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Kanger Aerotank Review

Is this the clearomizer to end all clearomizers? The Kanger Aerotank is the newest dual coil clearomizer coming off the shelves from those guys over at Kanger. There is A LOT of hype around this clearo and so far we have heard nothing but good things about it.

It resembles the Protank series with its great features and performance capabilities, however it is the first bottom dual coil clearomizer, (or BDC) from Kanger to introduce a full stainless steel body that has dual coil heads inside AND all new adjustable airflow controls.

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Aerotank Capacity & Filling Instructions

The Kanger Aerotank boasts a 2.5 ml capacity, which is an industry standard and a common tank capacity found in the most kanger filling instructionspopular Kanger clearomizers. There is a metal tube in the center of the clearomizer that goes from the tip (mouthpiece) to the bottom (battery).

It is good practice when filling to avoid getting liquid in this tube. Also note that when loosening the atomizer head, the seal is  temporarily broken and the e liquid will leak from the mouthpiece.

To avoid this common problem:

  • Always wrap up cloth or a piece of tissue at the tip when unscrewing the base of the clearomizer
  • (If you hear a gurgling noise, this is a sign that some of your e liquid has made its way into the center metal tube of the clearomizer, which generally occurs after a refill)
  • Without emptying your newly filled tank, you must remove your clearomizer from the battery; wrap some tissue or cloth around the battery of the clearomizer and blow through the top
  • Make sure to always secure the atomizer head before re installing the base of the tank

It is relatively normal to find little amounts of e liquid near the battery once you’ve removed the clearomizer/atomizer. Always clean the battery before you charge it, it’s not a golden rule, but it’s the safest practice.

It’s also recommended  keep the clearomizer tank above ⅓. This practice helps prevent leaks and maintains the vacuum within the tank itself. If you are still having leaking issues, make sure you know how to clean a clearomizer.

Resistance Chart

Below is a guideline of recommended voltage for the varying resistance levels. However, you personal preference may differ. Use this to dial in your V/V or V/W device to get the best vaping experience you can from the Kanger Aerotank.

If you know how to rebuild your coils you can tune this to an even finer degree and really get the vaping experience you’re looking for.

Resistance chart

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Packaging Contents and Replaceable Parts

Kanger Aerotank assembly

Every part of the Kanger Aerotank is replaceable. What? Come again? Yes! No glue. No bullshit. This makes the Aerotank easy to maintain and clean, and allows for the use of more customized accessories.

Between replacing your coils and Pyrex tanks, The Aerotank has an incredible lifespan. Here is what you get in the box when with the Kanger Aerotank:

1x – Instruction Pamphlet

Your standard instructional pamphlet that gives you a a basic overview of how to use and maintain the Aerotank. Keep this in a safe spot just in case you ever need it.

1x – Kanger Aerotank Parts(made up of the pyrex tank, top cap, bottom cap and 510 base)

kanger replacement glass

The Kanger Aerotank comes complete with several parts. These include the Pyrex tank, top cap, bottom cap and the 510 base.

Pyrex Tank:  Even though the tank is replaceable, please make a note to be careful with the glass tank. It is made of the same glass as the Protank 2 and Protank 3 versions, so if you have had these clearomizers before, you already know this. Any cracks or breakage of the tank are NOT under warranty, and it WILL shatter if it is dropped.

If you are not a careful person when it comes to your vaporizers and accessories, this is a fair warning and I would like you to be aware of this. If your glass tank does happen to crack, you will need to replace it, and  I’ve already done the duty of providing you a link for the replacement tank here .

Kanger also offers you with the option to buy different colored glass tanks if that is your preference. I know some vapers out there that love the full out customization so this is always a good option. The picture to the right provides you an example of the different types of colored tanks you can purchase for the Aerotank along with a link.

1x – Fully Removable 510 Drip Tip

Possible drip tip problem: It has been noticed that the Aerotank drip tip is a little smaller than a regular drip tip; so this is a fair warning that not all drip tips may fit on the Aerotank.

Also, be aware that the Aerotank drip tip fit is loose and not very tight. Be wary of this, because the drip tip is not returnable.

2x – 2.0 Ohm Dual Coil Atomizer Heads

The Aerotank comes stylized with 510 threading; however it can work on 510 threaded MODs/APVs, without any need for an adapter. The new Aerotank coils were originally designed in the Protank 3; and come with longer stems.

These come uninstalled, and you will have to screw them onto the clearomizer tank to get started. Both these clearomizers cannot take any other type of coils, so make sure you purchase the correct replacement coils.

We here at Best Clearomizer want to forewarn you that the Aerotank, as well as the Protank 3, have atomizer heads that are not interchangeable with other models, including the Protank 2.

The atomizer heads that you can purchase for the Aerotank have an average lifespan between 10 to 20 days (depending on your vaping habits). When the atomizer head wears down, it may begin leaking or start generating poor vapor production and flavor.

It is best practice to replace the atomizer head with a new one as soon as you can. You can find the atomizer head replacements in 5 packs right here. If your going to be vaping with this clearomizer, you’re going to need them.

1x – Beauty Ring

The Aerotank also comes with a convenient beauty ring. The beauty ring is used to hide any extra threading and make your vaping unit look for cohesive and stylish when using the Aerotank on a device with eGo threading.

kanger aerotank beauty ring

So What Is Aeroflow? kanger aerotank airflow

Now to the fun part. Not only is it the first to have a dual coil atomizer head, but the Aerotank also has adjustable airflow control.

You just turn the dial on the base to increase or decrease airflow to your preference. The airflow control is by far what makes this clearo stand out from all the rest. It’s easy to setup and use.

It’s also able to be completely disassembled for a thorough cleaning; as well to keep it shining like new. Please be careful when you are vaping with the new Kanger Aerotank.

Because it is has a dual coil and a metal tank; the tip and sides will be warmer than your standard protank. The Aerotank does differentiate from the Aspire Nautilus on how to adjust airflow. With the Aerotank, you twist the ring clockwise or counter clockwise which slowly opens or constricts the airflow.

However, I will say it is NOT the most effective way to do this. Most people have noticed when the ring is screwed all the way down, it leaves the holes completely open, so you want to cover the holes up partially to get some restriction.

Either way, you can use this mechanism to your personal preferences, there really isn’t a wrong way to do it. We found a pretty good video to sum up how the airflow works, as well as a review for the product overall.

With airflow control completely open, the amount of vapor you see is insane. You get thick clouds that rival some of the RBA’s. When you fully close the airflow, you will be unprepared of what might happen if you take a nice long vape hit.

You will get a lung hit that will make you not want to try it again fully closed. An extra tip, we suggest you don’t have the airflow control fully closed when filling, and reattaching the base. Open the airflow all the way, that way you don’t risk over tightening the base, making it extremely hard to move it again.

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Final Thoughts

The Kanger Aerotank is setting a new standard. It is also starting to wash away the bad rep clearos get within the vaping community itself. You can no longer avoid these clearomizers, and it is pretty much safe to say you should be looking into this one.

With vaping starting to become more popular, expect to see better and better clearos, cartos, and other tanks hit the market that can outperform even this one! Did you like the article? Don’t be afraid to leave some comments in the comment section and follow us on twitter at vapingquestions!

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