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Kanger T3S Review

The Kanger T3S is a bottom coil clearomizer that features replaceable atomizer heads, so you can keep your tank and save money by replacing just this part.

The T3S also has an above average e liquid capacity of 3.0 mL so you can vape all day! Just like the EVOD clearomizer, the T3S has a mouthpiece that is permanently attached to the top, so you must fill it  from the bottom.

Kanger has moved from their first design on the T3, and used a closely related design they currently have with their Evod and Protank 2 to create the T3S. It was designed with a clear shell that comes with measurement markers for a more accurate filling.

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Threading type

Like the original T3 clearomizer, the T3S also has eGo style threading. This clearomizer uses eGo style batteries, like the popular Joy eGo battery.

The T3S works on the following eGo threaded batteries:

  • eGo Passthrough 650/900mah
  • eGo Trex
  • eGo 350mah
  • Sigelei Zmax V3
  • eGo Twist

Tank capacity (and filling instructions)

The Kanger T3S clearomizer holds 3.0 mL of eLiquid. To load with fluid, or swap the center in your T3S, first unscrew the clearomizer from the battery, then while holding the clearomizer upside down (mouthpiece towards the ground), unscrew the base of the clearomizer from the tank. The core will be screwed into the base and can be replaced by unscrewing it from the base, and putting a new one in.

When replacing the core, make sure to screw it into the base tightly. Once the base is separated from the tank, you can fill in your liquid along the insides of the wall to just below the top of the post in the center.

Avoid pouring or overfilling liquid into the center, or it will leak out through the mouthpiece. After you have swapped out the core or clearomizer tank, simply screw the base back on, and replace the clearomizer back on your battery .It is recommended to let your eLiquid sit for a few minutes before vaping.

Replaceable heads

The T3S does not work with Evod or Protank cores. The core included is a 1.8ohm coil that puts out surprisingly large amount of vapor. T3S clearomizers work great on variable voltage batteries like the eGo twist or Sigelei Zmax V3, but make sure to turn it all the way down and slowly adjusting the power up, until you find the right vapor production. This is to avoid burning your liquid or prematurely burning out your core.

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The Kanger T3S bottom coil clearomizer comes with great convenience at a small price. It is very similar to other clearomizers in design and specs. Check out our clearomizer chart to compare your clearomizer with other ones to ensure you are getting the best possible clearo for your vaping experience!


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Thanks again for reading, and vape on!

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