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Kryptonite Vapor 454 Big Block V2 RDA Deals | RDA Vape

Kryptonite Vapor 454 Big Block V2 RDAHave you been thinking about trying out an RDA for the first time? 

Do you currently have an RDA, but are looking for something different? 

Have you been struggling trying to find the best RDA for your personal needs?  

If so then you have to check out these 454 Big Block V2 RDA Deals that we have found for you.

454 Big Block V2 RDA | View Best Deal

A RDA That Meets Your Needs

When I wrote my 454 Big Block V2 RDA review I was shocked to find that it could meet so many different needs. 

I loved the ease of use and think that it would be a perfect RDA for when I was just getting started. 

That being said, as a more experienced vaper I was still pleased with the 454 Big Block V2.

I liked that the airflow was great and that I was able to have superior flavors. 

I also liked that I could try out a wide range of different builds and set ups. 

You can even choose between a single coil, quad coil, or double coil build. 

So no matter what you are looking for, there is potential to get more with this RDA.

Additionally, I appreciated that it was inexpensive and priced where you could afford it without feeling guilty. Plus there were no leaks. 

The only problems that I felt that the RDA had were that it did not always sit flush with the mod since the pin was not adjustable. 

This would be an easy fix and I am sure that the updated design will have this feature.  

It also seemed to get more condensation than some when I was dripping which made me feel like it was a leaking a few times until I realized what was really going on.

Still Want More?

If you still want more deals or if these deals on the 454 Big Block V2 RDA are not enough then check out what else we have found. 

There are plenty of deals for you to get everything you need at a better price.

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