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Joyetech eGrip Review

One of the latest mods to be introduced to the market is the Joy eTech eGrip mod.

This mod is in a compact size that is perfect for taking with you anywhere and for people on the go.

It is made out of quality, high end material, has an adjustable airflow, has a 20w high output, and a unique appearance that is attractive yet unimposing.

There are quite a few features that the Joy eTech eGrip has that is innovative and new such as the clear liquid window.

You can see exactly how much E Juice you have left and the 360 degree regulation ring which allows you to adjust your output wattage from a minimum of eight watts up to 20 watts.

It also allows you to adjust the airflow so you can get the perfect setting for your own unique needs.


  • Size: 46.4mmX20.4mmX99.5mm(including mouthpiece)
  • Capacity: 1500mAh
  • Output mode: VW Mode
  • E-juice Capacity: 3.6ml
  • eGrip CS Atomizer Head: 1.5Ω resistance


  1. Wattage output is adjusted by rotating the regulation ring. You can do this clockwise or counterclockwise depending on the adjustment you want.
  2. Airflow control is adjusted by spinning the adjustable screw located on the bottom of the Joy eTech eGrip. Clockwise tightens the screw for a smaller air inlet and counterclockwise loosens it for more air.
  3. To fill the mod simply push up on the lid on the side of the body and refill through the hole, remembering to lock the cap after you’re done.
  4. Charging is easy with this mod. Simply plug the included USB cable to the bottom of the eGrip and into a power source. The good thing is that you can still use the Joy eTech eGrip when it is charging.
  5. To replace the atomizer head, use a coin to unscrew the large screw at the bottom of the mod.

What You Get In the Kit

  • eGrip Mouthpiece
  • eGrip Body
  • eGrip CS Atomizer Head
  • eGrip Atomizer Base
  • 1A Wall Adaptor
  • USB Cable
  • Manual & Warranty Card

What’s New: Joy eTech eGrip

Joyetech eGripOne of the features of this mod is the all in one kit with the built-in tank. 

You can monitor your E Juice levels.

You can also adjust the airflow, and change the wattage and voltage easily and to your specifications.

Similar units to the Joy eTech eGrip are the Sigelei 100 Watt Box, the iPV2, the Eleaf iStick 20w Mod Kit, the Innokin iTaste MVP 20w, and the Hana Modz Clone.

Best Deal on Joy eTech eGrip

To get the best deal on the Joy eTech eGrip, check out the coupon code below and head over to My Freedom Smokes where you can get this kit for a sale price of just $48.95.

Some places have it as high as around $65 so this is an excellent price for this mod.

Joyetech eGrip – MyFreedomSmokes – $48.95!

Batteries and Battery Life

The internal battery in this mod is rated at 1500 mah which may sound low to some but this one typically lasts more than 10 hours or so.

That is with using up to two tanks of 8ml juice and with heavy usage so it’s not bad at all and you can always vape while it’s still charging.

Charging Your Mod

Charging is easy with the USB cord and you can charge while you vape.

Once you plug in the USB to the mod and into a power source, the button will flash five times to tell you it is charging.

This button will continue to flash while it is doing so and once you see the button light go out, you know it is fully charged and can be removed from the power source.


Wattage in the Joy eTech eGrip is fully adjustable with a range of 8w to 20w and is done so by rotating the regulation ring clockwise or counterclockwise.

This is conveniently located on the side of the mod and is much easier to do than with some mods that have a series of buttons you have to push to get the wattage to change.

Instead, just dial it to your specific settings. It provides a clean hit even the first time vaping with it.


Like the wattage, airflow is easily adjusted by by spinning the adjustable screw located on the bottom of the Joy eTech eGrip.

Clockwise tightens the screw for a smaller air inlet and counterclockwise loosens it for more air.

Watch how you hold the unit since the airflow on this one can be easy to block if you’re not careful.

Appearance of the Joy eTech eGrip

Joyetech eGrip 2The appearance of the Joy eTech eGrip is small and compact.

When compared to similar mods such as the iPV2 and the Hana Modz Clone, it is almost half the size.

It comes in a variety of high quality looks including black, silver, wood, chrome, and camo.

This size is great for all kinds of vapers because it’s not imposing and can be held easily.

It makes it more subtle when you’re carrying it and fits easily in your hand.

The front side shows your E Liquid amount and you can monitor the levels easily.

On the bottom is where you will find the screw to adjust the airflow and on the left of the unit is the fire button/wattage adjustment and the led indicator.

The firing button is positioned in the center of the wattage adjustment ring.

The wattage adjustment rotates and clicks into position.

The ring reads 20 watts and there are lines for other settings in varying thicknesses.

On the right side is where you can fill the tank with your choice of E Juice and you’ll need a needle tip to do this.

The bottom is the charger port and coil chamber cap. The tank holds up to 3.6 or 3.7ml so it’s got a good capacity.

You can fill it from the bottom but it may not be as clean as you’d like.

The drip tip is a standard 510 which you can replace with something you like better as long as it’s long enough.

Pros and Cons

The Pros 

  1. It’s compact
  2. It has quality materials and a variety of styles and colors to choose from
  3. The price is decent for this type of mod kit
  4. It provides an easily adjustable airflow and wattage
  5. It’s an all in one kit with everything you need right in one compact unit
  6. You can refill the tank with juice without taking anything apart

The Cons

  1. It has proprietary coils so you cannot simply drop by your local vape store and pick up more when you run out and they are more expensive than other coils
  2. There is no LED display on this unit
  3. The airflow can get blocked easily if you’re not careful


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Final Thoughts

Joyetech eGrip 3This definitely seems like a really neat mod that is a little different from the others.

We love the all in one kit and the fact that it is easy to use. It also has a few different looks that allows you to be choosy in your style options.

The unit provides a fresh, clean vape even on the first use without that burnt taste or dry hit.

The battery life seems great too with easy charging and a long life. The one thing that this unit could use is an LED display so that you know when your battery is losing life.

While you can charge it while vaping still, it would be nice to know just in case you’re not near a power source.

However, the most important thing is that it delivers great throat hits with lots of puffy clouds, which is what most people want.

This works on a variety of juices and still delivers the vaping power you want without spending a fortune.

An important thing to note is that if you can’t get it to fire at first, simply unscrew the atomizer cover before filling the eGrip and remove the coil.

Put it back in – not too tight and not too loose – same as you would with any. This usually corrects any misfires or it not firing straight from the vendor.

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