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iTaste MVP 3.0 Review

The Innokin iTaste line has long been a favorite in the vaping community, combining high quality, reliable performance and ease of use in a box mod form factor with the original MVP and its descendants.

The MVP 3.0 from Innokin is the newest member of the family, and although it has undergone a few cosmetic tweaks and performance upgrades, Innokin promises more of the same this generation.


  • Dimensions: 4″ (H) x 1-3/4″ (W) x 7/8″ (D)
  • Built-In 3800mAh Rechargeable Battery
  • 510 Threading with included eGo Adapt
  • Variable Voltage (3.0-9.0V)
  • Variable Wattage: (6.0- 30.0W)
  • USB Passthrough Function
  • Puff Counter


  1. Press power button quickly 3 times to activate unit.
  2. Hold firing button to release vapor.
  3. Adjust voltage and wattage levels by selecting desired setting


What’s New?

mvp 3.0


The Innokin MVP 3.0 boasts a list of upgrades from the MVP 2.0 and MVP 20W, starting with a more powerful 30 watts of power.

The battery is yet another improvement over previous models, as a 3800mAh internal battery replaces the old 2600mAh battery.  This makes what was already one of the longest lasting box mods in its class even better.

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The 3800mAh battery of the iTaste 3.0 is non-removable, but provides well over a full day’s worth of vaping pleasure on a full charge.

Power level indicator is a nice addition as well, if only so you can watch your battery not die over a long period of time. Might be a bit of subtle bragging by Innokin, but it suits us fine so we can let it go.

This battery is charged using a standard USB cable, and even supports passthrough operation in case you don’t want to wait an hour or so for it to charge. We won’t judge you, that’s why they included the function.

Variable Voltage and Wattage

The MVP 3.0 allows users to adjust the voltage level from 3.0 to 9.0 volts in increments of 0.1 while the wattage can be cranked up to the maximum for a base of 6.0 watts in 0.5 increments.

This allows the most precise control over the flavor, density and throat sensation with every draw.

Safety Features

life lessonThe MVP series has always been known as a dependable product, and the traditional safety features make a reappearance with the iTaste 3.0.

Short circuit protection, over-discharge protection and a low voltage warning are just a few of the stability measures that keep this mod running smooth long after you’ve lost your receipt.


The Innokin MVP 3.0 runs the full gauntlet of compatibility, not only featuring a spring-loaded 510 connection to adjust to an atomizer with any pin length, but includes a eGo-type adaptor to enable use with almost any accessory you can find.

If you’re guilty of going crazy in the vape shop after an in-person commercial without fully reading the packages to find out whether the shiny new peripherals that just came in Tuesday even work with your mod, this is the device for you.

For the sake of information, the iTaste 3.0 is ever so slightly larger than the 2.0, so if the old pocket-size vape was too bulky for you, don’t come looking at this one.

Build Quality

Build quality is everything we’ve come to expect from the MVP family with a sturdy feel in the hand and performance is also above average with good vapor quality and taste.

As far as we can tell, the MVP 3.0 is an extremely faithful continuation of the Innokin product line. The cosmetic tweaks are appreciated, with the textured finish, which is available in 4 colors, providing a pleading contrast to the metallic trim.

Portable Power Source

One of the most well-received features of the MVP 2.0 and later editions of the mod was its functionality as a portable power source for electronic items, and thankfully it makes an encore here in the MVP 3.0.

The mobile juice bar idea is only made better by a higher capacity battery that ensures the iTaste 3.0 has plenty of power to share with you.

Your smartphone, tablet and camera, so all things considered, this box mod might legitimately be the MVP of your daily cargo.

Flashing Lights

Another great inclusion is the improved battery life indicator, which shows the remaining power in your battery using a LED light.

A green light means a nearly full charge, a yellow means you should think about charging, and a red light indicates that you should stop and find the nearest USB outlet. It really doesn’t get any simpler.

Best Clearomizer for the iTaste MVP 3.0

Kanger Subtank

Kanger Subtank review header

30 watts of power means the iTaste 3.0 can handle just about any tank setup there is.

Vape veterans who have the choice of any tank there is, choose the Kanger Subtank.


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Aspire Atlantis

Aspire Atlantis Review - Sub Ohming Cloud Chasing


Not a big fan of RBAs? For those who prefer the relative simplicity of a pure clearomizer, the Aspire Atlantis brings the best table.


The large capacity, adjustable airflow, and Sub Ohm coils make it easy to fill the room with dense clouds of vapor.

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Final Thoughts

itaste mvp 3.0


All told, there’s just not much to dislike about the iTaste MVP 3.0. Sure, they could have placed the USB port someplace other than the bottom of the unit to enable it to stand while being charged, but nobody likes a whiner.

Simply put, the MVP product line was not broke, and in an encouraging case of sound judgment, the MVP 3.0 from Innokin didn’t get too much fixing.

Share Your Thoughts

Have you personally bought the iTaste MVP 3.0? Let us know what you think in the comment below! Take care and Vape on!

16 Responses to iTaste MVP 3.0 Review

  1. CJ says:

    I have had my 3.0 for almost a year and it suddenly died. I loved it when it worked (and when I got rid of my leaky iSub G tank) but I was hoping for a longer life. Pretty sad.

  2. Dan says:

    I have the itaste Mvp 3.0 and I have a tank that came with it with a coil that says .5 ohms and I took it to another vape store and a guy told me the tank and coil was junk so I bought a Herakles sense sub ohm tank and I loved it on my mod way better. I was running it at 20-25 watts with the tank they sold me with it and it wasn’t tasting great at all and when I turned it up a bit it was better. I went back to the place I bought it at and told him the wattage he told me to run it at it tasted burnt almost like a bad coil then when I turned the watts up it was better. I now use the herakles and run it at its full capacity and one guy tells me I shouldn’t because it’s only a 60 watt and the guy shouldn’t of sold me that tank and the other guy tells me that the I sub tank I think it’s called is junk and I should take it back and shove it up his you know what!! Lol I just want a honest opinion is it stupid to use the Herakles sense tank on the mod since it’s only 60 watts or is the other guy just telling me some mess because he sold me junk? I’m new to this so I’m confused. I’ve been having issues with my battery now like it still shows two bars left on the battery and it dies. I just want to know if I’m doing something wrong or if that’s normal to die after about 9 hours after using it at 50 watts -60 because the guy who sold it to me told me I would have a charge for a full day maybe two. I haven’t seen a full day of charge honestly so is this bs or am I good with running it at 50-60 watts with the herakles sense tank??

    • TJ says:

      Thanks for taking the time to share! Well thought out and useful to other readers!

    • dutersupy says:

      I’m running the exact setup as you, mvp pro 3.0 and a heraclestank using the .2 ohm coil. That tank is power hungry, it doesn’t really do well below 50 watts. Try installing the .6 ohm coil if you haven’t already, it will use less battery. The isub tank is good for what it is, the herakles is in a totally different category as far as vapor production. The isub tank works well at lower wattage, I use mine at 28 watts most of the time, that equals 2 or 3 days of battery for me. If it tastes burnt pull the coil and rewick, it’s really easy and only takes a minute there are a couple of videos on YouTube showing you how. Everybody has cotton balls, that’s why I keep the isub around because you can pretty much have a fresh coil whenever (3 months on original coil) the herakles must be replaced. The only way to increase your battery life would be to use the isub tank at lower wattages. I like the warm vapor you get from the herakles at 60 watts, the isub isn’t capable of getting anywhere close to the warmth or vapor production. Just keep your battery charged and you should be good!

      • Ruben says:

        Is that .2 coil working good …i was told not to use just because the mvp 3.0 is not temperature controled running the .6 coil at about 50 w and it does good .

  3. Jonathan says:

    I just got a itaste mvp 3.0 with a aspire Atlantis 2 tank. It won’t hit at all, I think because the ohms limiter thing keeps stopping it.. I don’t really know. Does anyone have any advice?

  4. Amanda says:

    I love this device. I have 2 of the MVP 2.0’s and they are great,but I really disliked the firing button placement.The 3.0 has the firing button on the narrow side of the device…..awesome!!
    I know some people can get 3-4 days out of one charge,I’m a chain vaper and I still get 2 days out of the 3800 mAh battery. I know I can count on it not to die if i’m out and about all day.
    I paired mine with The Council of Vapor “Typhoon” sub-ohm tank. I really like it a lot better than the others I’ve tried. I also use their “Stratos” tank when I’m not in the sub-ohm mood. It also works flawlessly.
    I love all the safety features on this mod.I do not use a mechanical mod because of it not having those features.
    It’s a little heavy,but in a good way. It’s substancial.
    I will definitely be buying another one.

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