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iTaste MVP 3.0 Pro Review

The iTaste MVP 3 Pro is one of the newest mods to hit the market from the trusted Innokin brand.

In fact while others are still talking about the 3.0 we want to give you more with the iTaste MVP 3Pro review that shares all of the things that you have been dying to know about this new mod.

This mod is sure to please for anyone who feels that they have vaping needs that have just not been met with other mods.

In fact you might even find that this is the mod that you have been looking for to meet those needs that you might have thought would never be met.

Let me explain this all to you with a bit more detail.

What’s New – iTaste MVP 3Pro

iTaste MVP 3Pro modThe Innokin iTaste MVP 3 Pro is the newest mod to be released from the Innokin line of mods.

This mod has superior features and has a battery that is going to last you all day long.

That’s right, even if you are a heavy vaper, there is no reason that you should have to charge your battery more than once each day.

Many people would find this to be a great mod based on this specific detail alone.

In fact most of the people who have struggled with finding a great mod are going to find that this one can easily adapt to meet all of your personal needs.

The Innokin iTaste MVP 3 had been previously released but there were a few things that users were saying. Users wanted something that could fire down to .2 ohm of resistance which this model could not do.

They also wanted the model to have a longer battery life. So Innokin listened to their users and developed the iTaste MVP 3Pro to address all of these needs.

This mod is going to be able to really compete with the other mods that are on the market today.

Instead of the mod offering 30W of power like its predecessor, this mod actually offers you double the power with 60W.

It has the ability to be used to the lower resistance of .2 ohm. Plus it features a battery that has an incredible 4500 mAh output.

This really is the biggest reason behind the name change and the addition of the word pro.

You are going to feel like a pro when you are vaping with this mod.

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Body and Style

There are five different colors that are available with the iTaste MVP 3 Pro.

These include the limited edition gold, blue, pink, black, and silver.

This mod will actually fire from 6W to 60W and has a high maximum output that is actually over 17.5 amps. You can vape between .2 ohm and 3.1 ohm.

One of the things that I really like about the MVP 3Pro is that it offers you features that are perfect for new vapers.

For instance, if the atomizer is lower than .2 ohm the bar is going to blink.

This will cause your device to not power on which will help you to know that something is going on that could potentially cause damage to your mod and/or tank.

You charge the mod with the included mini USB cable.

One of the things that I personally like about this mod is that you can charge and still vape at the same time.

What Stands Out?

iTaste MVP 3ProNot all mods allow you to vape while they are charging so this is something that is a special feature in my opinion.

There is a special charge pass through technology present when you are vaping and charging at the same time.

This keeps you vaping safely while the unit is charging.

There is a power memory setting on the MVP 3 Pro as well.

This is a great feature for anyone who has ever forgotten their new favorite vaping setting and lost it after turning off their mod.

This has happened to me a a time or two and I honestly have found it to be very annoying when I can not find the right settings for my mod.

This mod actually remembers the current setting for both your voltage and wattage. This way when you power it back on, it is going to automatically go back to that setting for you.

I love this feature and it is something that I will probably always need to have on a mod now that I have gotten used to it. It is very convenient.

Your connections are going to be great with this mod too. The connectivity is made with 510 stainless steel threading and a gold plated positive pin.

This means that you are going to have a better flow of electricity through this device than some others that you might have used in the past.


  • 6W to 60W of Power in .5W increments
  • 3.0V to 9.0V Output Voltage in .1V increments
  • 4500 mAh Battery
  • Vape Timer
  • Puff Counter
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Left and Right Screen Orientation
  • OLED Screen
  • 15 Second Shut Off
  • Red Blinking Battery Light When Battery is Lower Than 3.3V
  • Automatic Shut Off

Love Innokin? Want to Show Off Your Love?

If you are a fan of the Innokin line of products then you are going to have to be on the lookout for the special limited edition gold version of the MVP 3 Pro.

This is a special color that is not going to be around for long. It will show off how serious you are about the brand though.

You will also be able to have something that is a little classier than your average everyday mod.

Charging Your New iTaste MVP 3Pro

Of course since the charging process is a little different than other mods I did not think that iTaste MVP 3 Pro review was complete without walking you through this process.

All you have to do is plug the micro USB cable into a device and power on the mod.

If you do not have a micro USB cable then you can just use the included wall charger.

However some people find that they like being able to use the USB cable for their personal needs.

Remember that for your safety and the safety of all devices that you should only charge one device at a time.

If you attempt to charge more than one device at the same time then you could potentially damage one of your devices.

It Outperforms and Out-functions the Competition

I also have to talk about this mod’s performance with you. This is one mod that really outperforms the competition on a number of different levels.

When you are using this mod you are going to be able to use a wide range of different e-liquids which means that you can get the exact flavor and vaping experience that you are looking for.

The iTaste MVP 3Pro offers you the chance to vape at a higher wattage with a maximum of 60W.

It also lets you vape at a lower resistance with a minimum of .2 ohms.

You can do all of this easily with a design that is simple to use and easy to understand.

This is something else that makes this a great mod choice for someone who is not as familiar with vaping.

It is easy to use which means that you can play around and learn how to get the hang of it.

When getting started you just need to ensure that you have a full battery.

Then you can turn on the device by pushing the fire/start button three times.

This is the same method that you use when you are finished to turn the device off.

Make sure that you have your atomizer attached or you are going to get an error message on the screen because you can not vape without an atomizer.

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Final Thoughts

iTaste MVP 3 ProThe iTaste MVP 3.0 Pro really seems to offer you the vaping experience that you want. It features everything that the previous models have featured and so much more.

You can really tell that Innokin listens to their customer base since all complaints and issues with the first device were handled and changed.

In fact, it actually offers you the 60W of power that users wanted and the ability to fire down to the .2 ohm level of resistance.

The added battery power is also a great feature. You are not going to have to worry about charging your mod more than one time per day.

As someone who always leaves my charger behind this is great because I never get stuck out in public with a mod that is dead. In fact I do not think that I have ever had to worry about running out of battery power with this one.

There are available kits that include one of the new tanks from Innokin as well.

This makes it a great deal because you are getting everything that you need to get started with your own vaping experience. Of course if you already have a preferred tank then you can just pick up the mod.

Remember that when vaping with resistances down as low as 0.2Ω, safety should always come first. Be sure to check for any shorts and problems before you start vaping.

iTaste MVP 3.0 Pro |

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