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IPV3 150 Watt Box Mod Review

When it comes to mod manufacturers, the wattage wars are in full effect, and the latest entry onto the high-power battlefield is the IPV3 150 watt mod.

Like its classmates such as the Cloupor T8 and the new 150 watt model from Sigelei, it’s a dual-battery powered horsepower specialist designed for only the most experienced and genre-savvy vapers.

Naturally, the ears of cloud chasers everywhere just perked up. We’re happy to extend our growing list of box mod reviews and satisfy your curiosity as well as our own with an IPV3 150 Watt box mod review.


  • Dimensions: 105mm (H) x 59mm (W) x 23mm (D)
  • Aluminum Body
  • Adjustable Wattage (7.0-150w)
  • YiHi SX330 V3S Chip
  • Resistance / Ohm Meter
  • Dedicated Power Up, Power Down, and Fire Button
  • Adjustable 510 Connection


  1. Attach compatible tank at top of unit by moving connector pin into position and turning tank clockwise until secure.
  2. Activate unit by pressing firing button.
  3. Adjust voltage by using up and down buttons to increase or decrease power level.

What’s New? IPV3 150w


The IPV3 by Pioneer4U features a YiHi SX330 internal microprocessor for precise wattage control as well as advanced temperature regulation.

The OLED screen is one of the few we’ve seen that displays remaining battery life by default, which seems like it would be a nearly automatic inclusion when you’re talking about a device with this kind of power.

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  • IPV3 150w Mod

Your choice between the following tanks:

  • Kanger Subtank
  • Aspire Atlantis 
  • Kanger Subtank Mini

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Batteries to Consider

aint-nobody-got-time-305x261Certain levels of juice usually come from more than one battery, and the IPV 150 watt is no exception. The dual 18650 batteries that power the IPV3 mod crank out the watts on the box, and since they’re not included with the stock unit, you’ll have to have your own.

Battery life on the iPV3 is as outstanding as one might expect from a device that runs on two high powered batteries, but we’re not complaining since full power gets you through a good day or two before the batteries have to go back on the wall charger.

On a related note, we love the battery level display on the settings screen.

Charging your Mod

nitecore chargerSpeaking of batteries, when yours run down don’t try and give them a shot with the USB port. The IPV3 150w does not support internal charging. The port is for more than decoration, or delivering firmware updates as they are released.

One of the many things it will do without an Internet connection is try to kill your device if you shove electricity into a hole meant for information.


Obviously, you’ll need an external charger to keep the power flowing to your unit, and the NiteCore I2 Intellicharger is ideal for the purpose.

What makes the NiteCore I2 charger so great is its’ ability to identify different types of batteries with its four independently controlled charging slots. This includes Li-Ion, Ni-MH and Ni-Cd battery types.

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Wattage and Flavor

Wattage levels on the IPV3 mod can be adjusted from 7.0w to the titular wattage in increments of 0.1, allowing a wide range of adjustments to flavor, vapor density and throat hit.

The IPV3 150 Watt also uses its internal microprocessor to find the perfect voltage level to suit your chosen wattage, and together you should be able to find your preferred vaping experience every time.


The IPV3 Mod features a floating 510 connection for compatibility with practically every standard accessory on the market, adjusting up and down to suit different pin lengths.

Similar Mods

IPV Mini

ipv_mini_30w_watt_box_mod_The IPV Mini 30w Mod has a 510 connection that has support for both RBA and RDA features.

This is a great handheld smaller mod for those who like smaller, yet still want the ability to use a dripper or a tank.

IPV Mini 2

ipv_mini_2.3Just like the like the last, IPV Mini 2 is also a similar to the IPV3. Althought the siz and shape remain the same as the 30w, the mini 2 can reach a peak on 70w.

This mod also comes with a USB port. This port can also be used to charge your phone, or any other devices that can charge via USB.

Best Clearomizers for IPV3 150 Watt Mod

Aspire Nautilus

Aspire's new Nautilus Clearomizer


Many vapers swear by the Aspire Nautilus, and for good reason. Large capacity? Check. Adjustable airflow? Check. Full flavor? Every time.

The Aspire Nautilus is one of the top selling tanks on the market for the simple reason that it’s one of the best tanks on the market.

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Kanger Aerotank Turbo

kanger aerotank


Built with a nearly indestructible Pyrex tank, the Aerotank Turbo holds a 6mL capacity and also features dual coils for more flavor in every draw.

The upgraded airflow valve improved from the standard Aerotank.

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Box Mod Safety Tips

While something this powerful can take you into the danger zone if you’re not careful, Pioneer 4U has done just about everything they can to prevent disaster as long as the unit is used and maintained properly.

Safety features include computer-controlled temperature overheat protection with dedicated vent holes, low voltage protection, short circuit protection, and reverse battery polarity protection, so even at 150 watts the IPV3 mod is still one of the most stable devices we’ve tested.

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Things to Consider

A minor complaint concerns the screws that hold the battery cover in place. The screws are very tiny, very inconvenient, and very impossible to remove if you’re the type that loses accessories.

Fortunately, magnet swaps are commonly available to replace the screws, making for much more convenient maintenance.

On board charging option would have been nice as well as the settings are lost when the batteries are taken out, but we may be poking at the limitations of a two-battery system.

To Be Continued?

ipv 3The release party was not the end of development for the IPV3 150 watt mod, as the USB port on the unit brings with it promises of firmware updates that can fix minor issues, crank up the power or even give new functionality to the device.

One of the most interesting concept involves the sensor on top of the unit.

Rumor has it that a future firmware update will turn this strange surface into a touch sensor firing button, which is just unbearably cool.

We hope to see this update in the future and will definitely be keeping the test model around just in case.

Final Thoughts

As reviewed, the IPV3 is an extremely solid unit. A pressed aluminum body, firmly rooted buttons and a sharp display make for a quality build overall, and vapor production takes advantage of every watt of power to deliver big flavor and density with good warmth.

The lack of full functionality out of the box is a bit disappointing (come on, touch sensor!) and it’s not very beginner-friendly at all, but advanced vapers looking for a powerful new piece of equipment will definitely be intrigued by what the IPV 150 Watt Mod has to offer.

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Share Your Thoughts

Overall, this IPV3 review finds that the device delivers on the majority of fronts, and may even get better with time depending on any later firmware updates that come down the pipe.

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