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Kanger Toptank Nano Review

Kangertech, manufacturer of e-cigs since 2007, recently introduced their first top filling sub ohm tank that can be deemed a contender to the likes of Joyetech and renowned brands.

The Toptank Nano has undeniably created a big impact with its remarkable appearance as presented by the company’s excellent advertising.

Discover one of the most promising starter kits of 2016 in this KANGER TOPTANK NANO Review that is worth every vaper’s time to take a look.

New Year, New Color Choices

Many have been struck by Nano’s attractive colors, arriving in lovely dainty and masculine shades that render it perfect for men and women alike.

Some find that brilliant black gives off machismo for a gent and unparalleled elegance for a lady, pink elicits a feminine touch or strong guy appeal, while purple is a popular favorite.

The bottom portion is matched to the shade of the tip of the toptank.

The colors only touch the surface of what’s to love about the Kanger Toptank Nano, for the variable wattage and resistance ratings along with massive features are what really made a big impression to vapers.

High-Quality Durable Build

The Kanger Toptank Nano has an ejuice capacity of 3.2ml and made of clear glass for easy viewing of the e-liquid’s level.

It has an adjustable air flow control base valve, a diameter of 18.5 mm, and measures 2-1/2″ x 3/4″ including its Drip Tip and Threads.

This pyrex glass tube exhibits top-quality and is replaceable, though it is generally crack proof.

The e-cig tank drip tip arrives in stainless steel durable construction, giving you a toptank that’s built to last through long years of enjoyable daily vaping.

Top or Bottom Fill Tank

The new Toptank Nano can perform as a top fill or bottom fill tank, presenting you with great convenience of easily refilling.

It makes a huge difference not only in the manner of filling it, but the delightfully easy way of adding up e-liquid into your tank all the way.

Unlike the bottom fill, vapers typically stop to accommodate the coil, which remains to be an option if this is how you prefer to fill your tank.

You can take your Nano effortlessly apart for quick cleaning which adds to its ease of use.

SSOCC Atomizer Heads

The Toptank Nano uses the new Kanger Organic Cotton Coils (OCC) for the purest flavor.

Using the SSOCC (stainless steel organic cotton) or Japanese Organic Cotton Wicking atomizer heads is highly recommended for this flavor machine to produce the best vape you downright want.

Though some vapers think that the SSOCC coils don’t give the same smooth and strong taste compared to the OCC. Some attest that the vertical OCC 0.5 ohm coils produce the best taste even when compared to bigger mods, tanks, drippers.

Of course, it all depends on how you like your vape. The Nano version gives off a fair amount of vapor at around 350F, producing a whole lot more at 400F and up.

Note that the 6mg eLiquid or lower variation is best for this atomizer, since Sub-ohm types produce a higher throat hit than standard-resistance atomizers, whereby a nicotine level above 6mg often yields a harsh or burnt taste.

Variable Wattage and Resistance Ratings

The Toptank Nano is compatible with 0.5 Ohm SSOCC coils, similar resistance rating Clapton Coils, 1.5 ohm coil, and 0.15 ohm SSOCC Ni-200 coils.

A 0.5 Sub Ohm ranges between 15 – 30 W while a 1.2 Ohm ranges between 12 – 25 W. You can adjust the airflow valve as you wish.


The 510 Thread/ 510 Drip Tip Compatible feature optimizes you use of the Nano. The adjustable airflow is designed to work even better for the Kanger Subtank 60W TOPBOX kit.

The Kanger Toptank Nano is also compatible with similar devices such as Innokin Cool Fire IV or Joye eVic VTC and can be used wiith a TC box mod.

It’s been years since Kanger released the Evod Kit which has rendered great success for the company.

The Kanger Toptank Nano is the perfect replacement tank for vapers who are loyal to the long-lasting Evod tanks and Protank clearomizers, and ex-smokers who are vaping to ultimately stop the smoking habit.

It bridges the gap between the traditional devices and sub-ohms meant to blow big clouds, yet still exhibits innovation in their vaping experience.

On the other hand, cloud-chasers looking for huge vapor clouds will enjoy the revolutionized SubVod tubular shape kit that is now sub-ohm capable.

The extraordinary colorful pairing of the Toptank Nano and SubVod creates an impressive spectacular performance.

TopTank Nano vs Original Toptank Mini

As the next iteration of the Subtank series, The Kanger Toptank Nano evidently enhanced the core design of its Subtank Nano predecessor and is quite similar to the Original Toptank Mini.

The Kanger Original TopTank is a top-filled tank that holds 4 ml of e juice and measures 22 mm x 45 mm, which works with an RBA deck.

With an RBA deck, a vaper can control the build of their coil and customize its material, whether Nickel 200, Titanium, stainless steel, Kanthal, and more.

The TopTank Nano has a capacity that’s smaller by 0.8ml, but is both a top and bottom filled tank.

Both units are made with durable glass tanks and it can be said that the Nano provides an excellent vaping experience just like the Kanger Subtank Mini does.

The distinction lies in the fact that it performs like a champ without the hassles of the RBA deck, and comes at a cheaper price.

Availability of Parts

Given the popularity of Kanger equipment, there’ll be no trouble finding new coils, replacement tube tanks, new drip tips or O-rings. That is, if you ever need one since you can rest assured that you get quality and durability with surprising affordability if you choose a Kanger product.

The Best of Everything

Kanger presents every vaper with a great-value great-quality device combo, no wonder the toptank has become a bestseller in the industry.

The Toptank Nano entry level starter kit is perfect for the new vaper, while its sub-ohm capabilities will satiate even the most advanced vaper.

You get the best flavor that comes with an incredible taste, vapor, airflow, and style altogether in the Kanger Toptank Nano.

Its compact size fits just right in your hand and is perfect for on-the-go for a wonderful vaping experience anytime you please.

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