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Kind Juice E Juice Review

kind-juice-e-juiceAs one of the leading companies in the e-juice business, Kind Juice has not only managed to provide excellent standards at all levels, but it has also managed to change the e juice business entirely.

Kind Juice was the very first e juice company in the world to introduce pure organic vaping flavors.

Providing top-notch organic e-juice, Kind Juice makes use of 100 percent natural materials.

To maintain strict quality and ensure flavor consistency, Kind Juice contrives its products in small batches.

The E-liquids from Kind Juice are ideal for individual with allergies and people who may want to minimize the ingestion of artificial substances.

Despite the fact that the e-juice from Kind Juice lacks propylene glycol, a flavor-carrying component, Kind Juice has still been able to bring out the juicy and plentiful flavor in each of their carefully crafted products.

Size and Prizing

Each of the e-nectar juice comes in a 15ML bottle and goes for 13.5 dollars.

Compared with other products that contain artificial and natural flavoring, the pricing of e-nectar is slightly higher.

However, when you look at the overall quality of the product and the cost of production of the 100 per cent e-liquids, the pricing of all these flavors is justified.

Each of the flavors contains super attractive labels that give the user all the information about the product such as ingredients, name, sell-by date and nicotine strength.

Similarities and Common Grounds

The flavor profile for all the e-juice flavors from Kind Juice is entirely different from all the other artificial concentrate flavors.

Despite the fact that there is no alcohol or any unnatural tastes in any of their products, they are all distinctly organic in nature.

When it comes to flavors, Kind Juice has indeed ensured that it has several natural flavors.

There are those flavors, which are going to give you a wicked throat hit, and there are those, which are free of a throat hit.

Due to their distinctive taste, Kind Juice e-juice products has thousands of loyal followers, who love to vape on natural products, which are not only pure but also able to deliver a first class experience.

With that said, here is a comprehensive review of the top flavors from Kind Juice.

Kind Juice Products

Route 66-Unlike other products, Route 66 takes a little more voltage to reveal its true boldness. Route 66 is a real tobacco blend that has been designed for serious tobacco vapors.

Key West Sunset-Not only does this flavor deliver a sweet peach flavor, but it also has an excellent throat hit.

Unlike the artificial vapor juices, the Key West Sunset has an authentic peach flavor that cannot be compared to that of any other product.

Once in a Blue Moon-If you truly understand the real and genuine flavor of wild berries, then Once in a Blue Moon will become your everyday vape. It is indeed an incredible treat, which is full of juicy blueberry flavor.

Even if you do not prefer organics, Once in a Blue Moon is a must have for any blueberry fan. Due to its authentic and unique taste, Once in a Blue Moon was awarded the Spinful Choice Award.

Midnight Decadence-A mixture of chocolate and mint, Midnight Decadence is incredibly satisfying in both vapor and flavor.

Granny Tart Smith-A flavor of green apples, Granny Tart Smith is not only delicious but also plentiful and packs a strong throat hit.

It is not only different from all the other green apple concentrates found on the market, but it also thick with flavor and vapor.

Jungle Juice-Jungle Juice is not only full of intrigue and punch, but it is also a tropical medley that it is guaranteed to leave you oozing guessing with satisfaction.

Ring of Fire-It not only combines layers of sweetness and heat but it also ignites the senses. Ring of Fire is an intense cinnamon organic vape, which packs a whollop.

It also delivers all the Cinnamon flavors that you may want.

If you are looking for a flavor that will not only tingle at the tip of your tongue but also apply a little bit of sweetness in all the right places, then Ring of Fire is unquestionably your ideal flavor.

Alpine Frost-Apart from being one of the best organic menthol flavors in the world, Alpine Frost delivers a thick and sweet vapor, which will give you the joy and satisfaction that you need.


For a majority of vapers, organic e-liquid is unquestionably the way to go.

Irrespective as to whether organic flavors normally mean PG-free formulas or simply because organic flavors taste better, Kind Juice products are undoubtedly one of the best premium organic e juice in the market.

If you are looking for an e juice that is not only full of intrigue and punch but is also rich in flavor, then you should try any of the products by Kind Juice.

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