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Kanger Subtank Clearomizer Review

For years, one of the hottest debates in the vape community was “RBA or Clearomizer”. Advocates on both sides swore by the merits of their own chosen setup, the Clearomizer contingent praising their tool’s ease of use while the RBA assembly touted the customization potential of their re-buildable atomizers.

Aiming to settle the matter once and for all, the innovators at Kanger are set to introduce the Subtank hybrid, the very first tank of its kind on the market.

The special design of this new Kanger tank allows use as a clearomizer or as an RBA tank, promising to deliver the best of both worlds. Today’s Kanger subtank review will uncover whether it’s the next big thing or the newest entry into the hall of bad ideas. Let’s check out what this Subtank is all about.


  • Revolutionary New Coil Head Design
  • 25mm diameter
  • 55mm Length
  • New Airflow Control
  • Upgraded Tank Structure
  • Imported Organic Cotton
  • 4.2mL Capacity

The Kanger Subtank Clearomizer


Never before have the functionalities of an RBA and a standard clearomizer been brought together in a single device.

The Japanese organic cotton in the Subtank clearomizer coil allows for pure, clean flavor and the new pyrex tank structure is designed to be more durable than its predecessors.

Looking at the new Kanger tank, it’s hard to imagine that it won’t catch on pretty quickly. The adaptability of the device offer users multiple options on how to use their equipment.

This will alllow novice vapers to have their first experience with a rebuildable atomizer with training wheels or give more advanced vapor enthusiasts multiple options for enjoying their favorite e-juices.

Simply put, the Kanger Subtank Clearomizer is proudly built as one the best tanks on the market.

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Pyrex Glass Tank

The all new Kanger Sub tank clearomizer brings the flavor all day with its huge 4 ml capacity in RBA mode and up to 6 ml capacity as a clearomizer when using the organic cotton coils. That’s about twice the size of your average tank as a minimum capacity, so you can leave your bottle of e-juice at home for your next road trip.

The design of the Kanger Subtank is another winner, as the sharp lines and sleek profile create one of the most polished looks we’ve ever seen in a tank.  This high-caliber atomizer also features a super-tough Pyrex tank, designed to be 100% unbreakable.

Build quality on the Kanger Sub tank Clearomizer is exceptional, and the metal and Pyrex frame of the tank is built to last years. The tank is rated for up to 30 watts of power from a mod, so high-end device owners need have no fear that it won’t stand up to a beast mod.

The Kanger Subtank Atomizer no doubt has one of the finest tanks on the market, and every puff should reflect the quality of your setup, so be sure to check out this how-to on getting maximum flavor from your e juice before loading up for the first time.

Max Airflow Design

subtank airflow

The adjustable airflow provides users with yet another option for creating the perfect vaping experience. The Subtank’s airflow control is another clear upgrade over lesser models.

Many everyday vape users have one common complaint about their clearomizers: not enough airflow. It’s just a limitation of their design, the flow of air passing through is limited by the fixed diameter of the outlet.

This is not so with the Kanger Subtank. Its airflow control lets you control the flow of air as you enjoy your favorite e-juice, allowing you to customize your experience like never before.


The Kanger Subtank Clearomizer features a spring loaded 510 connection for widespread compatibility and a secure fit. This will fit most mod devices that you will need to use the Subtank efficiently.

All New Coils

organic cotton coilThe Kanger Subtank features proprietary OCC (Organic Cotton Coil) construction as a delivery system for the clearomizer. This Japanese-imported cotton of truly represents an improvement in taste, delivering clearer notes of flavor with a variety of juices with its larger heating section.

In some cases, it was like trying our old favorites for the first time. The cotton has the added advantage of lasting much longer than cheaper cotton or other materials, leading to less replacement costs.

The Japanese cotton of the clearomizer truly represents an improvement in taste, delivering clear notes of flavor with a variety of juices. In some cases, it was like trying our old favorites for the first time. The cotton has the added advantage of lasting much longer than cheaper cotton or other materials, leading to less replacement costs.

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You’ve Been Warned

The Kanger Subtank clearomizer is a sub-ohm resistance atomizer. It is an advanced device that will only work on devices capable of 30 watts or higher.

The batteries for your mod devices must also be able to handle sub ohm coils. If you’re using an electronic mod, watch out for the amperage. For any Mech mod users, use batteries that rate 30 amps or higher.

>>Use an “Ohms Law Calculator”<<

Where Do I Start?

We know you’re going to get right to the experimentation phase when you get your hands on one of these, so we’ve found that a good place to start vaping the Kanger Subtank is at around 35 watts at the standard airflow level; and from there you can see what needs pumping up.

Quality e-juices have depth of flavor that can only be released with the right setup, so try different settings and see what delivers the most delicious flavors for you.

Compatible Mods

The Kanger Subtank Clearomizer is designed for high-capacity mods with variable voltage and wattage. The 25mm diameter of the Kanger subtank makes it a bit over 1mm larger than standard eGo-type batteries, but it will function properly even if it looks a bit odd.

The unique diameter of this device also makes it a bit too small for 26650 mods, but beyond these limitations the Kanger Subtank is compatible with a wide range of vaping equipment.

Cloupor T8 (150W Box Mod)

cloupor t8 review header

The Cloupor T8 box mod is a great choice your new Kanger Subtank. It’s 150 watts of variable voltage power that are simply built for a premium tank like this.


In addition, the Cloupor T8 has top of the line safety features like heat-protected internals and advanced short-circuit prevention, making it a mod that should last every bit as long as this indestructible tank.

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itaste vtr mod review header


The iTaste VTR mod is another popular vape mod that brings a huge bang for it’s buck. It’s a variable voltage/variable wattage device that has 510 & eGo threading.

 Featuring short circuit protection as well as an ohms meter, the VTR mod is a great choice & a relaible modfor all different types of clearomizers.

 >>Check Out Our Full Review on the iTaste VTR Mod Here<<

Here’s a list of other known compatible mods:

  • Sigelei 30W
  • Sigelei 50W
  • Sigelei 100W
  • IPV3
  • IPV2
  • Vamo7 35W
  • IPV Mini
  • Smoktech XPRO50 BT50

Clearomizer vs RBA

Whenever you have a product that claims to do one thing in two separate ways, the obvious question is what the difference is between them. Fortunately, we’re responsible reviewers, and so we want to take a minute to explain why it matters in the first place.

A clearomizer is a transparent tank (surprise!) that delivers e-juice to the internal heat surface by use of a wick suspended within the juice. They are easy to use, simply requiring that you fill them up again and again until it no longer delivers consistent flavor before replacing the wicks, or more commonly, buying another clearomizer since they are relatively inexpensive.

The convenience of a clearomizer comes with the drawback of lighter flavor as compared to a RBA or other type of tank, but many beginning and intermediate users find clearomizers to be more than adequate for their vaping needs.

In the other corner, there’s the RBA, or tank with a rebuildabile atomizer. This type of tank delivers e-juice to the heating surface using a coil the user builds, allowing advanced vapor enthusiasts to tailor the intensity and depth of their flavor to their individual taste. RBA tanks require considerably more maintenance and upkeep than clearomizers, but proponents of the tank type swear by the personalization it offers.

Competition is Here

atlantis casing


Earlier this month, we released the Aspire Atlantis clearomizer, which is yet another clearomizer that has sub-ohming capabilities. The Atlantis comes with a 0.5 ohm coil, allowing you to sub ohm vape to your greatest desires.

With vaping really taking off, Aspire has made it possible for beginners to get a feel for dripping and more advanced vape setups.

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Similar Clearomizers

So you’re pretty convinced that the Kanger Subtank will be your new favorite clearomizer. Let’s go through a few more clearomizers that have just been released that are very similar to the Kanger Subtank. This should be no surprise…

Kanger Subtank Mini

Subtank Mini Review

When Kanger makes products, they mass produce 3 or 4 different designs. Did you want a smaller version of the Subtank? Too Bad.

Kangertech already has it out. It has a 4.5 ml tank capacity and looks almost identical to the Subtank.


>> Check Out Our Full Review on the Kanger Subtank Mini Here <<

Best Deal on Kanger Subtank

My Freedom Smokes does a great job offering you the best value on the Kanger Subtank! You get to choose between a selection of mods that will work optimally with your Subtank clearomizer.

subtank kit

Your choice to pick between which mod device setup you want with your Subtank:

  • Cloupor T8 box mod
  • MFS DNA 30 watt box mod
  • Sigelei 100 watt box mod

The package also comes with the following clearomizer:

  • Kanger Subtank Clearomizer

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Final Thoughts

Overall, the Kanger Subtank Clearomizer serves notice to the rest of the industry about the direction of vaping accessories. Savvy vape enthusiasts of today demand options and flexibility in a well designed package, and we can’t think of an accessory that fits this description more than this new Kanger tank.

If you own a decent piece of equipment and have always wanted to see what the rebuildable coil hype was all about, we think there’s no better place to start than with the Kanger Subtank Clearomizer. Check out our homepage for our clearomizer chart where you can sort all the popular clearomizers!

Share Your Thoughts

If you’re one of the newest owners of a Kanger Subtank Clearomizer, we want to hear from you! Please share your experiences in the comments below.

Thanks again for reading, and vape on!

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