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Innokin iSub Tank Review

The Innokin iSub is one of the newest things to hit the market from the Innokin line. In fact it is their first ever sub ohm tank introduced by the brand.

This high quality tank makes waiting for a sub ohm tank from the brand worth its wait.

In fact it is made from high quality German PC and stainless steel. You know that this tank is built to last from the moment that you first lay eyes on it.

What’s New – Innokin iSub Tank

Innokin iSub TankThe Innokin iSub Tank is one of the newest sub ohm tanks that is available to you and the first from the Innokin brand. It is a sub ohm tank that is unlike the hundreds of other sub ohm tanks that you see on the market for a number of different reasons.

The iSub features a number of special things like German made PC.

PC is known for its superiority over other types of glass. Additionally the tank has a body that is made from stainless steel.

So you never have to worry about issues as you know that this is going to last.

Many people do not realize just how great polycarbonate (PC) is until they have used it.

They assume that the Pyrex glass is going to develop the best flavor and find tanks that are using this material.

Since it is the most widely used material it makes everyone believe that it is the best possible choice.

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iSub Extra’s

This sub ohm tank features high quaitly Japanese organic cotton as the wicking material.

This material is known for producing superior quality flavors. It is packed with two different .5 ohms coils as well.

One of the things that I personally love the most about this tank is that it has such a sleek design.

I feel like everyone around me knows the quality with the iSub tank because it is such a sleek looking choice.

It is by far the sleekest sub ohm tank that I use on a regular basis. In addition I love that it actually holds 4 ml of e-liquid in the tank.

Plus with the special Innokin designed “No Spill, Easy Swap” Vertical DeepCoil System this tank is really great to use when traveling.

It makes filling the tank easy. In addition the iSub tank offers you a chance to have huge clouds and very intense flavor.

If you really want to be able to taste your e-liquid as it was intended to taste then this is the choice for your needs. You are going to love the superior flavors that are developed with this tank.

iSub Breakdown

Innokin iSub ClearomizerThe Innokin iSub tank has a lot of the same features of other sub ohm tanks that you might have used in the past.

It has the ability to allow you to vape for hours which is nice as well.

Plus with the organic cotton you are going to have a nice clean vapor every single time.

One great thing about this sub ohm tank is that it is more affordable than some of the others on the market.

You will even have full air control. This is done with different valves that are available.

They allow you to control how much airflow there is through the tank. Plus it is capable of vaping at 50W or more. There are many different types of mods that you can use with the tank.

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  • 4 ml Capacity
  • Available in 4 Fun Color Combinations (Pink, Blue, Black, and Clear)
  • 22 mm in diameter


  • 100% Stainless Steel
  • PC (German Made)
  • Japanese Organic Cotton Wick
  • Adjustable Airflow
  • No Spill Coil Swap System
  • Usable Between 20W and 35W

A Quick Look at German Polycarbonate

One of the things that many people do not realize about German PC is just how advanced it is. Most people look to Germany as the place for innovative designs and technology. It has long been known that German engineering is some of the best in the world. Of course before you take my word for it, you should explore a little bit of information about German PC and why it is superior to other materials.

The newest versions of PC from Germany are not prone to clouding as past versions have been. They are nearly indestructible too. So if you are someone who has broken a tank or two during your time then this is going to be a great choice to make sure that you do not have to worry about breaking anything.

Another great thing about PC is that it has the ability to regulate temperatures better. When you want to cool down the sub ohm tank it will take a bit longer because it holds the temperature in but when you are trying to vape this is a huge advantage.

What’s Included?

  • 1 x Innokin iSub Tank
  • 1 x Pre-installed .5 ohm iSub coil
  • 1 x Additional .5 ohm iSub coil

An Up Close Look at the Best Features

There are so many amazing features that I think you should explore and learn more about before you purchase the iSub sub ohm tank. Here are just a few of them.

Amazing Price Point

With some tanks costing upwards of $50 it is amazing to see that this one has a price point that is under $15. In most cases you can pick one up and even pay tax on it and you still will not have $15 invested.

While there are some tanks that are cheaper there are none that are this cheap that have the quality of the iSub. Plus most of the cheaper ones have really expensive coils that you have to purchase later on. In fact you might be wondering about replacement coils and the cost of them.

Do not fret, you can pick them up in packages of 5 for well under $2 each. In fact with coil prices this low, it is really the most affordable option for you to check out. Don’t worry though, just because this tank is inexpensive does not mean that it is not made to the highest quality standards.

Dual Airflow Control

One of the additional features that I have really grown to love is the way that the airflow works. There are two airflow holes that are fully adjustable.

What this means is that you are getting airflow from both sides even if the airflow is lower. Since they both adjust and you can adjust them to allow just a little or a whole lot of airflow. They are perfect for everyone.

No Spill Coil Swap System

The special no spill coil swap system is something that makes this sub ohm tank completely unique. I love this system and it is one of the biggest selling points in my opinion.

When you are swapping out the coil you can actually unscrew the bottom most part of the tank and pop it out without there being much spilling. This is so much easier and so much cleaner than how you have to swap out coils on other tanks.

HUGE Clouds

Another thing that I have to mention when I am looking at the special features in an Innokin iSub Tank review is that this sub ohm tank is capable of producing HUGE vapor clouds.

In fact it is capable of producing some of the biggest clouds that I have ever been able to produce. This has been a lot of fun for me to be able to use and is something that I will continue to use in the future.

Superior Flavor

Another thing that I noticed when I was using this sub ohm tank is that I had one of the best tasting experiences with vaping. In fact the flavor was so superior to what I had previously used that I was shocked at the difference.

I am excited that I will be able to enjoy this type of experience and that I can now try out all of my favorite e liquids with a tank that is going to offer me the top notch superior flavors.

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In case you are wondering I have dropped this tank a few times. One of the things that I usually require when I purchase a tank is that they have spare Pyrex glass pieces because I almost always break them over time.

In fact I have a drawer right now full of tanks that need new glass pieces purchased for them. I will say that I luckily did not crack or cause any damage to the PC when I dropped this one.

In fact it still looks brand new and while I would not drop it on purpose, if you happen to have an accident there is a good chance that nothing is going to happen to it.

Final Thoughts

iSub TankAll in all the Innokin iSub is one of the best tanks that you can find on the market today.

It has superior features and is actually one of the least expensive tanks as well which makes it a great choice for anyone, but especially so for those who are living on a budget. Plus on top of it all you will get special features that make your life just a little bit easier.

If you plan on buying this tank, make sure that the mod you plan on using it with is capable of safely firing sub ohm resistances.

Innokin iSub | Lowest Price We Could Find | Only $11.95!

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