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Kamry 200w Mod Review

The Kamry 200 Watt Mod is a distinctive new contender in the high-powered mod race, bringing a handsome exterior to go along with its 200 watts of vaping power.

The Kamry 200w departs significantly from the gray wave of vaping rectangles that have dominated early 2015’s releases with its alluring curves and gentleman’s patina.

It is bound to end up on many a doorstep purely for aesthetic reasons, however, we here at BC try never to be swayed by a gorgeous faceplate.

This review of the Kamry 200w will find out how it stacks up to the competition in other ways.

Kamry 200w Specs

  • Aluminum Construction
  • Variable Wattage (7-200w)
  • OLED Screen
  • Rotary Dial Control
  • Easy-Open Battery Compartment
  • Powered By 3x 18650 batteries (sold separately)
  • Micro USB Charge Port
  • Overheat Protection
  • Reverse Battery Protection
  • Short Circuit Protection

What’s New- Kamry 200 Watt Mod

Kamry 200w ModThe most visible distinction claimed by the Kamry 200w is its unique design, with a shape closer to a flask than the traditional box mod form factor.

This tribute to the golden age of reputable alcoholism has an intuitive control wheel system that allows power level adjustment at the turn of a wheel.

It is brought into the modern age with features like a multifunctional OLED screen that displays status reports.

Kamry 200w Voltage System

This high-powered mod offers advanced users access to 200 watts of vaping power, but for safety reasons the highest power levels are carefully regulated.

The standard settings mode only allows for power levels up to 80w, and power is adjusted from the base of 7w using the control wheel at the top of the unit.

However, the Kamry 200w also has a hidden ability known as Super Mode, and it’s the only way to push the mod to the very limit.

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Super Mode

In Super Mode, users can adjust the power up to the full wattage in increments of 20w by rotating the control wheel 360 degrees.

At the upper ranges, the internal processor of the Kamry 200w will limit the maximum power of the unit based on the current resistance level of the atomizer used.

It will only allow the device to generate the full 200 watts with a resistance more than 0.5 ohms.


The tremendous power offered by the Kamry 200 Watt Mod is made possible through three 18650-type batteries.

These can be charged outside the unit as well as internally through the USB port. Make sure you use batteries with a high continuous discharge rating.


Opus BT c-3100 v2.2

Of course, charging three high capacity battery cells through a single USB port could take a while, especially the way the Kamry 200w runs through juice at higher power levels.

You’ll probably want an external charger so you can keep a solid rotation of batteries in play.

The Opus BT c-3100 v2.2 is an excellent value option for heavy-traffic charging.

This Offers four independently powered charging slots as well as an indicator light to alert the user when a battery is ready to go.

Best of all, the Opus charger is compatible with several other popular rechargeable battery types as well as the 18650 batteries taken by the Kamry 200 Watt Mod.

Best Clearomizer

Kanger Protank Mini 3

Kanger Mini Protank 3If it’s a no-nonsense performer you’re after, the Kanger Protank Mini 3 is what you’re looking for.

It’s everything you love about those cheap plastic starter tanks, except better in every way.

The Kanger Protank Mini 3 is an inexpensive basic model that pretty much everyone can afford 37 of.

It comes in about that many shades. It’s a great choice for those who like to frequently switch juice flavors or like to color-code their selection.

Aspire Nautilus

Aspire NautilusThe Aspire Nautilus is a more feature-robust version, featuring an adjustable airflow system operated by an easy to use control ring.

It features a 5.0mL capacity and Bottom Vertical Coil technology.

It sets itself apart with premium touches like its spring-loaded 510 contact pin for wider compatibility.

We took the Aspire Nautilus for a spin in a review here on BC, and you can check it out to learn more about this sweet little tank.


As for the performance question, it’s tough to be under-equipped for the task with 200 watts of vaping power on your side.

The Kamry 200 isn’t lacking for vapor production or density, particularly with high VG-juices, and delivers plenty of flavor all the way up through the 80 watt range.

Higher settings are mainly for increased vaporization (read: big ole’ clouds), but work well for the purpose.

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Build Quality

Kamry 200w ModThe build quality of the Kamry 200w is solid overall, with good machining and a substantial feel.

In fact, it may be a bit too substantial for some users, as it’s on the heavy side when compared to other devices.

For some that just means it won’t explode into dust and shards when they inevitably drop it.

At a glance, the overall look of the Kamry 200 Watt Mod is one of refinement.

There are two other colors besides the black unit we tested, a white model and a burgundy model, and all seem like good choices for the design.

One feature we took a particular liking to is the battery door release switch.

It’s a simple solution to a problem that manufacturers in the past have offered little relief for with their tiny screwdrivers and impossible to catch lid divots and such.

The adjustable wheel has a well-placed feel as well, although we do wonder how the finish will hold up on the brass-toned parts.


The Kamry 200 Watt Mod features standard 510 threading and is compatible with the majority of accessories on the market.

Its relatively large size allows a good fit with even the widest tanks and drip tips.


The standard safety features like overheat protection and short circuit protection make their expected cameos in the Kamry 200 Watt Mod.

It also has a specially designed safety shutoff system to help better control the potentially scary power of the unit.

More than 15 hits in a minute or more than 10 consecutive hits of at least 5 seconds will disable the mod to prevent overheating.

In a marketplace where the wattage numbers seem to be skyrocketing monthly, measures like these will prove essential to preventing bad press for the vape game.

We Would Have Like to See

Kamry 200w ModWith all the good things we had to say about the Kamry 200 Watt, there are a couple of issues that leave it short of what it could be.

For one, the classy-looking exterior is something of a disappointment for those believing everything they see.

We’ll also bring up the control wheel even though it was more a divisor than an objective fault.

Many reviewers enjoy the smooth operation of the Kamry 200w control wheel.

Although others would have preferred a more tactile turn with clicks or other feedback after a full rotation. Either way, it’s far from a fatal flaw.

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All things considered, the Kamry 200 Watt Mod may be well worth an addition to your stable.

It’s a great-looking and smooth performing device with regular use.

If we’re going to be perfectly honest, you may not ever use the full 200 watts of power even though it’s a nice spec to rattle off.

Don’t buy one expecting to have it appraised by a dealer for its valuable antique materials, but those who inevitably buy it for its looks will likely be satisfied with the total package as well.

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