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Pioneer4you IPV3 Li 165w Review

The latest high-powered offering from the emerging vapesmiths at Pioneer4you, the IPV3 Li 165w mod brings a host of upgrades to their well received flagship mod.

This includes a redesigned YiHi SX330-V3SL chipset that delivers precision temperature control and operational capabilities.

This upstart manufacturer has carved out a clear place for itself in the industry despite its relatively short time in the marketplace.

We’ll find out how much of a threat this innovative outfit poses to vaping’s bigger names in this Pioneer4you IPV3 Li 165w review.


  • Aluminum Body
  • Dimensions: 4-1/8″ (H)  x 2-1/2 (W) x 7/8 (D)
  • 510 Threading
  • Variable Wattage: 10w to 165 watts standard (firmware upgradeable to 200W)
  • Improved Firing Button
  • Upgraded Yihi SX330-V3SL Temperature Control Chip
  • Powered by 2x 18650-type batteries
  • Enabled Touch Fire Button
  • Magnetic Battery Bay Door
  • Redesigned Internal Components
  • Original IPV3 Casing

What’s New- Pioneer4you IPV3 Li 165w

IPV3 Li 165wThe IPV3 Li 165w is a tricked-out version of the original IPV3, placing a range of new features within a casing that looks suspiciously like last generation’s IPV3 shell.

Face plates aside, this new edition of the IPV3 brings the pumped up power level clearly visible on the label.

There’s also an upgraded internal chip for advanced temperature regulation and perhaps our favorite feature, a sliding magnetic battery bay door.

You know, because no one should have to carry a screwdriver around outside of work or prison.

There’s also one upgrade in particular which deserves its own space due to its long-awaited nature, so we’ll discuss it there.

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Best Clearomizers for IPV3 Li 165w Mod

Aspire Triton

aspire triton tanksWhen you commit to buying a high-powered mod like this one, you might as well have one of the most cutting edge tanks on the market, and the Aspire Triton is exactly that.

It features dual airflow control for a new level of control over vapor temperature and density with every draw, and a rebuildable coil option.

It also introduces a leak-proof top loading system for the first time in recorded vaping history, which makes it worth the price of admission in and of itself.

We took an extended look at the all new Aspire Triton here on BC, so if you’re a fan of the Aspire line, it’s almost a mandatory read.

Kanger Subtank Plus

Kanger Subtank PlusWhile the latest and greatest from Aspire might present a stiff challenge, there may be no more celebrated clearomizers in the industry than the Kanger Subtank line.

The Subtank family was the first to feature the hybrid tank/RTA functionality that is now a must have feature of top flight clearomizers.

The huge 7mL capacity of the Subtank Plus in particular makes it a good match for the juice guzzling capabilities of a high powered mod.

Check out our full review of the Kanger Subtank Plus here on BC to discover what makes this line of tanks the choice of veteran vapers.


The IPV3-Li is the latest device from Pioneer4you. Not only does it have a huge 165 watt power output, but that can be upgraded to 200 watts via a firmware upgrade.

Output wattage is adjustable from 10 to 165 watts in 0.1 watt increments an output range of 5 Joules to 50 Joules when using temperature control.

The temperature control cut off can be set between 212°F – 572°F or 100°C – 300°C.


IPV3 Li 165Like the other mods in the manufacturer’s stable, the IPV3 Li takes a focus on power 

It delivers large quantities of dense vapor even at the lower wattage levels.

However, this is hardly a shortcoming of this mod in particular and if you get a burnt flavor from firing one of those cheap plastic tanks at 100+ watts while using the IPV3, that’s more of a personal issue.

As for builds, we were able to get the IPV3 Li 165 watt mod to fire down to 0.1 ohms using kanthal wire.

So like seemingly every other mod on the market, this one is built for sub-ohming.

Maybe it would be more efficient to only note those mods that aren’t designed for it at this point.

This only works when the device is awake and screen is lit.

Temp control is exactly the same as the IPV4, coming in at 50J tops. We would have liked to see it be a bit more powerful.

The sliding back panel is ok, but magnetic would have been better.

It looks & feels like the IPV3 minus the ball bearing fire button. Not much to write home about. It can be upgraded from 165w to 200w.

Why don’t they upgrade it themselves? Why do we have to do it? Its a good box but not amazing.

When using kanthal wire the IPV3-Li can handle atomizers with resistance levels between 0.1ohms and 3.0ohms, when using nickel wire for temperature control its range is between 0.12ohms and 1.0ohms.

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Build Quality

As for the device’s build quality, there’s not a whole lot to say about its construction that couldn’t be said about the original IPV3.

Mostly because it’s the same object for all intents and purposes.

The aluminum body of the IPV3 Li 165w is durably constructed with a matte finish in either black or silver.

The upgrades in the newer model are the sole source of any change in build quality.

Although the redesigned firing button is a minor alteration, the sliding magnetic back panel is a hit in this application.

In a perfect world, a battery door like this with magnets becomes standard.


The IPV Li 165w features standard 510 threading for compatibility with a wide range of tanks and other aftermarket accessories.

Hmm, Upgrades.

When you largely recycle the exterior of your device and release it as a new product, you’d better make with the internal redesign, and thankfully the IPV3 Li 165w delivers on this front.

It includes an upgrade that was promised to starry-eyed users (and reviewers) with the release of the original IPV3: an integrated touch firing button.

Of course, the older model had a touch firing button—at least in theory—but a software upgrade that never came down the pipe was supposed to activate what turned out to be a high-tech decoration.

In fact, the button wasn’t even installed and it was just the button cover. It left many a vaper disappointed with having to touch clicky buttons like some kind of primitive humanoid.

The button finally makes its debut on this model, and it’s been made standard so you can impress all your friends with it right out of the box.

However, the USB port intended to provide this unreleased upgrade makes a return on this edition due to its shared chassis, but it actually serves a purpose this time.

The 165 watt standard maximum power level of the IPV3 Li 165w can be upgraded to an even 200 watts via a firmware upgrade.

Even if 165 watts is quite enough power for you, you should still consider taking advantage of the upgrade for the sole reason that you can.

Compare with:

Sigelei 150w v2

Sigelei 150wBy design, the IPV3 Li 165w is a bit different from anything else on the market…at least right this minute.

The Pioneer4you line of box mods has always been in direct competition with devices like the Sigelei box mod series.

The latest member of the line is set to bring advanced temperature control and redesigned internals in a package.

Sound familiar? The Sigelei 150 watt v2 is set to release early this summer, so stay tuned to BC for a full review.

We Would Have Liked to See…

The IPV3 Li 165 watt mod isn’t exactly riddled with flaws, but a minor oversight with the touch firing sensor keeps the mod from being all that it could be.

You see, the touch fire button only works while the device is active and is deactivated while it’s idle.

More than few are the times during testing when we picked the IPV3 165w up expecting touch fire and getting nothing but lightly flavored air.

It’s an extraordinarily minor nitpick, but when you make people wait this long for something that sounds that cool, it better be perfect when it arrives. 

Silicon Valley startups have perished for less.

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IPV3 LiOverall, there’s a lot to like about the IPV3 Li 165w mod, including that it’s much like the standard IPV3.

Since the IPV3 was a highly popular product, a few up-tweaks were all that was required to make it competitive with the hottest mods of early 2015.

The touch sensor function isn’t perfect and flavor can suffer with some builds at the very highest levels of power, but all told it should prove to be one of the preferred mods on the market as its roll-out continues.

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