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Kamry 30w v2 Box Mod Review | Variable Wattage Mod

The new Kamry 30w v2 comes from Shenzhem Kamry Technology, the makers of the Robot Vaporizer, the Legend Vaporizer, and one of the most well-known products, the K100.

The Kamry 30w v2 has the company’s namesake and is one of the newest box mods on the market that combines compact ease of use with features you will appreciate.

Where to Buy the Kamry 30w v2 Box Mod

  • $46.16
  • $31.99
  • $35.52
  • $35.49

A Little Bit About the Kamry 30w v2 Box Mod

Kamry 30w v2 ReviewThe Kamry Vape is one of the new vaping mods from Kamrytech. It has a myriad of features such as a recessed 510 threading connection, a magnetic back cover which makes it easier to change your battery, variable wattage, variable voltage mod, USB pass-through, and an easy to read OLED display. It’s made out of aluminum and zinc alloy but the outside has something that Kamry calls “Kristie” material which makes it comfortable to hold.

It looks like a smooth finish on alloy.

The concave surface on top where the atomizer goes is a nice look to an already pristine device and there is also a strip design on the outside which makes it easier to grip, and looks nice as well.


  • Super mini and portable
  • VV / VW box mod with 30W maximum output
  • Recessed 510 threading connection
  • Magnetic back cover
  • USB passthrough function
  • Variable Wattage: 7 – 30W
  • Variable Voltage: 1.4 – 8V
  • OLED display battery capacity / atomizer resistance / power / voltage
  • Short circuit protection, low resistance protection and overheat protection
  • Use single 18650 battery (not included)


To change the variable wattage and variable voltage just takes three clicks on the firing button.

It changes in 0.1 watt increments and the buttons are well made and easy to distinguish between one another – plus, it’s very clickable and has a square shape, making it effortless to use.

To turn it on, press the fire key three times as well.

What’s New with the Kamry 30w v2 Mod

Kamry 30w v2The Kamry mods have a large firing button that is stable and clicks well.

It also features a different look from the Kamry 30w v2 design.

The new look is more cool and sleek and looks more current with today’s trends.

Another difference is that the older version has an adjustable spring loaded pin made out of stainless steel and aluminum but the v2 Mod has the brass 510 pin.

The older classic colors included red, white, and black and of course the new version has black, silver, and blue and a shinier look.

There are a few things that make this unique when it comes to the mini box mod world.

For one, Kamry has a six year innovation, professional factory for producing e-cigarettes.

They do not produce clones and focus on the Kamry brand and style with utmost quality products.

What Comes with the Kamry 30w v2?

  • (1) Kamry 30W V2 Variable Watt 7 – 30W Mini Box Mod
  • (1) Owner’s manual
  • (1) Warranty card


The replaceable battery is an 18650 and must be bought separately.

The convenient magnetic door means that is is much easier to change the battery because there are no annoying screws to keep up with and it is much faster this way.

Of course, a magnetic door is not as secure as screws on a battery door but this one is strong and seems secure enough that you don’t have to worry about accidentally opening it when you don’t want to.

Charging time is about 3-5 hours but since you can vape while charging with the pass-through USB, you’re Kamry v2 is good to go.

It should be noted that with any mod that features pass-through charging, it’s still always suggested to charge your batteries on an external charger, just to be safe.

Safety Features

There are quite a few safety features included with the Kamry mod such as:

  • Over 10 second protection
  • Overheating protection
  • Short circuit protection
  • Overcharging protection
  • Reverse battery protection

As with any box mod, it’s not something that is for beginner vapers but these safety features will help out with a few of the problems that can arise.

Value and Pricing

The Kamry vapes is so reasonably priced that you can grab this device for a fraction of what you’ll typically find others mods.

Wattage, Threading, and Build Quality

The Kamry Mod Review shows this mod supports atomizers 0.3 ohm to 5.0 ohm so it works with most any atomizer on the market. Variable wattage is 7w – 30w. Variable voltage is 1.4v – 8.0v.

The threading is brass spring loaded 510 pin so all of your atomizers will fit nice and flush.

There are multiple air holes which ensure that the device gets large heat dissipation and these are located on the bottom as well as the side.

They also provide venting should there be some catastrophic failure with the battery.

Digital Screen

The digital screen is an imported OLED screen that displays battery capacity, atomizer resistance, power, and voltage.

It’s pleasant to look at and small, but not so small that you can’t read it well.

Similar Mods

Although the Kamry 30 is certainly a unique device, it is similar in structure and features to a few others like the Cloupor Mini 30w VW/VW Box Mod, the Sigelei Mini 30w Box Mod, and the Innokin iTaste MVP 3.0.

Best Clearomizers

With the 510 threaded connection, you can use most atomizers.

A few that will fit nicely with the Kamry 30w are the Twisted Messes Style Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer, the Steam Crave Style Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer, and the Mutation X V6.

The Atlantis also fits perfectly and it fits RDAs and low resistance atomizers perfectly.

Final Thoughts

Kamry 30w v2 Box ModYou’ll find that the design for the Kamry vape mods are similar to many other mods with everything located on the side of the device – the LED display, firing switch, and adjustment buttons.It comes in a variety of three classic and stylish color choices – black, silver, and blue. The charger is on the side of the device instead of the bottom like so many others.

This is nice because you don’t have to lay it down in order to charge it and with the pass-through USB, you can vape while it’s charging as well.

The size is a little larger than a traditional Zippo lighter. It’s really small and pretty lightweight.

The Kamry 30 watt is compact, affordable, and packs a lot of power for anyone who wants a 30 watt mod.

Not only does it have a strong company backing, it has a price that is pretty inexpensive so that you can have a lot of options without shelling out a ton of money.

Less money spent on a good mod means you have more for your atomizers and your favorite E Juice.

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