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Kanger CUPTI All In One 75W Kit Review | Vape Kit

Kanger CUPTI All In One 75W Kit ReviewKanger has recently launched its Kanger CUPTI All In One 75W Kit, which is designed to overcome all the drawbacks of its predecessor NEBOX.

This is a small yet highly functional model.

It has a side-by-side design that features a top filled CLOCC Sub-Ohm Tank with a high-powered battery output alongside.

It is a variable temperature and wattage control device which has an inbuilt tank.


  • Top Filled Built In CUPTI Sub-Ohm Tank
  • Dual 10mm by 2mm Airslots
  • Top Positioned OLED Display
  • Ergonomically Placed Firing Button
  • Locking Bottom Battery Door
  • 1A Micro USB-Charging Port
  • One Slim Drip Tip
  • One wide bore drip
  • One Micro USB Cable
  • Variable-wattage range: 7W – 75W
  • Temperature control range: 200 F to 600 F
  • Atomizer resistance range: 0.15Ω to 1.3Ω
  • CLOCC 0.5Ω SS316L-(15W to 60W)
  • CLOCC 1.5Ω Nichrome-(10W to 26W)
  • User Manual

Body and Finish

The Kanger-CUPTI measures a decent 82mm by 50-mm by 22.5mm, which is a very compact size compared to NEBOX.

The body of the-mod is made from aluminum zinc alloy.

The glass tank is on the side which is slightly tinted for color combination.

The sides-of the-CUPTI are curved for a smooth feel and an ergonomic grip.

The fire button is on the other side-located near the top.

OLED screen

The OLED screen is top mounted next to-the drip tip. It is a large wide screen that makes maneuvering easy and simple.

It has functions displayed like atomizer resistance,temperature, voltage, wattage, battery-level, and vape-mode.

The user can press- the plus and minus-buttons simultaneously to change the screen orientation.

Drip Tip

The kit has two drip tip options.

The broad drip tip is great for inhaling vapors that hit the lungs directly.

The slim 510-drip tip gives a cigarette-type feel.

More on the Tank

The Pyrex-glass tank has a maximum capacity of 5ml. It can be detached from the vape and cleaned under running water.

The static chimney can also be cleaned.

The tank can be opened from top and the e-juice can be refilled.

The tank has an atomizer and the mod is compatible with-CLOCC atomizers made of nichrome-for variable wattage mode-as well as CLOCC-atomizers that made of stainless steel-for temperature-control vaping.


The CUPTI-is powered by an 18650 high amp-battery which is replaceable.

The battery is not available in the kit.

Airflow control

The airflow valve is just under-the drip tip and cools the vapor-before it reaches the user’s mouth.

The air is drawn-by a pair-of 10mm by 2mm air slots.

Review of the Kanger CUPTI All In One 75W Kit

Tank Breakdown

The CUPTI can be easily filled by removing the airflow chamber.

The e juice has to be filled till the demarcation line.

This tank size is small and compact, making the device handy.

The Kanger CUPTI is made of glass, as previously the plastic bodies were susceptible to damage.

The glass is available for replacement.

Battery Life

The 18650 amp battery is not available with the mod.

This could be an underside of this device.

Otherwise, it is a strong and powerful battery which can be taken out from its slot and charged.

It can also be charged while in the battery mod with an internal battery charger.


The wattage of the-CUPTI is high. It has 15 watts more than the NEBOX.

It can go up to 75 watts and the OLED screen has various temperature control options for Ni200, Titanium, Stainless Steel, and Nichrome.

OLED display

The display is top-mounted and gives the user the option to control various features like watts, temperature etc.

It gives information regarding the battery, coil, and volts.


The CUPTI is a major improvement over the-NEBOX.

The airflow mechanism is on the top which overcomes the leaking problem.

The user can also adjust the amount of airflow that is received.

The CUPTI gives out a strong amount of cloud and has a deep rich flavor.

Kanger has devised both the provisions of mouth to lung coils and direct lung coils for this mod. A custom built RBA coil can also be made by the user.

This will be cutting down the costs of buying a new coil.

The two types of drip tips give the user the option to a enjoy cigarette-like draw or thick and huge clouds of vapors.


Kanger CUPTI All In One 75W KitThe Kanger-CUPTI is definitely a neat improvement over the NEBOX. All the minor problems in NEBOX have been resolved in this device.

It is a well-designed smart-looking piece which gives the pleasure of mouth-to-lung vaping and direct vaping, all in a single device.

It is a compact and convenient mod, well worth its price.

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