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Kanger Evod Review

If you are looking for the review on the Kanger Evod 2, please click here. By far one of the most popular starter-kit clearomizers, we give you a breakdown of the Kanger Evod clearomizer and what makes it so popular.

The Evod is a bottom coil clearomizer and comes with replaceable atomizer heads, while the tank holds 1.8 ml’s of e liquid. Coming in a variety of different colors the Evod boasts the early standard for clearo’s on the market. It is simple and gets the job done; with less maintenance than other clearomizers on the market today.

Let’s jump into the review for a more in-depth look.

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eGo threading


Evod Starter Kit

One of the things that makes the Kanger Evod so popular it that it’s versatile in nature. Kangertech was smart making the Evod eGo threaded; as it would attract newbie’s into trying out the Evod starter kit, which in has a smaller vaporizer. They are meant to attract people that are still into analogs and disposable e-cigs with the size of the Evod starter kit.

It is much easier to go from a disposable e-cig into an It is very easy from that point to get into more advanced vaporizers like the iTaste 134 Mini, which tend to be for vapers that are more into the hobby. With a simple eGo to 510 threaded connector, you are able to still use your Evod clearomizer and attach it to 510 devices that generally more advanced and more expensive. The best part is they work very well on all the eGo series batteries, including the popular eGo Twist batteries.

Bottom Coil Design & Coil Heads

Evod replacement 5-packThe Evod made a big splash in the electronic cigarette industry upon it’s release. It has an basic design that is really beginner friendly while at the same time giving out a bottom coil design that will even have more advanced vapers taking notice. The coils sit at the bottom of this clearomizer and the top of the clearomizer does NOT come undone.

The bottom coil design allows a cleaner flavor and tends to have fewer dry hits because of the placement of the coil and wicks at the bottom of the tank. We explain in more detail at the bottom of our homepage the differences between the coil designs within clearomizers and what makes it important. The Evod is also compatible with T3 atomizer heads which gives the Evod an extra advantage over other clearomizer that have replaceable heads (if you own the T3 clearomizer).

Every Evod clearomizer comes with a 2.5 ohm coil head; however instead of throwing away your clearomizer when the atomizer head burns out, you can purchase the 5-pack of Evod replacement heads instead of throwing it in the garbage.

Evod Tank Capacity (with filling instructions):

The Evod body is made from aluminum to provide extra durability, and thanks to the viewing windows on both sides of the tank, you can always be sure of how much e juice you have left.  Since the top of the Evod clearomizer does not come off, you must hold the Evod upside down to fill it; which is the same setup as the T3S clearomizer. The atomizer head of the Evod can unfasten when unscrewing the base.

  • Unscrew the base and fill e liquid into the side of the clearomizer
  • Hold the tank upside down and fill with about 1.6 ml of e liquid
  • Make sure you don’t fill the e liquid into the center hole of the clearomizer (that is part of the airflow and can cause leaking and gurgling in your clearomizer)
  • Make sure the atomizer head is properly screwed into the bottom cap tightly and then screw the bottom cap back onto the tank.

Evod colors and ohms

  • Stainless Steel – 1.8 ohm; 2.2 ohm; 2.5 ohmsEvod Clearomizers
  • Yellow – 2.2ohm; 2.5 ohm
  • Black – 1.8ohm; 2.5 ohm
  • Pink – 2.2ohm; 2.5 ohm
  • Red – 2.5ohm
  • Blue – 2.5ohm
  • Purple – 2.5ohm
  • Green – 2.5ohm

>>Check out the Kanger EVOD prices, reviews, rating and description over at<<

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Ending Thoughts

The Evod  clearomizer gets great vapor quality at a low price.  The convenience of being able to refill your clearomizer without having to remove the mouthpiece is a nice addition.With convenient refills, and eGo threading that provides leak proof connections, the Evod clearomizer is one of the best clearomizers out there for beginners and more advanced vapers alike!

Kanger has been pretty busy coming up with their newest clearomizer. The Aerotank is one of their newest editions to the fast growing line of clearos’ they provide. Be sure to like us on Facebook and…

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