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Kanger Protank 2 Review

The Kanger Protank 2 is a clearomizer from the Protank series. One of the biggest new features the Protank 2 showcases is its’ glass tank. In addition, the PT2  also has a 510 threading and replaceable parts as well. We will cover as these aspect, and many more, as we cover the Protank 2 from top to bottom is this review.

If you are curious how the PT2 stacks up against it’s Kanger brothers, take a look at our comparison chart below. Now enough with the chit chat, let’s get started!

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Protank Chart Kanger Protank 2 Kanger Protank 3 Kanger mini Protank 2
Kanger Unitank
Kanger Aerotank
Coil Design
Bottom CoilDual Bottom CoilBottom CoilBottom CoilDual Bottom Coil
Replaceable Coil
Resistance (Ohms)1.8;; 2.52.0
Capacity2.5 mL2.5 mL1.5 mL2.5 mL2.5 mL
Thread Type510510 / eGoeGo / 510 mods510510

Threading Types: eGo vs 510

The Protank clearomizers have options available for two types of threading, 510 and eGo style. Different models have different threading, and may require the use of an adapter, so be sure to read the product description if you are making a purchase online. The two different versions slightly differ in that they have different levels of e liquid capacity. Let’s explore the differences more closely:

eGo Threading

A Protank listed with eGo threading means that there is a skirt on the base that is designed to specifically work with eGo Twists, eGo-C, eGo and eGo Spinners. There are adapter skirts available that allow you to screw on the Protank clearomizer and cover the threads on the eGo style battery to make it more visually pleasing. If you’re battery works with other clearomizers such as iClear 16, T3S,  Vision CE4, and Evod’s then it’s likely you’re able to use the eGo threaded Protank clearomizer. The capacity of the eGo thread models range from 1.5 mL to 2.5 mL.

510 Threading

Protanks with 510 threading are more versatile, and with work with BOTH eGo and 510 threaded clearomizers. If a 510 threaded Protank is placed onto a an eGo battery there will be a gap between the top of the battery and the bottom of the clearomizer. The Protank clearomizer will still work perfectly fine, but may not look as nice as you like. The use of an eGo skirt will cover the gap left, making your APV more visually appealing. The 510 threaded Protank clearomizers will hold 2.5 mL of e liquid.

What About Tank Capacity

As mentioned above, the capacity of the clearomizer tank will depend on the particular brand or model of Protank you are purchasing. The eGo threaded models will have a capacity of 1.5 mL (for the mini Protank 2); and 2.5 mL (for the Protank 3). All of the 510 threaded models of the Protanks have a capacity of 2.5 mL. Both are pretty standard  in terms of capacity, but are large enough for 2 to 3 hours of solid vaping.

If you are interested in finding the best clearomizer for you with a larger tank capacity, refer back to our clearomizer comparsion chart for the easiest navigation . It is a sortable chart that allows you to quickly compare some of the best clearomizers on the market. Be sure to check back often as the chart will continually be updated with the more and more clearomizers to compare!

Let’s Talk Replaceable Heads

All versions of the Pro Tank clearomizers have replaceable coils, which can be purchased separately; however some Protank versions CANNOT be interchanged with other versions. For example, the Kanger Pro Tank 3’s coil is NOT interchangeable with any other versions of the Pro Tank.

>>Check out the Kanger Protank 2 prices, reviews, rating and description over at<<

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Final Thoughts and Summary

The Pro Tank 2 clearomizer are a great value that produce great vapor at an affordable price. The coil resistances are well within the range to use with a standard eGo battery.  If you own a variable voltage/variable wattage device such as the eGo Twist or a more advanced personal vaporizer, you will get great performance from the Protank 2 clearomizer.

Another positive point is that the Pro Tank 2 clearomizer has a fairly neutral taste. This means you won’t taste anything but the the flavor of the e liquid you are vaping. With excellent vapor production along with ease of use, convenient refills, and leak free connections, the Pro Tank 2 clearomizer is one of the best clearomizers out there.

Share Your Thoughts

Let us know what you think about the Protank 2 in the comments below!

Thanks again for reading, and vape on!

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