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King’s Crown E Juice Review | Vape Juice

The type, flavor, and brand of E Juice you choose has everything to do with your vaping experience.

You might like the sweeter flavors, fruits, drinks, or the traditional tobacco taste you grew accustomed to before you started vaping.

No matter what your flavor choice, you want a brand that has quality ingredients and the utmost in superior production.

King’s Crown E Juice is a brand that is not only trusted and popular but has a history of being a superior product.

King’s Crown E Juices are a Suicide Bunny Creation. Pip (creator of Suicide Bunny) wanted to create something that is the premium above all others so she created her King’s Crown line of E Juices.

One thing you’ll immediately notice is the awesome artwork on each bottle.

While the artwork of a juice bottle probably isn’t something that will be a decider on whether you like the E Juice or not, it shows an attention to detail and an effort to create a product that is premium.

Pip only uses the highest quality, American made ingredients and the quality control process is pretty much unprecedented.

Each one is blended for maximum flavor and gives a peak impact to all of the vapers out there.

Simply put, these pack a powerful punch.

You won’t find much better when it comes to discovering a unique blend that is created with the safest ingredients.

You’ll find that each of the King’s Crown juices have a minimum of 70% VG for an amazing vapor production.

This is a gourmet juice line that will leave you craving more and make you feel like real royalty whether you are nobility or not.

The following prices for King’s Crown e liquid are available at

E-Juice Flavor 30ml
Bound by the Crown $22
Claim Your Throne $22
Fight Your Fate $22
The King $22

Bound by the Crown

What binds us is what unites us

This is one juice the you’ll love if you love fruit flavored custards and seriously, who doesn’t?

Bound by the Crown is a blend of ripened stone fruits, sweet custard, and spice.

Now it doesn’t say which fruits it uses but stone fruits are typically fruits such as peaches, nectarines, apricots, and cherries.

Most people say that this one tastes like peaches and cream with a hint of cinnamon and that it’s perfectly delectable.

So think of a yummy spiced peach custard or a delectable nectarine with custard and notes of spice. Obviously, if you’re not a fan of peaches then this may not be for you.

If you’re like most of us and love the thought of a warm peach pie then this blend will fulfill your craving and have you thinking of grandma’s fresh peach pie: warm from the oven and made with love.

Okay, that may be stretching it some but seriously, this flavor is just full of homemade goodness.

Claim Your Throne

Perfection is only for those who seek it

The Claim Your Throne E Juice is for those with a sweet tooth.

It blends a yummy butterscotch with sweet creams and brown sugar.

Just like the description says, “Don’t take the plunge unless you’re ready for something unique” and unique it is.

You see plenty of sweet E Juices out there, but the brown sugar is what caught our attention.

Brown sugar makes just about anything tastier and just the thought of it with sweet creams and butterscotch has our mouths watering.

The main taste is buttery, rich butterscotch with undertones of yummy cream and notes of sweet, brown sugar.

Imagine the taste of Werther’s Orignals and add in the flavors of brown sugar and cream and you’ve got a winner.

Now we all know that Werther’s Originals are caramel but the tastes are definitely similar so if you love the candy, you’ll love this.

Fight Your Fate

Only you can determine your destiny

Fight Your Fate by King’s Crown is a juice that tells you that your day is what you make it and this is the juice to take on your journey.

It is a mixture of sweet extra ripe strawberries offset with tart lemons.

You’ve got your sweet and your tart to blend together in making one powerful punch, and we don’t mean the kind of punch you drink at a boring party or a baby shower.

This E Juice takes the adage, “If life hands you lemons, make lemonade” and turns it into strawberry lemonade.

This is an energizing hit of flavor with a tart exhale that will make a summer day feel cooler and more refreshing.

This is a perfect blend for those of you who don’t want something that is sweet and would rather have a juice with a little zing to it.

It still has the ripened strawberries so that you’ll get a little sweetness but the lemons offset it to make a flavor that is reminiscent of your favorite strawberry lemonade drink.

The King

Those who reach farthest are kings above all

When you aim high, you can achieve wonders is the claim to this juice by King’s Crown. It has a tasty blend of mysterious flavors that sets it above the rest.

There is no description of what is in it but claims have been made that it has ice cream cone flavors, peanut butter, cookies, biscotti, and even coffee.

What this tells us is that it’s not only mysterious but it’s magical as well – making each user experience a different flavor with no one quite knowing what it is.

The King has been described as a peanut butter cookie with something extra added but everyone has a different opinion on what it really tastes like and the creators of this E Juice aren’t saying.

However, a reviewer stated that they’re allergic to peanuts and contacted the company and was told that there are not any peanuts in the creation of this juice so there you have it – magic!

It may have a peanut buttery taste but that’s not what is inside of The King and you can enjoy it even if you’re allergic to nuts.

What is really cool about this flavor is that it changes if you up the volts.

What starts out as a creamy peanut butter vape with a sweet exhale, changes into a warmer, sweeter vape with less of the savory taste.


The King’s Crown vape juice line is not available in sample packs and you can only get a 30ml bottle but you’re sure to find one that becomes your favorite.

All of the King’s Crown E Juices come in 0, 3, 6, 12, and 18 nicotine strengths and the glass bottles now have a dropper that is easier to use.

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