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iTaste VV v3.0 Mod Review

 The iTaste Variable Voltage v3.0 is a compact mod that comes in a variety of fashion colors from a stainless chrome to a pearlized white, allowing vapers to suit their individual style. It has a high-capacity 800mAh battery as well as a button-operated voltage system that can be adjusted from 3.3 to 5.0 volts in .1 volt increments.

This allows you to control the flavor during your vaping experience. The unit also remembers your settings and will automatically return to the last configuration when it is powered on, even when switching batteries. Let’s get into what makes this version better than the rest.


  • Dimensions: 4.38” x .63”
  • Battery Capacity: 800mAh
  • Variable Voltage: 3.3-5.0V
  • Variable Wattage:  6.0-11.0W
  • 10-Second Cutoff
  • LED Charge Indicator
  • Backlit Heads-Up Display (shows voltage, wattage, ohm output, number of puffs taken, and other information at a glance)


The Innokin VV V3 has a child-and-pocket-safe activation sequence, and quickly clicking the button three times powers the device on (or off). Once the device is on, just press the firing button to activate the battery and release the vapor.

Adjusting the voltage and wattage is equally simple. Just use the firing/menu button at the side of the device to navigate to the proper setting, then adjust it up or down using the “+” or “–“ buttons.

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iTaste Variable Voltage Version 3

itaste vv v3


Vapor quality is good and consistent, making it easy to create those satisfying clouds, even though some users find the flavor a bit light when using certain tanks and clearomizers.

Although appreciating the square cigar design is a matter of personal preference, most feel it feels natural in the hand and its size and weight make it unnoticeable when carried in a pocket.


Its relatively inconspicuous profile is a bonus for those who would rather not hold an impromptu press conference whenever they are seen using it in public. The iTaste VV v3.0 is also rather inexpensive for a device of its quality, and is widely seen as an excellent value at its price point.

Build quality is overall solid with no functional issues reported after months of use and abuse. The battery life indicator is another favorite feature, allowing users to find out how close they are to needing a charge at a glance..

The multi-step activation feature helps ensure that your pocket doesn’t vape up all your expensive juice, and the info display is brightly lit in vibrant blue and the text is easy to read, giving users instant information about the device’s status and settings.

While the iTaste VV v3.0 is a well-rounded unit for beginning to intermediate users, advanced vapers may find that it does not meet all of their needs as a sole personal vaporizer.

The quasi-cigaresque form factor comes with the drawback of somewhat limited battery space, and although a full charge will usually last about 10-12 hours with moderate use, heavier usage will put a significant strain on battery life if charging options are completely unavailable.

 Threading Type

As in the case of most eGo-type devices, convenience is king with the iTaste VV v3. Its approachable form factor, ease of use and variable voltage make it an excellent choice for those who have already had some experience with cigar-type devices and want to see what advantages a mod can offer.

Like most devices in the ever-expanding eGo lineage, the iTaste VV 3.0 has standard 510 threading, making it suitable for use with a wide variety of generic and OEM 510 accessories.

This variable voltage mod is intended as a small step up from entry-level 510 models, and distinguishes itself with features like an LED battery charge indicator that flashes red, yellow or green depending on the battery power remaining along with a digital puff counter that tracks the number of draws a user takes until the battery is turned off.

Rechargeable Battery

itaste vv3


This model features a non-removable 800 mAh Li-Ion battery and  could be considered a battery in and of itself. The iTaste VV v3 mod features passthrough functionality, allowing users to enjoy their vaporizer even as it charges.

This is made possible through its Micro USB charging port, compatible with any standard Micro USB cable, and will provide power for a charging device as long as there is a small amount stored in the battery.


This is perhaps its biggest advantage of the iTaste VV v 3.0 when compared to similar devices, as it can effectively serve the purpose of owning multiple batteries. Its rapid charging time is yet another positive aspect, and even those few who actually leave their device to charge without using it will return to find a fully powered device before they have a chance to really miss it.

The iTaste VV c3.0 is built with safety and smooth operation in mind, and includes features like over-discharge protection, atomizer protection and short-circuit detection.

Charging Equipment

The iTaste VV 3.0 is compatible with a range of eGo-type chargers, but as mentioned earlier, can also be used with any standard Micro USB cable to give users multiple options for staying juiced.

The Variable Voltage V3 has a total charge time of just 1.5 hours, and although no one who buys this device is actually going to wait that long to use it when the passthrough feature is available, the point is that you easily could.

usb charger

Micro USB Charger

wall charger

Wall Mount charger

car charger

Car Charger

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Minor Complaints

A few complaints center on the slightly longer length of the iTaste VV 3.0 when compared to most other eGo style batteries, but it really isn’t seen as a deal-breaker. A small build issue arises in the case of the buttons, which may begin to rattle a bit over time, but this causes no real problems.

There are also isolated reports of leaking or “spitting” during use, but this is somewhat common with this type of device. For other minor quibbles, there can be some paint chipping after extensive use, the device cannot stand on end while charging and the puff counter feature, while a bit of fun, feels a bit unnecessary. The square shape also makes it incompatible with a small number of eGo accessories, such as lanyard rings.

 Best Deal on iTaste VV v3 Mod

Rated by customers as one of the most reliable batteries, the iTaste VV v3 battery will be able to power some of your favorite clearomizers. Vista Vapors rocks the best deal on this mod as it comes in at just under $30 for the device. Check out below everything to expect on the best deal for the iTaste vv v3.0 mod:

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iTaste VV v3.0


  • 1 x Innokin iTaste VV V3
  • Variable Voltage: 3.3 – 5.0 Volts
  • Variable Wattage: 6.0 – 11.0 W
  • Charge via Micro USB Port

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Best Clearomizers for the iTaste VV V3

Let’s take a look at some of the best clearomizers to use with your iTaste VV v3.0 battery:

Aspire Nautilus Mini

aspire nautilus mini review header

The Aspire Nautilus Mini is the undisputed champion of the smaller clearomizers. With it’s bottom vertical coil design and it’s updated airflow system, you won’t have any qualms using this device with any v.v./v.w. devices. For more info, check out our full review on the Aspire Nautilus Mini here.

Innokin iClear 16

iclear 16 review header

So the Nautilus Mini isn’t your thing, and that’s ok. Innokin has made a great eGo style clearomizer that’ll get the job done. The iClear 16 serves as a reliable newbie clearo, featureing bottom dual coils and a smaller tank capacity of 1.6 ml. Check out our full review on the iClear 16 here.

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Vista Vapor

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Final Thoughts

As a total package, the iTaste VV v3.0 is a more than worthy option for vapers in the market for an eGo-type device with some extra features.

While it can’t quite match the power of a more dedicated mod device, this iTaste model was designed to bring users the accessibility of a basic cigar-style vaporizer with the advanced functionality of a mod.

By all accounts, the VV v 3.0 succeeds on all fronts and so it makes a solid choice for virtually any vaping enthusiast. Fore more reviews on mods and built-in batteries, check out our vape mod guide.

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If you own or have used an Innokin iTaste VV v3 mod before, please share your experiences in the comments below!

Thanks again for reading, and vape on!

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  1. Danny says:

    currently using this for about a month. replaces actual smoking very well in terms of convenience. the passthru only adds to this. i’m rarely far from a usb port, so charging is never an issue..particularly with the visual battery indicator. its size keeps it comfortable in my pocket. currently using a kanger mini protank 3 clearomizer and have noticed some of the ‘spitting’ mentioned in the review occurring at random times. the tank (1.5ml) is too small for me, so that’ll have to get swapped, but i’m not a huge fan of how i think it’ll look with a larger tank on the cigar-style design. all around very happy with this and it will remain my go-to unit for use on the go, in the car, in public, etc., but will likely be investing in a more substantial one for home use.

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