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Koopor Mini 60w Review

Not to be confused with the tiny, aggressive Beetle spawn that are all the rage on British roadways, the Koopor Mini from SMOKtech is a Temperature Control Box Mod that cranks out 60 watts of vaping muscle on a single 18650-type battery. In case the title didn’t give the surprise away, the Koopor Mini also has an optional temperature control mode accurate to within 10 degrees. SMOKtech has earned plenty of stripes in the vaping arena with their line of innovative box mods, and this Koopor Mini review will determine if it lives up to the legacy in our signature BC style.

Mini Koopor Specs

  • Dimensions: 84mm (H) by 41mm (W) by 24.5mm (D)
  • Variable Wattage Output (1 to 60w)
  • Minimum Atomizer Resistance of 0.1 Ohm (Wattage mode)
  • Temperature Controlled Output (200-600F)
  • 0.06 Ohm Minimum Resistance (TC Mode)
  • 10 Degree Range Fluctuation
  • Magnetized Back Plate
  • Utilizes One 18650 Battery (sold separately)
  • Stainless Steel and Zinc Alloy Construction
  • Stainless Steel Threads
  • Spring Loaded 510 Contact Point
  • Streamlined Three Button Layout
  • Bright OLED Screen
  • Micro USB Port for Firmware Upgrades
  • Orange Silicone Sleeve Included

What’s New- Smok Koopor Mini 60W TC

The latest offering from SMOKtech not only adds temperature control, but also features Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity to allow pairing with other Bluetooth devices. Its temperature control function allows it to generate temperatures up to 600 degrees, making the Mini Koopor compatible with dry herb cartridges and other high-power peripherals, and the perforated chassis adds both ventilation and style to this premium unit.

Dual Control Modes

The SMOKtech Mini Koopor 60w TC Box Mod features wattage adjustable from a base level of 1w to its max output in increments of 1. Along with the temperature control mode ranging from 200 to 600 degrees, this precision adjustment makes the Koopor Mini one of the most versatile vapes available at its price point.

Best Clearomizer for Smok Mini Koopor

Arctic Tank

The Arctic Tank is one of the most popular tanks of 2015, so it’s a natural choice for pairing with a high quality box mod like the Koopor Mini 60w. The Bottom Turbine Dual Coil of the Arctic tank is designed to deliver huge flavor at power levels up to 100 watts, and its quadruple-aspect airflow adjustment gives you control over vapor density and temperature draw after draw. We have more good things to say about the Arctic Tank in our full BC review, so if what you’re read piques your interest, there’s plenty more where that came from.

Joyetech Delta II

For those that are sick of hearing about the industry standbys like the Kanger Subtanks and Atlantis line, may we present the Joyetech Delta II? The Delta II is one of the first clearomizers to introduce juice flow control along with user adjustable airflow, and also features an optional RBA mode to put it squarely in the ranks of the top hybrid tanks. Look out for our review of the Joyetech Delta II here on BC to learn more about this heavy hitting newcomer.

Compare With…

Kamry 60w Box Mod

With equal wattage, comparable construction and temperature control, the Kamry 60w Box Mod is one of the closest cousins to the Koopor Mini on the market. The Kamry marches nearly step for step with the Koopor Mini in the specs and performance department, but there’s something to be said for an over-sized LED screen and we can’t just ignore the delightful orange case that comes with the SMOKtech unit. Still, the Kamry 60w mod is one of the better choices you can make in this class, and you can read more about it in our full review.

Innokin Disruptor

The Innokin Disruptor is another popular option for those looking for a reliable everyday box mod. Don’t confuse “reliable” with “basic” though…the Disruptor is anything but. It features a full suite of the latest vapetech including an advanced internal processor for outstanding stability along with the most visible upgrade, the specially designed Innocell battery that makes hot-swapping a breeze with a clever slide and lock system. Of course, there’s more to the Innokin Disruptor than a cool name and colorful batteries, and you can find that out in the feature review floating around here.

Power Source

Despite the slightly misleading USB port on the unit, the 18650 battery that powers the Koopor Mini can only be charged externally. The port itself is for firmware upgrades only, including a rumored update that will give the max wattage output of this 60 watt box mod a boost to appease power hungry vapers.


NiteCore Intellicharger

The NiteCore Intellicharger is one of the best power stations available for charging vape batteries and almost everything else, featuring sensors that automatically detect the type and proper charging method of any compatible cell. The 4 independent charging ports of this intelligent charger are also designed to sense power levels, automatically cutting the juice to a fully charged battery to save you the trouble of a potentially burnt down house.


As for performance, the Koopor Mini acquitted itself well during the testing phase, turning out above average levels of vapor with a variety of tank and dripper setups. Flavor was excellent all the way through the wattage range, with a sweet spot ranging from 40 to 55 volts depending on the juice and vessel used. Vapor generated was milky and warm using sub-ohm tanks, and we were able to fire builds as low as 0.2ohm with no problem. The Koopor Mini also gets credit for their implementation of the control menu, which makes surprisingly efficient use of the three button control scheme.

Build Quality

While the performance of the Koopor is definitely more than satisfactory, the build quality of the unit we tested is where this box mod really shined. The chassis of the device is very substantial, with the stainless steel and zinc alloy construction lending the mod excellent weight and a quality feel in the hand. The fittings were also extremely solid with steel used throughout, and machining on the parts was good with minimal visible flaws.

The motherboard graphics on the exterior along with the ventilation holes create a pleasingly industrial look for the unit, and the OLED display is large and vibrant to make interacting with the Koopor Mini easy. Bonus points for the choice to go with a magnetic battery cover, as thousands of vapers have apparently risen up as one demanding that their voices be heard in ending the oppression of tiny screwdrivers once and for all. We also liked the blaze orange case/protector, which makes it hard to lose the Koopor Mini in the sea of nondescript black and gray rectangles that make up the BC offices.


The Koopor Mini’s spring-loaded contact pin features standard 510 threading for compatibility with most atomizers on the market.

We Would Have Liked to See…

It can be tough to find fault with a device so clearly well considered and all around solid as the SMOKtech Koopor Mini 60w TC Box Mod, but it’s our job to try. First, while the hefty weight of the Koopor Mini is a reliable mark of quality material use, we do recognize that it could be a shade heavy for some people and pockets. Internal battery charging would have also been nice, but at the price of the Koopor Mini, you could probably buy the mod itself, a tank or two, eJuice to fill them, two batteries and a wall charger and still come out ahead of the price of some similarly featured vapes, so that’s not a huge complaint.


All things considered, the Koopor Mini appears to be an outstanding investment for those looking for an everyday vape. Good performance and great build quality are enough on their own, but when you throw in a slick looking exterior motif and temperature control for under 50 bucks, you really have our attention. If you need a new device or were thinking about stepping up to a mod with temperature control, the SMOKtech Koopor Mini 60w is likely everything you want.

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