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Kanger KBOX 40w Review

The all new Kanger KBOX 40w represents the manufacturer’s first foray into the world of mods, with it’s 40 watts of power.

KangerTech has built a serious reputation in the vaping community for their tanks, clearomizers, RBAs and combinations of the above as well as a full line of other quality products.

It would be easy to assume any offering from such an esteemed maker of vapeware would live up to the standard of the company, but creating the equipment that makes the whole thing go is an entirely different ballgame.

After all, Michael Jordan was a pretty fair athlete, but his baseball teammates would likely agree that some should stick to what they’re best at.

In that spirit, we’ll put the newcomer through its paces in today’s Kanger Kbox mod review, to find out if KangerTech’s step into the box mod arena was a well-advised one.


  • Aluminum Body
  • Dimensions: 89mm (H) x 25mm (W) x 40mm (L)
  • 510 Threaded
  • Adjustable Wattage Settings
  • (8W, 13W, 20W, 25W, 30W, 35W or 40W)
  • Low voltage protection
  • Low resistance protection
  • Short circuit protection
  • Reverse battery protection
  • Low battery warning
  • 10 second cut off safety feature


  1. On/off – press the power button 5 times within 3 seconds to turn the device on or off.
  2. Press the bottom button to cycle through the wattage settings in a round-robin fashion.

What’s New? – Kanger KBOX 40W 

kanger kbox unboxing


Technically, everything. The Kangertech Kbox 40w was designed from the ground up as the ideal complement to KangerTech’s well-known fleet of juice vessels.

The Kbox mod will allow you to have all the power you need to get the most out of advanced sub-ohming tanks as well as standard equipment.


Newer vapers looking for an upgrade from a cheap eGo stick or (shudder) something disposable might find everything they need with this unit.

Check Out the Kanger KBOX 40w | Under $26

18650 Batteries

kanger kbox battery 18650The KangerTech KBOX takes a single 18650 battery  which is removable for external charging. It’s not included with the base unit from many outlets, so you’ll have to get your own.

KangerTech also says that only batteries with an amp limit of at least 20A or more should be used with the Kbox mod, and we believe them. I suggest a Sony VTC5, LGHE2, or Samsung 25R. All are excellent high drain batteries. 

The good news is that the battery is easy to remove thanks to the convenient twist-off end cap that keeps the chamber secure.

Check Out the High-Drain Efest 18650 Battery | Under $11

Everyone Needs a Reliable Charger

kbox intellichargerAs long as you’re getting some new batteries (you are buying more than one, aren’t you?) why not invest in a quality charger as well? The I4 Intellicharger is compatible with 18650-type batteries as well as a range of other batteries.

It also features overcharge protection to prevent frying your batteries during an overnight charging session as well as reverse polarity deactivation to prevent frying your batteries in an instant.

With a 4-battery capacity and a relatively low price tag, you really can’t beat it for a first wall charger.

Check Out the I4 Intellicharger | Under $20

Variable Wattage, Kinda

The Kanger KBOX 40 Watt is technically a variable wattage device, but we’d be a little dishonest if we said the system wasn’t a bit limited.

Instead of the free adjustment controls offered with many box mods, the Kangertech Kbox has 7 pre-set wattage output levels, each of which corresponds to an LED light on the unit to compensate for its lack of an LED screen.

The output levels as measured are 8w, 11w, 20w, and then upward in 5w increments to the device’s 40w maximum power level. It’s not a total deal-breaker for some users as it does enable plenty  of commonly used power settings.

Advanced vapers will more than likely want finer control over their vaping experience, particularly if it’s going to be your main unit.

Automatic Voltage

The Kanger KBOX also has computer-controlled variable voltage which automatically adjusts the output level based on the resistance. 

The output is constantly adjusted during use and it can fire builds with a minimum 0.4Ω builds, but you’ll have to take its word for it since there’s no resistance meter, or a voltage display for that matter.

 It’s not all about wanting to admire our voltage levels or do something mildly ridiculous like counting the number of puffs we’ve taken, the effects of this shortcoming can be very real for some users. For instance, the unit adjusts voltage levels based on resistance.

The Kanger Kbox 40w can detect resistance levels, but without the proper measuring equipment, you’ll never know what they are with this unit. Again, it may not even matter to some, but for others it means that it’s the first KangerTech product that they’ll have no interest in. Not the absolute best debut.

Vapor quality is solid, with decent clouds generated at each of the wattage settings using the juice we tested. 5 watt gaps between wattage settings is a larger figure than usual, but some people vape only at one level, so if one of the 7 presets is your chosen setup, it’s not all bad.

Additional Features

The KBOX mod from KangerTech features standard 510 threading for compatibility with a range of tanks, clearomizers and other accessories.

Best Clearomizers for Kanger Kbox

Kanger Subtank Nano


Speaking of accessories, it just seems natural to pair the Kanger Kbox mod with a Kanger clearomizer. 

The Kanger Subtank Nano is the top of the line from the manufacturer and perhaps in the industry.

>>Check Out Our Full Review on the Kanger Subtank Nano<< 

Aspire Atlantis

Aspire Atlantis Review - Sub Ohming Cloud ChasingIf you don’t own stock in Kanger and/or brand loyalty means nothing to you, you night also take a look at the Aspire Atlantis.

The Atlantis is one of the most widely used tanks in the game.

It features the exclusive Bottom Vertical Coil design for increased vapor production with big flavor as well as adjustable airflow for more control over vapor density and temperature. We also put the BC spotlight on the Aspire Atlantic recently, so get the full details in our review.

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Similar Box Mods

It’s important to know which box mods are the best option for you. That’s why we’ve come up with our Ultimate Box Mod Guide.

This is where you can follow our simple chart to find the best box mod for your needs. Let’s take a look at some of the suggested mods that are similar to the Kangertech Kbox.

VaporFi Vox II 50w Mod

VaporFi Vox II 50 Mod review header


VaporFi arrived a little late in the box mod game, but have now come out with their official 2nd box mod.

 The Vox II 50 mod is everything the original one was, but with a better design and more features! Did I mention 50 watts of power?

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Sigelei 50w VR2 Mod

Sigelei 50w vr2 Mod review header


Sigelei is pulling out all the stops this year, coming out with all types of box mods. From 30w, all the way to 150w, Sigelei has been making noise.

Version 2.0 of the Sigelei 50w has proven to hold up to the hype!

All Plain, No Pain

For a pretty basic device, the Kanger KBOX has more than its share of safety and stability features, including short circuit protection and over-current protection.

It also features a heat dissipation vent and a 10 second cutoff feature that work together to keep the temperature down.

Along with low voltage protection, low resistance protection, and polarity protection, these features form a comprehensive suite of stability measures that should more than keep these 40 watts in check.

Bump in the Road?

Yes. Of course The Kangertech Kbox review includes a few hiccups

Where we will raise a bit of issue is with the lack of a screen. Maybe we’re spoiled by testing so many of these things out, but it would seem as though a simple LED screen is almost a requirement at this stage in the box mod’s evolution.

To not have one in a marketplace crowded with similarly priced models that do include small display screens for settings n’such seems unnecessarily spartan.

The lack of screen, and therefore lack of a resistance reading, will force users who want to use RBAs or RTAs to buy an ohm meter along with a battery and a charger. Keep this in mind when thinking about purchasing this product, as it adds to the overall cost.

Final Thoughts

kanger kbox mod


For a first try, the KangerTech KBOX isn’t bad. The minimalist design of the mod may work for some, with its aluminum body providing a secure-feeling shell for the 40 watts inside.

As a unit, the KBOX has a comfortable feel in the hand and a weight that’s a shade lighter than you might expect.


The KBOX 40 Watt from KangerTech is a passable first offering from the tank geniuses, but only time will tell if their second will be as hotly anticipated.

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