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IPV5 200W TC Mod Review

IPV5 200wThe IPV5 is the perfect vaping device for advanced users.

It is designed by Pioneer 4U and is an evolutionary product in the stunning IPV range of devices.

The device is capable of delivering 200 watts of heavy power due to its impressive Yihi Sx330-200 chipset model.

The IPV5 was mainly engineered to surpass the quality standards of the previous IPV box mods and is powered by a dual 18650 battery.

Basically the IP V5 has a heavy duty core to compete with the best vape mods in the industry.

Under the normal usage and the temperature control modes, the box mod is capable of efficient precision to provide consistent vapor quality and taste enhancement in every pull and puff.

The IPV5 is a sleek and a unique device with impressive ergonomic design and a highly intuitive OLED screen for seamless vaping experience.

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Temperature control

Ever since it was introduced years ago, vaping technology has moved in different directions.

The most recent technology in the IPV5 has introduced the concept of temperature control in the high end box mods.

However the question may come to mind, what temperature control is and what the advantages of temperature control are.

The answer is simple. The temperature control technology is made possible with the use of titanium or nickel coils imbibed in a non resistant wire electrical system.

When these coils heat up, it allows you to have total control over the intensity of your hit. It allows you the option of taking long and short drags without experiencing dryness in the hit.

The temperature control feature ion the IPV5 allows the user to experience a more smooth, clean and purer quality vape .

The users have said that the e juice lasts longer and you get bigger and better flavor clouds.


With the new technology in the IPV5 box mod, you are more likely to get better vapor and quality cloud production, higher efficiency and even more power.

However the sleek dimensions and ergonomic design have made the IPV5 box mod extremely durable and seldom prone to damage.

It has a similar kind of shape to the IPV4. The side of the mod is totally rounded and the opposite side exhibits tapered down edges.

It included a steel firing switch and hardy adjustment buttons that don’t even break after regular use.

The device is truly premium in the vaping devices industry. The perfect ergonomic design makes it immune to falls and breakages.

The IPV5 has known to survive many falls and still function to its maximum capabilities.

OLED Screen

The smart and attractive OLED screen on the new IPV5 is a perfect addition to the vaping device.

It displays all the various power options that can be used in the device. The temperature control settings can be easily manipulated on the OLED screen.

By a single press of a button you can change the temperature settings to control the power of your hit and ensure that you receive a smooth and clear hit every time.

This technology is not seen in any other modern box mods which make it an interesting addition to the IPV5.

It not only makes the device more attractive, but also enhances the user’s access to the device thereby increasing sales massively.

The OLED screen on the IPV5 has made it a leader amongst high end box mods sold inside the E cigarette market.

Safety Features

The IPV5 is fitted with various safety measures to help to prevent the users from any sort of harm.

The IPV5 has a special short circuit protection and an over current protection option that makes it safe to use.

In addition to the safety precautions in the device, the IPV5 provides you with all the guidelines that you would require to know how to safely operate the device.

Safety instructions consist of ways in which you can prevent any damages to the device as well as cause harm to yourself.

Safety measure facilitates ease of access and helps in keeping the user in a peaceful state of mind while usage.

Two Toned Silver Body Design

The toned silver body on the IPV5 makes it a perfect device to carry and show off while blowing our clear pure smoke.

This color is perfect to accentuate your style through use of the vaping device. The silver color gives it a flashy look and helps to attract eyes and heads in your direction.

Lithium Ion Battery

The IPV5 uses a rechargeable lithium ion battery which is perfect for the device.

This is beneficial because Lithium ion batteries hold twice the amount of power that a nickel based battery holds.

It possesses four times the power to that of the lead acid battery. It does not require scheduled cycling in order to prolong its battery life.

The main thing to keep in mind is to protect the battery from static electricity and a faulty charger to avoid destruction of the batter’s protection circuit.

USB Charging Outlet

The IPV5 has a USB charging outlet which make the facilitation of charging process very easy.

All you have to do is attach it to charger plug or the computer to instantly charge your device.

The option of USB port charging device makes the IPV5 box mod highly portable in nature and it can be taken wherever you go without the hassles of carrying cables.

Simplified Button Use

the buttons are placed perfectly to allow easy use by the user.

It is designed in such a way that the user can grip it easily and enjoy a lavish vapping experience.

Moreover the device is not cumbersome or heavy and is perfect to carry around in your pocket or purse.

Quality of material

The steel exterior body makes it a durable piece of art that can last for many years without actually causing hassles for the user.

The pioneer4U company has made sure that it remains true to its standard and produce a product that not only meets the expectations of the users but also surpasses it.

Now further development activities are going on in the company’s Rand D department to create the most advanced vaping device which you will experience soon.


  • Two toned silver body for a great stylish look.
  • Maximum wattage output : 200 watts
  • Temperature control facility
  • Output voltage :1.0 v – 7.0 volts
  • Input voltage : 6.4 V -9.0 volts
  • It has an upgradable firmware


The major drawbacks have been regarding the cells. The main complaint has been that the cells are very sensitive and burn or explode on over charging.

This is a matter of concern as the cells are the power source of the IPV5 vaping device and are integral to its smooth functioning.

The device is difficult to use for beginners who are learning just now how to use box mods.

The device is specifically meant for those users who are advanced.

Steps to Using the IPV5

The device is fairly simple to use, below are the steps from turning on to puffing the perfect cloud of smoke from the IPV5 vaping device:

  1. Turn the device on or off.
  2. Next press the main power button five consecutive times
  3. The OLED screen turns on. (The OLED screen displays the resistance, the battery condition, the wattage and the voltage.)
  4. To switch the wattage, press the increase or decrease button to alternate the wattage.
  5. When the atomizer short circuit occurs, the OLED screen will reflect this.
  6. Charge it for minimum 5 hours

Positive Reinforcement

The customer reviews for this particular box mod is very positive.

Many customers have said that they have successfully been able to give up cigarettes and other tobacco products using the IPV5 box mod.

Actually, MOD in box mod refers to modification of the conventional electronic cigarette which gives the customers immense advantages over using the mechanical box mod.

One positive customer review was that, “I have started to use the IPV5 recently.

I am new to the temperature control setup; however I have noticed a clean and pure taste in the vapor that I have never experienced before.

Also the temperature control helps the E liquid to last longer. “Another positive customer review is that, “The lithium ion battery helps the device to run for longer periods of time without frequent visits to charge it.

The minute you run out of charge you can change the battery and continue to vape. “The IPV5 has the option of changing the wattage and voltage of the device.”

One customer who was highly satisfied with the IPV5 mod box said that, “Once you have found the ideal intensity on which you wish to vap , you can continuously replicate that power setting”.

The product also has the ability to remember your previous settings that guarantee maximum satisfaction to the user after every use.

The most number of positive feedbacks are received from those users who have found a new way to personally control their nicotine addiction.

One user has said, “The IPV5 modbox has changed my life. I used to be nicotine addict, now I am easing off the addiction slowly with the vaping device.”

The modern technology has really been useful to change the lives of many.

The IPV5 has a bigger tank. This ensures that it can hold more e liquid and make sure that nothing goes to waist.

One customer has been recorded to say, “The IPV5 gives me a deep throat hit every time I puff. The vape is more thick, pure and consistent. “

Negative Customer Reviews

Out of all the reviews that I read, I did not find too many negative customer reviews. However there were some.

One customer said that, “I am sick of the battery dying every few hours, why can’t there be battery that does not need to be recharged. “

Another customer has said, “The IPV5 is for old people and looks inappropriate in the hands of a youngster. “

The majority of the negative reviews have been regarding the battery. Many customers don’t appreciate having to charge the battery’s again and again.

One customer actually stated, “The OLED screen is very difficult to read and the writing is very small. “ Overall the majority of the customer reviews were positive and most people did not have anything to complain about.


The IPV5 has was much anticipated after the tremendous success of the IPV4 . The pioneer4U company has truly introduced a revolutionary product in the market which will go a long way in advancing the vaping devices industry.

The temperature control technology in the device is a sort of technology that has never been seen before on any other mod box. The temperature control facility gives the mod box the unique characteristic of producing thick pure and clean smoke every time.

The majority of the users have said that they are really getting used to the superior quality taste of the vapor that is being emitted from the box mod. Whether you are new to the e cigarette smoking industry or a seasoned user you will not be disappointed in the wonder features of the IPV5.

Within a few weeks of its release, it became a major fad amongst the E cigarette smoking crowd.

Many people were seen using this vaping device shortly after it was released. The reason for its popularity was also its price.

The cheap affordable starting price of the IPV5 was a rage in the mod box market and immediately snatched up the customer base the moment it was launched. However before you go ahead and buy it from a shop, make sure to compare prices of the IPV5 online and offline.

This is to make sure that you are getting the best deal on the best vaping device available in the market today. If you are interested in purchasing one of these mod boxes online, go ahead and you will surely not regret the decision you have made.

The vaping devices are available online as well as in select stores. Experience a true splendid vaping experience with the IPV5 200WTC box Mod.

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