out by the IPV Mini V2 come from a single 18650 battery.

Speaking of power, it’s true that cranking your mod at 70 watts all day will kill your battery quicker than you’d like.

The IPV Mini V2 does just fine with moderate use, and a full charge will likely last more than a day with this device.

Either way, you should invest in a quality battery designed to keep up with a mod like this. I suggest a Samsung 25R, LGHE2/4, or Sony VTC4/5.

When your battery does run out, passthrough charging works very well, with batteries returning from complete drain to full power in 3 hours or less.

We also appreciate the option to charge the batteries externally, as having your non-removable battery run out on you without an outlet in sight is always a mood-dampener.

While the passthrough works well, it’s always best to charge your batteries in an external charger as it puts less stress on the processor in your mod.


Yes, the IPV Mini V2 supports passthrough charging so you could just pop your mod on the charger and wait it out while vaping the whole time.

Would you rather be attached to a laptop or wall outlet by a 3 foot leash for a few hours or swap batteries and continue with your day? That’s what we thought.

That’s why we recommend owning multiple batteries with this mod, and if you have more than one battery, you’ll need a wall charger to keep them all electrified and ready to go.

One of the external chargers we use the most around here is the Trustfire TR-003, which has a four battery capacity as well as an automatic shutoff feature to prevent overcharging.

It’s a great value to boot, so for those looking for a first multi-battery charger, it’s one of the clear choices.

Variable Wattage

The IPV 70 Watt features variable wattage that can be adjusted anywhere from 5 to 70 watts.

This makes it an extremely versatile device that plays nicely with a wide variety of tanks, clearomizers, RBAs, RDAs, dry material cartridges, and other accessories.

Intelligent Voltage

Thanks to the internal YiHi chip, the Mini V2 constantly adjusts its voltage level based on the resistance level of the tank or clearomizer in use.

The current wattage setting, giving the IPV Mini V2 the ability to fire builds down to 0.2 Ohm.

Is the Mini V2 flawless?

ipv_mini_2.3One issue we do have with the IPV Mini V2 is the redesigned battery bay cap, which seems to be a bit harder to install and remove than with the original 30 Watt.

It seems like the kind of thing that might improve with practice.

Another shortcoming of this mod is its paint job, which while pretty slick looking did begin to chip during the testing phase.

Sadly, a poor paint job seems to be a trend among the IPV series of products.

Of course, you could solve this minor concern with a skin.

This does raise the point that if chipping paint is the worst complaint about anything mechanical, someone’s done a fairly great job.

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The IPV Mini V2 Mod features standard 510 threading as well as a spring loaded adjustable connection point to fit peripherals with different pin lengths.

You’ll have plenty of choice in partners for your new mod.


The impressive build quality and ergonomics of the original make a welcome comeback with this model, but now it’s backed up by 70 watts of power.

Naturally, this gives the V2 a number of performance advantages like increased vapor production, and we were very impressed with how it responded to our testing at a range of power levels.

Best Clearomizer for IPV Mini V2

Kanger Subtank

Kanger Subtank review headerIt’s one of the most coveted clearomizers on the market for a  few reasons.

Big capacity, adjustable airflow, Organic Cotton Coils for unbelievable flavor, and did we mention it’s a killer RDA as well?

The Kanger Subtank was not only the originator of the mainstream hybrid tank revolution. 

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Aspire Atlantis

Aspire Atlantis Review - Sub Ohming Cloud ChasingThe Aspire Atlantis is another vape community favorite, featuring a sub-ohm coil design for more flavor and better clouds.

It also has a nice tank capacity of 2.0mL. The Aspire Atlantis also has a wide bore drip tip, which lends to better airflow and more vapor. 

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The new IPV Mini features the standard safety amenities such as reverse polarity protection to protect battery health and short circuit protection.

It also adds low voltage protection, and a high input voltage warning system thanks to its internal processor.


ipv mini 30w chartOverall, the IPV Mini V2 70 Watt Mod is a worthy upgrade from the 30 watt device of last year.

All told, the IPV Mini V2 is an outstanding first step into higher end box mods.

You might end up wrestling with a battery once or twice and you’ll cringe at the first scratch.

You got over it with your smartphone and you’ll find a way to cope here.

Quibbles aside, the IPV Mini V2 70 Watt box Mod is a great little mod, and odds are you’ll be more than happy with what it brings to the table.

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